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Publication numberUS1349321 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 10, 1920
Filing dateMay 29, 1919
Priority dateMay 29, 1919
Publication numberUS 1349321 A, US 1349321A, US-A-1349321, US1349321 A, US1349321A
InventorsJr James William Carter
Original AssigneeJr James William Carter
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US 1349321 A
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1. W. CARTER, Jn.


Patented Aug. 10, 1920.






Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 10, 1920.

Application,filed` May 29, 1919. lSerial No. 309,523.

. My invention is an improvement in indicators, and has for its object toprovide a device of the character Specified, especially adapted for use on storage batteries to indicate the condition of the battery, as for instance, when watered and when charged, and the approximate extent 'of charging;

In the drawings:

'Figure 1 is a front view of the indicator,

Fig. 2 is a horizontal section through the `indicator and its support,

Fig. 3 is. a front view of' the indicator valve.

As is known, storage batteries require watering at least once a week during the summer months, and every fortnight during' the winter months,'and the present inven` tion is designed to indicate the date of the last watering, and that of the next, both in. ywinter and 1n summer, and to indicate the date of charging, and whether full or partly charged, and so arranged that it may be locked to prevent accidental displa'cement or tampering.

In the present embodiment of the invention a suitable support is provided comprising disks 1 and 2 which are superposed and are rotatable upon each other for 'a purpose to be presently described. Another pair of disks Band 4 is provided, and these disks have each an annular series of registering openings 5 at the periphery'of the disk.

The openings are adapted to register as shown in Fig. 2, for receiving the shackle of a padlock 6 o'f'usual construction, to lock the disks togeth'er, and to prevent them from relative rotation with respect to each other.

The disks 3 carry an annular series of numbers 7, the said numbers being arranged consecutively, and runmng from 1 to 31,

land representing the days of the month.

The disk 4 has four cutouts or slots 8, 9, 140 and 11, thesaidjcutouts being arcv shaped,

v respectively.

and the cutouts 8, 9 .and 10 being near the periphery of the disk, and in position to permit the numerals 7 to appear through the cutouts.

A legend is provided adjacent to each of the openings 8, 9 and 10, that adjacent to the opening 8 being watered, while those adjacent to the openings 8, 9 and 10 are summer and winter', respectively.

The' disk 8 also carries legends, one of which full charged appears through thel opening 1 1; The disk 1 has a series of legends 12 at its periphery, twelve in num, ber, and bearing the month designations, and the disk 2 has an opening or cut out 13 through which these legends may appear.v

The four disks are held to a support 14, by means of a screw 15, and a suitable arbo r 16 encircles the screw, the arbor having spaclng ribs for spacing a pair ofdisks 1-2 from the pair 3 4. It will be understood thatsuitable advertising matter may be provided on the edge of the disk 2, which extends beyond the disks 3 and 4 or on the tace of the disk 4, and that the improved. indicator maybe of any desired material, 1as for instance, cardboard, .Y celluloid,v sheet metal or the like, and may be suitably ornamented if desired.

in use the indicatoris secured to any 'suitable portion of the battery or wherever dedesired. 'When the battery is watered, the disk 3 is turned with-respect tothe disk 4, to bring the proper date of wateringto the opening 8,. Since the openings 9 and 10 are arranged in such manner as to show the numerals of the series 7 a week ahead and a fortnight ahead, respectively, it willy be obvious that when the numeral 1 for instance appears at the cut out 8, the numerals 7 and 15 willy appear at the cutouts 9 and`10 The arbor 15 vhas oppositely extending `lugs 16 at the disks 2 and 4, to prevent rotation of the said disks, thesaid disks2 and 4 being always held in the same position.

Iclaim:` An indicator comprising a ,pair of disks held together axially and rotatably with 'respect to each other, each disk having an annular series of openings near its periphery, the openings being ladapted to register @l ree-9,3m

to receive e lock for locln'ng the disks together, the rearmos: disk having near its periphery and inside the annular openings a series of consecutively arranged numerals in- 5 di'cating the days of the month, the foremost disk having a seriesv of display openings for permitting e certain predetermined sequence of numbers to he visible simultaneously, und having other display openings, the rearmost disk having legends to be dis- 10 played through said other display openings.


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U.S. Classification40/495
International ClassificationG09F7/00
Cooperative ClassificationG09F7/00
European ClassificationG09F7/00