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Publication numberUS1349225 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 10, 1920
Filing dateMar 27, 1919
Priority dateMar 27, 1919
Publication numberUS 1349225 A, US 1349225A, US-A-1349225, US1349225 A, US1349225A
InventorsRosenblum Henry I
Original AssigneeRosenblum Henry I
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Clamp device
US 1349225 A
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1,349,225. PatellltedAug. 10,1920.

5 nvewtoz Henry I Paseuhum,



Application filed March 27, 1919.

of cloth, or a plurality of thicknesses of.

rloth in a pile from which a plurality of garment patterns are cut at a single operation, and so as to'prevent the movement of said layers or thicknesses of cloth one upon another in the operation of cutting; and the object of the invention is to provide an improved clamp device of the class and for the use specified which may also be used for other purposes in addition to those above set out; and with this and other objects in vview the invention consists in a clamp device constructed and operated as hereinafter described and claimed.

The invention is fully disclosed in the following specification, of which the accompanying drawing forms .a part, in which the separate parts of my improvement are designated by suitable reference characters in each of the views, and in which Figure 1 is a side view showing my improved clamp device partially in section and indicating the method of its use;

F ig. 2 a plan view of the device as shown in Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 a side view of another form of my improved clamp device; and,

Fig. 4 a view at right angles to that shown in Fig. 8 and showing part of the construction broken away.

In carrying my invention into effect as shown in Figs. 1 and 2 I provide a rod or shaft a with the lower end of which is connected a jaw member Z2, and mounted on the rod or shaft a is a vertically movable jaw member 0 having a central sleeve portion 0 a main handle member 0 which projects opposite to the direction of the jaw 0, and pivoted to the top of the sleeve portion 0 at cl and directly over the handle member, 0 is a pawl 6 having a nose 6 adapted to bear on the rod or shaft a, and connected with the heel e of the pawl e is a supplemental handle Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 10. 1920.

Serial No. 285,622.

member 7 which may be formed integrally with said pawl, if desired, and 'betwee. said heel and the sleeve 0 is an expansion spring 9, which normally holds the pawl in operation, and the heel e of the pawl c and the sleeve 0 are provided with lugs h and k which hold the spring g in position.

The jaws b and 0 may be of any desired shape or form, and in Fig. 1 I have shown at i a pile of cloth consisting of separate layers or thicknesses from which it is de sired to cut garments or garment patterns, and in using my improved clamp in this connection the pile of cloth is placed between the jaws b and 0, or said jaws are manipulated so as to pass one beneath the other above the pile of cloth, and in this operation the handle members 0 and f may be grasped in the hand, and by compressing the handle member f or drawing it toward the handle member 0 the pawl 6 will be thrown out of operation, and the jaw 0 with its connected parts may be moved vertically on the rod orshaft aand adjusted into any desired position, and when the clamp device is in the desired position and the upper jaw member is moved downwardly until it presses firmly I on the pile of cloth, as shown in Fig. 1, this will securely hold the separate layers or thicknesses of clothin said pile in proper position and prevent their independent lateral or other movement.

It will be understood that a number of my. improved clamp devices may be employed in connection with a single pile of cloth, and while I have shown and described in Figs. 1 and 2 the form of clamp device which I prefer for the purpose hereinbefore set out, I have also shown in Figs. 3 and 4.- another form of clamp device which may be used for the same purpose, if desired, and which in addition thereto may be used for a niunber of other purposes in which it is desired simply to hold a plurality of parts of anything together.

In the construction shown in Figs. 3 and 4, I employ a rod or shaft j provided in one side with a longitudinal groove 7' and the jaw 0 with its connected parts, or the sleeve 0 of said jaw, is provided with an aperture 11 in which is secured a pin k freely movable in the groove j and while the jaw member a, in the construction shown in Figs. 1 and 2, may be freely rotated on the rod or shaft a, the jaw member 0 shown in Figs. 3

construction the said bottom jaw member 6 may be adjusted into different positions on the rod or shaft j and a more secureclamping of the material placed between the jaw members 0 and His secured or provided for.

.It will be understood that either form of my improved clamp device may be used for purposes other than those herein set out, and

-w hile I have shown and described the construction which I prefer for carrying my improvement'into .effect, or reducing it to practice, my invention is not limited to the details of construction. herein shown and described, and changes therein and modifications thereof may be made, withinthe scope of the appended claims, without departing 'from the spirit of the invention or sacrificing its advantages. 7 r

Having fully descrlbed my invention, what I cla1m as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. A clamp device of the class described" "comprlsmg a. rod or shaft, a bottom aw my invention I have signed my name in member mounted on "the lower end portion of'said rod or shaft, and a vertically adjustable jaw member mounted on said rod or shaft above the first named jaw member and I provided witha sleeve through which the rod or shaft passes, said sleeve being pro- 'vided with a projecting handle member v above which is pivotedaspring-controlled pawl adapted to bear on said rod or shaft and provided with a handle.

' '2. A clamp device of the class described comprising a rod or shaft, a'jaw member mounted on the lower end of said rod or shaft, a supplemental jaw member mounted on said rod or shaft above the first named jaw member, said supplemental jaw member being provided with a handle and with a spring-controlled pawl which operates in connection with said rod or shaft and is also provided with a handle member.

'3. A clamp device of the class described comprising a main rod or shaft provided with two jaw members one of which is adjustable longitudinally of the rod or shaft and provided with a spring-operated pawl which operates in connection with said rod or shaft, said adjustable jaw member and said pawl being also each provided with a handle.

4:. A clamp device -of the class described comprising a shaft, jaw members mounted on 'said shaft, a pivoted lock mounted in connection with one of said jawmembers, tensional means for holding said lock device in connection with cut out portions in said shafts, said shaft being provided with a longitudinal slot, and means on one of said aw members adapted to operate in said slot to prevent the rotation of said jaw member onsaid shaft. 7 V i In testimony that I claim the foregoing as presence of the subscribing witnesses this 24th day of March, 1919. V



C. E. MULREANY, H. E. THoM'rsox

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International ClassificationA41H15/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41H15/00
European ClassificationA41H15/00