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Publication numberUS1351311 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 31, 1920
Filing dateSep 3, 1919
Priority dateSep 3, 1919
Publication numberUS 1351311 A, US 1351311A, US-A-1351311, US1351311 A, US1351311A
InventorsGeorge Virneburg
Original AssigneeGeorge Virneburg
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Combination washrag and soap-container
US 1351311 A
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Patented Aug. 31, 1920.


- of a userso that after dipping it into the water'and rubbing it against the body foam "UNITED STATES GEORGE VIRNEBURG, OF NEW YORK, N. Y,


Specification of Letters Patent.

PatentedAug. 31, 19 20.

Application filed September 3, 1919. Serial No. 321,315.

To all whom z't may concern.-

Be it known that I, GEORGE ViRNEBURG, a citizen of German residing at New York,

in the county of ew 'York and State of New Yorkkhave invented certain new and useful Im rovements in Combination Washrags and oap-Containers, of which the following is a specification. V

' The present invention relates to wash rags, and has forits object to provide a wash rag which is formed with a soap container and which can be attached-to thehand will by itself be formed on the outer face of the rag, without .any Waste of material and time, which a separate soapingin of the rag occasions.

My invention will be fully understood from the accompanying drawing in which similar reference characters denote corresponding parts and in which Figure 1 is a perspective view of my device shown as applied to the hand of a user; Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the unfolded rag; Fig. 3 is'a section a top plan view of a modified form of construction; Fig. ,5 is a reduced top plan of a further modification and Fig. 6 a reduced section similarto Fig. 3 of a further modi-.

Referr ng specifically to the drawing, the wash rag comprises two pieces a, b of flexible and porous material which are placed one. on top of the other and stitched or otherwise fastened together to forma container c-for soapeither in form of a cake (2,

' soap" shavings or powder. The top or inner piece I) which. is adapted to extend over the palm of the hand is provided with a transversal lateral incision ewhich serves as the mouth of the pocket 0. The inner or upper piece I) may be extended at its ends as at b! 45" b to be capable of being foldedaround the hand and may be provided with suitable attachment .l'neans such as a plurality of pressbuttons-f or the like. The rag with the soap inserted into its pocket 0 is adapted to be placed on the palm of the hand so that the piece side or nearest the palm and the part a on the outside. The extended ends I), b'of the part b are then folded over the outside of the hand and connected together more or on line 3-3 of Fig. 2; Fig. 4 is Y I) having the cut e .is on the inless tightly according to convenience. The

cut e is preferably made at a place where it could be closed by the thumb or finger of the hand adjacent thereto, so that the soap could not drop out from the pocket.

On dipping the rag into the water and rubbing it against the body foam will immediately be formed insuring a thorough waIsh. d p

I n or er to prevent the rag from sli in off the hand a suitable grasp may 10521116 vided which may be in the form of a loop 9 fixed to and near one of the longitudinal edges of the rag. The user may either pass his fingers through said loop and hold the rag 1n positlon by friction or he maygrasp the loop by his fingers.

By the provision of a series of press-- buttons the rag is rendered adjustable for differently sized hands. Elastic bands h in form of a cross or the like may be fixed to the rag, as shown in Fig. 5, which bands willserve as attachment means and dispense with the extensions b, b and the pressbuttons.

The material 11 chosen for the outer part' may be of rough fabric so as to be useful for massage,'as shown in'Fig. 6. I

Since various other modifications may be made in the construction without departing from the principle of my invention, I do not wish to restrict myself to the details shown and described.

What I claim and desire to secure by- Letters Patent is:

' 1'. A wash rag composed of two pieces of flexible and porous material stitched together to form a pocket for soap or the like, the top or inner piece having a transversal incision to form a mouth for said .pocket and a longitudinal extension at each end adapted to be folded around the hand of the a user and to overlap one another, and fasten-. ing means on said extensions, said mouth being located near one end of said pocket to lie below the respective marginal, fleshy part of the users palm so that it will be closed when said extensions are folded around the hand.

2. A wash .rag composed of two superposed pieces of flexible and porous material 105 v stitched together to form a pocket-for soap or the like, the top or the inner piece having a transversal incision near one end toform a mouth for said pocket and a longitudinal and for preventing thereby the rag. from extension at each end adapted'tovbe folded sli ping off the hand while m use. 10 around the hand of the user and to overlap n testimony whereof Iaflix my signature one another, fastening means on said exin presence of two witnesses.

5 tensions for fasteningsaid rag to the hand, I GEORGE VIRNEBURG.

and a band extending longitudinally over Witnesses: the inner face of the rag and forming a loop FRED J. GRm-sMER,

for the engagement of the fingers of the user MAX D. ORDMANN.

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