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Publication numberUS1350236 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 17, 1920
Filing dateFeb 13, 1920
Publication numberUS 1350236 A, US 1350236A, US-A-1350236, US1350236 A, US1350236A
InventorsJohn Pierce
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Boiler-unit-assembling rack
US 1350236 A
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1,350,236. PatentedA ug.17,1920.

I .10 fl/ N .fohnfjemqJ:





Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 17,1920.

Original application filed February 13, 1920, Serial No. 358,513. Divided and this application filed. J une 3,

T 0 (LR whom it mag concern Be it known that I, JO N PIERCE, Jr, a

citizen of the United States, and a resident of South Nor-walk, in the'county of Fair-;

field and State of Connecticut, have invented Boiler-Unit-Assembling Racks, of which the following is a specification. i

- The invention herein disclosed and claimed is divided from my original copending application for team boilers, Serial No. 358,513, filed February 13, 1920.

In the original application a steam boiler is claimed and embodies sections or, units, each of which includes 72L: vertical header and horizontally U-shaped circulating tubes whose legs are arranged at anangle to each other. The present invention/is designed principally to hold the header and securely clamp the tubes in their proper position with respect to the header until the same have been welded thereto. i

The invention further provides a boiler unit assembling rack including clamping elements adjustable parallel to the header so that each of the U-shapedtubes will be held .in proper position until. the weld between the individual tubes and header is completed. v j

With the above and other objects as may become apparent from the following disclosure, the invention consists inthe novel combinationo f elements, construction and arrangement of parts, operation and specific features to be hereinafter enlarged upon and recited in the subjoined claims, the invention being illustrated in the accompanying drawing, wherein, 1

Figure 1 is an elevation ofthe rackhaving the header and one of the circulating tubes in' position for welding;

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view taken on line 22 of Fig. 1; I

Fig. 3 is a horizontal sectional view taken on line'3--3 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 4 is a detail view illustrating, the ends of the tube being electrically welded to the header; and

Fig. 5 is a detail view showing the tube and header after the weld has been completed.

Referring in detail to the drawing, wherein corresponding parts are designated by corresponding characters of reference through- Serial No. 386,394.

out the several views, the numeral 5 designates a pair of horizontal parallel members connected at one end by a vertical bar 6. A pair of vertical bars 7 extend from the opposed face of the bars 5 adjacent their inciding with the recess 9 and embracingthe header H, the clamping blocks being detachablyheld in clamping engagement with the header by, fastenings '12 passing transversely through the bars 5, and blocks. 10. Secured to the bars 5 at opposite sides thereof and adjacent their oppositeends are pairs of guide bars 13. Disposed between each pair of guide bars 13 and adapted for vertical adjustment therebetween and each having one face resting against one of the guide bars'13 is a clamping block 14 having its outer face beveledinwardly from its upper end so that this face will engage both legs oi a=U-shaped circulatingtube arranged at an angle to each other as illustrated in 3 Fig. 2. A U-shaped yoke 15 is slidably mounted upon one of each pair of guide bars 13 and each has its extremities attached to the opposite vertical face of the clamping blocks 14. A set-screw 16 is carried by each of the U-shaped yokes and is adapted to.

engage its respective bar13 at any desired point to retain the clamping box 14 in adjusted position. v

In assembling the U -shaped tubes with the header, the lowermost tube is arranged between each pair of arms 13, with'the legs resting against the opposite face of the vertical bars 7 and the lowermost leg resting against the lower horizontal bar 5, this beingfully shown in Fig. 2. The clamping blocks are then adjusted to engage both legs of the U-shaped tube and thereby clamp the same in position for welding. After the lowermost tube has been assembled the next tube placed in position as the one prevention or the scope of the subjoined claims;

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure and protect by Letters Patent of the United States is: 1

1. In a work holder, a frame, means carried by the frame for supporting an element at one end of the frame, pairs of bars secured to the opposite faces of the frame and between which, elements, each includ ing a pair of legs to be assembledwith the first mentioned element, are arranged, and verticallyadjustable blocks mountethbetween each pair of bars and adapted to engage both legs of the element to clamp the same in proper position with respect to the first mentioned element while said legs are beingsecured thereto.

2. In a work holder, a frame, means at one end thereof for supporting an element, pairs of parallel bars secured to opposite faces of the frame and betweenwhich, elements, each including parallel legs arranged at an incline with respect'to each other, are

adapted to be arranged and with the ends thereof in position for, attachment to the first mentioned element, and clamping blocl rs'vertically adjustable between each pair of bars and each having their outer faces beveled to engage both legs of said element to clamp the same in position while the ends are being secured to the first menthereof in position for attachment to the first mentioned element, clamping blocks arranged between each pair of bars and adjustable longitudinally ofthe sameand each having one face beveled and adapted to engage both legs of said element, a U-shaped member carried by each block and adjust-- able on one'of each pair of bars, and fastenings for retaining the U-shaped members at any point onthe bars.

l. In a boiler unit assemblingrack, a rectangular frame, means for support ng a boller header in one end of the frame, parallel bars disposed in the frame, pairs of bars extendlng parallel of the first men-' tioned bars and secured to opposite ends of the frame and between which, horizontally disposed boiler circulating tubes,

each having its legs at an angle with are adapted, to

tween each pair of parallelbars and having an obliquely disposed face for engagement wlth the legs of the tube to hold the same clamping elements adjustabl-y mounted beagainst the first mentioned bars and the pair of parallelbars while the ends thereof are being secured'to' the header.

5,. In an'apparatus for assembling boiler sections including a frame, means for supporting a headerof the boiler at one end of the frame, pairs of parallel bars detachably secured to the opposite faces of the frame, one of each pair of bars constituting a rest for the boiler circulating elements being as sembled with the header, and vertically a d-- justable' members on j thev opposite'bar of each pair adapted tobear against the circulating element beingassemb'led to retain the same in position for welding to the, header.

6. In an apparatus for assembling boiler sections, each including a header and U-shaped pipes the legs of which are ar ranged at an angle to each other; including a rectangular frame, meanssupporting the header. at one end of the frame, parallel bars'secured to the frame, and vertically adjustable blocks on one bar of each pair and having their outer faces beveled, the blocks being adapted" to engage the tube being assembled with the header to retain the same in proper position for welding.


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