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Publication numberUS1349510 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 10, 1920
Filing dateDec 26, 1919
Publication numberUS 1349510 A, US 1349510A, US-A-1349510, US1349510 A, US1349510A
InventorsHabry A. Jochtjmben
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Habry a
US 1349510 A
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Patented Aug. 10, 1920.

anmntoz HARRY AL .ioo iuivisnm or 'wnnnmne, WEST VIRGINIA.

s mcmsum non] AND-H LES.

Application filed December26,:-1f919.. sr'ia11io. 347,287.

T 0 all whom it may concern:

Be it knownthat I, HARRY of Vest Virginia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in-Boiler-Closures for Hand-Holds, and I dolhe i'feb y declare the following to be a full, clear, and"eX*act-.

description of the invention, such as will en able others skilled in the art to 'which itappertains to make and use the same, reference being had totheaccompanying .draW.-.

' ence marked thereon,

- appended'claim. 1

My invention is illustrated in the accom- "j 'panying drawings which, with the-letters of; v h i I What l-claim to be new is:

.A stand boilerprovided withan of the drawings bylletter:

ings, and to the letters and figures. of refer-r this specification. This inventionrelatesto V p improvements in closures for hand holes in.

' domestic hot water boilers, and'consists' of a simple device of this nature so arranged 7 that access may behad to the boiler" for the. purpose of removing scale, "sediment, etc. I

cess may be easily and conveniently had to The inventioncomprises various details of construction, combination and arrangement of parts which willbehereinafterffully, de-

scribed, shown in the accompanying .jdraw ings, and then specifically define-din the.

reference marked thereon, form rt :0 this application, and in which:

boiler and closure, and

Figure 1 is a sectional v iew thrOughthe Figs. 2 and 8 are detailiviews offthe.

closureplates disassembled. Reference now being had to the A. designates a plate which is preferably convexed upon its face, whichfisadapted to engage the inner concaved surface of a bo ler in connection with which "the device" is used. Said plate is provided with anoval shaped projecting portion B'adapted teen-" gage a similarly outlined hole inthe boiler,

said projecting portion desi gnedto extend through the wallof the boiler, and 3' isa A. Joo iuirsii igf a citizen of the United States, residing'fat, Wheeling, in the county ofOhio and State which forin a part of ai 'ilsefullii o t on w th each other, thus forming a water details l s p eci fication of Lettersiratent. I patn 10, 920

. 'j'gasketffitted about the projecting portion [of the plate andhaving an oval outlined opening therein adapted to-bear against the yfaceof the boiler adjacent to theopening in the wall thereof.

ed iupon'th'ethreaded screw and is adapted of holding thetwo plates in clamped relaandtsteam tightjjoint for the hand opening.

I the features of my invention, it will be noted A'threadedrod is anchored at one end in at recess in saidprojecting portion of the H j platev and is adaptedtoiextend through the opening in'the boiler; A sec ond plateet has a convexed rece'ssedface 5 adapted to conform to theprojectingportion of the plate I 1 I 1.1 The plate tis apertured for the reception, 3 of said threadedscrew. A nut 5"is mountr to bear against the plate l for the purpose By'thejprovision of a deviceembodying" that a simple means is afforded whereby acthe interior of a boiler for the purpose of removed the plates may be clamped together as described, i y f I p I perforation near its bottom, an elliptical clamping: member fitting said perforation "and provided "with a shoulder with clear-f anceQ for af'gasket and provided-with.,a-- or bolt extending centrally therethrough, said Y' clampingmemberconforming in'contour to i said *boiler, complementary clamping member fitting; upon said first clamping 'member with its inner side conforming 'in co'ntour to and closely fitting said portion I fitting said perforation. v v Intestimony; whereof I hereunto affix my signaturei a T iiirRRv A; YQTQOCHUMYSENS i elliptical- 5

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U.S. Classification220/243, 138/98
International ClassificationF22B37/00, F22B37/22
Cooperative ClassificationF22B37/223
European ClassificationF22B37/22B4