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Publication numberUS1348461 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 3, 1920
Filing dateMar 5, 1920
Priority dateMar 5, 1920
Publication numberUS 1348461 A, US 1348461A, US-A-1348461, US1348461 A, US1348461A
InventorsEarnest Washington
Original AssigneeEarnest Washington
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Hotel or restaurant cabinet
US 1348461 A
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APPLICATION HLED MAR. 5, 1920- I '1 ,SQAfil Patented Aug. 3, 1920.





Patented Aug. 3, 1920.


arm) 1 Fox Patented Aug. 3, 1920.



61 no a 1,;






To all whom it may concern Be it known that .LEARNEST WASHING s-r WASHINGTON, reareaum', iun'vnnsora.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented na 3,1924).

Application filed March 5, 1920. serial no. 363,420.- g

with portions broken away and parts shown in section.

TON, a citizen of the United States, residing\ Fig. .3'is a horizontal section on the line at F aribault, in the county of Rice and State of Minnesota, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Hotel or Restaurant Cabinets, of which the following is ,a-specification. i

This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements-in hotel and restaurant cabinets and it has for its objects among others to provide a compact, convenient cabinet embodying all of the features desirable in a. device of this character which shall serve not only to contain the foodfbutwhich also shall embody a refrigerator and also a register or recorderfor keeping accountof the meals served or. other articles dispensed and also anaudible' signal to announce to the proprietor or other person every time that a sale is made.-- It also embodies changeable cards with means for holding the same so that there may be readily displayed any specialties in the way of food, such, for instance, as hot cakes, or turkey dinner, or whatever may be the specialty for any given day.-

The invention has for a further object to arrange the different elements so that they may be readily accessible, the support .for the pies or other articles being hlnged or pivotally supported so as to be readily brought into accessible position when desired.

The top portion of the cabinet is adapted to be supported upon a combination refrigerator and cabinet holder, the refrigerator being accessible from the side, and a sliding bread and cake-board provided -'so arranged as not erator.

to interfere withthe refrig- Other objects and advantages of the invention will hereinafter. appear and the novel features thereof will be particularly pointed out in the appended claim. 1

The invention is clearly illustrated in the accompanyingldrawings, which, with the numerals ofreference marked thereon, form a part of this specification, and in which Figure 1 is a front elevation of my improved hotel or restaurant cabinet with the doors thereof open.

Fig. 2 is a v1ew at right angles to Fig. 1

with the 'door of the refrigerator open, and

3 3 of Fig. 2, looking in the direction of the arrows. j

Fig. 4 is a; perspective detail, showing one of the plate-supporting members.

[\Fig. 5 is an enlarged detail, partly in elevation and partly in section, showing the spout for conducting material from the inported upon suitable legs2 and, in turn, is

designed to support the upper portion of the cabinet. Upon one side, in

the present instance 'the rear-side, this lower portion is constructed to constitute a refrigerator 3 having double walls 4 with intermediate material 5 of any-well-known or approved char-' acter and'pr'ovided upon opposite sides with Fig. .3, are also double-walled, between the walls of which is placed suitable non-conducting material 8 best suited for this purpose. p

9 is a partition inthe refrigerator having openings 10 so as tmpe'rmit of ready circulation of the cold air. I

The front part of the lower portion 1 is provided with doors 11 and 12 having glass panels 13 for an obvious purpose, and the interior of this compartment 14: may be subdivided in any suitable manner by partitions 15 and shelves 16, the arrangement of which may be varied as circumstances require. These compartments formed by these parti- .80 the doors 6 and 7 which, as seen clearly in v tions and shelves are designed to contain table linen, fruit, knives and forks, cigars,

or any other desired accessory.

The back of the front compartment 14 is preferably provided with a sheet metal lin- 1ng or the like 17 so as to exclude dampplate containing a pie.

be readily pulled'out, as indicated by dotted lines in Fig. 2, when itis desired to use the same. The is disposed above the top of the refrigeratorso as not to interfere with the supported upon the lower portion 1 and sultable pegs or pins or the like 21 are pro vided at each corner for engaging corresponding holes so as to keep the 'top'member from accidental displacement. This top member may be of an desired size and shape and may be divide interiorly as desired. It is shown as provided with doors 22 having glass panels 23 and the interior provided with vertical partitions 24 and 25. Within one of the compartments 26 thus formed I arrange a multiplicity of supports for say pics, or it may be for'any otherarticle, and each support comprises an arm 27, seen best in Fig. 4, having at one end an eye or the like 28 adapted to loosely receive an upturned pin 29, the shank 30 of which is held in the side wall 31 of the top member of the cabinet. The outer end of the arm 27 supports a rim or ring 32 preferably having a bottom portion 33 resting upon and supported by the arm 27 and this rim or ring is designed to receive a pie or a pie- The arms 27 may bear suitable indicia, such, for instance, as the word mince, apple, lemon, or the like, designating the kind of pie, or other words .indicative ,of the character of the article supported thereby, so that the customer may readily perceive the character'of such article and can select what he desires. These arms normally will be swung within the compartment 26, but can be easily swung outward to give ready access to the pies or other materials thereon. door is closed, the articles are protected from the dust or dirt, flies, etc., as will be readily understood.

The middle compartment 34 can be divided by suitable shelves 35, as seen' in Fig. 1, designed to support bread, butter, knives, forks or any other desired articles.

In the othercompartment 36 may be supported in any suitable manner a receptacle, as 37, for bread or other articles, another receptacle 38 for cakes or the like, and still another receptacle39 forv any desired articles.

In said compartment 36 I have shown a receptacle 40-having a discharge outlet 41 communicating with a tube 42 which leads to the side wall 43 and communicates with a discharge spout 44, as seen clearly in Figs. 1 and 5, so that sugar, flour, salt or other substance in the receptacle 40 can be discharged into a sugar-bowl or the like 45,

as seen in Fig. 5. -A suitable cut-off 46 is provided having a handle 47 and movable Thus when the in suitable uides 48 to cut oil the feed of the materiaI from, the receptacle 40- when desired. 4

At the upper end of the upper portion 20 is an ornamental piece 49, as seen best in Fig. 1, and upon this is supported a, register 50 of any suitable character designed to be actuated by means of the cord 51 having convenient handle 52, the said cord running around pulleys 53 and 54, as seen in Fig. 1. 55 'is a bell which may be arranged to be rung each time the cord' is pulled to register a sale, or the serving of a meal.

Electric lights, as seen at 56, may be provided around this ornamental piece, as seen in Figs. 1 and 2, and further electric li hts,. as seen at 57, may be provided at the front of the upper portion of the cabinet, 58 being a red light, some of the others being white or any other desired color.

Upon the front panel or portion 59 may be any desired number of holders or guides 60 for the reception of removable plates or e cards 61, as seen in Fig. 1, said cards or plates, which may be of any suitable material, being designed 'to bear any suitable words, such, for instance, as hot cakes, turkey dinner, or whatever may be the specialty for any given day, these cards or plates being readily removable so as to be changed as may be desired. I

63 is a push-button by which a bell in the kitchen or other desired place may be rung for anything that may be desired.

From the foregoing it will be readily understood that I have devised a compact, most convenient, complete cabinet for the purpose specified, and while the structural embodiment of the invention as hereinbefore disclosed is what I at the present time consider preferable, it is evident that the same is subject to changes, variations and modifications in detail, proportion of parts, 1

' in disclosd, but reserve the right to make such changes, variations and modifications as come properly within the scope of the invention claime What is claimed as new is.:- A combined hotel cabinet comprising a lower portion embodying a refrigerator upon one side and compartmentsupon the other side, a bread-board slidably supported above the same, and a top member supported on the bottom portion and over said board and having a central tier of shelving. and compartments on each side thereof, and separate doors for the upper and lower compartments.

In testimony whereof affix m signature.


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