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Publication numberUS1351388 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 31, 1920
Filing dateDec 9, 1919
Priority dateDec 9, 1919
Publication numberUS 1351388 A, US 1351388A, US-A-1351388, US1351388 A, US1351388A
InventorsJohn Kabaci
Original AssigneeCharles Hess
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Locking device for mail pouches or bags
US 1351388 A
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APPLICATION FILED DEC. 9,1919- Patented Aug. 31, 1 920.




APPL|CAT|0N FII, ED DEC. 9.1919. I

1 3 5 1 88 Y Patented Aug. 31, 1920.

2 SHEETSSHEET 2- ummto;



. LOCKING DEV CE FOR; MAIL rooonns on, imes.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOHN KABA a citizen of the United States, residing at VVyano, in the county of Westmoreland and State 'of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Looking Devices for Mail Pouches or Bags, of which the following is a specification, :reference being i had-therein to the accompanying drawings.

4 andlooking in the direction of the arrows.

device thereto,

This invention relates to a locking device for mail vpouchesorbags, and it has for its object the construction. of a simple and effircientdevice that willv close the mouth of the bag, lock the bag in its closed position, and at the same time afford an excellent handle by means of which the bag canbe lifted or conveyed at the will of the operator.

, With this and other objects in view, the invention comprises certain other novel combinations, constructions and 1 arrangements of parts as will be hereinafter specifically described, illustrated in the accompanying the lock witht-he cover removed.

Fig. 5 is a'section taken on line 5 5, Fig.

Fig. 6 is a perspective View of the primary plate of the lock. 9 V V Fig. 7 is a'perspectiveview of one of the slidingvbolts. 5

,Fig; 8 is a fragmentaryperspective view -of the device, showing particularly the catch ..Fig. 9 isva fragmentary view of the device showing particularly the :head plate and hook attached to the endsof the loop.

. z: receiving plate; 7

. Fi 10 is aperspective view ofv the key- Referring tothe drawings by numerals, 1'

designates the bag' or pouch which is provided on its sides or open end with eyelets 2.

Through these eyeletsis threaded a loop 3,

This loop is provided in itsouter face with Specification-of Letters Patent. Patented Aug; Application filed'December 9,4919. "Serial No.' 343,623.: H

pockets' into" which pockets mad the re ducedends 5 f the Sliding bolts The p ends 7 of the loop/are fastened in the ends is a hook 9.-

of the h'ead plate 8, and integral with, the

l The hook 9' is adapted to rideover the bev I eled portion 10 of the slidingbolt 11, carried 1 ,withinthe casing 12 of the. catch device 13 I (Figsfl and 8). The casing 12 is fastened to a horizontal plate 14:, which plate is pro- "videdwith a transverse groove15 the; slid ing ,bolt 11 has its beveled end 10 normally overhanging-the groove l5f sothat the hook 9 canproject down into the groove and be retained therein by; bolt 11 when'the loop has been drawntightly through'the lock'16, V

and the outer end of the loop is to be used as I' a handle, Fig.2.

1 l he bolt drawnrearwardly into the casing 12by-'meansj'ofshandle 17, which handle is pivotally connected at 18 to the pin 19, whichpin 19 :is fastened at, its} inner ,end'tothe bolt 11, Fig. 8; The plate 1 1 iss'ecured to the top of the inverted U-shaped frame20, which framehas itsouterportion' or leg 21 fastened against theouteriface of loop' 3, and its inner portion orileg 22 fastenedagainst the. inner-facejo'f the ,bag or;

.7 being assembled with the-pouch and loop, I

pouch 1. By reason ofthis catch ,device 13 provide a very simple and eflicient device ior holding the loose end of the'loop-when it has been drawn tight for closing the mouth .of the bag, enabling an efiic ient handle to be readily provided for lifting or conveying the pouch.-

v .The lock 16'th rough which theloop em tends comprises .a. casing 23 having front plate 24% and a rear plate 25, keyhole 2 6 isformed in the front plate,,and over the portion of plate 2%1" in which the ke hole 26 v is formed is akeyereceiving plate 2 which 7 plate has asleeve 28 that extends intoplate 24 so that the, plate 27. .will be secured in position within the casing-23. Fastened to the sides of the'plate (2'1, nearw opposite .ends areapertured lugs 29, and pivotally :se- 7 cured to these lugs 29,,at-their inner ends,

are links130. -Extending from} each sliding bolt 6 is alrigid roc l;31, andeach rod. is provided at its-outer end with an eye-'32, and in theeyes 32 of the rods 31; are-positioned or fastened the outer ends of the links 30.;A sqil pri isbe i eee thee-in ds o tending into the slot 37 near its ends from the sides 35 and .36 are pairs of lugs 38,

which lugs form, at the ends of the slot 37, pockets or guideways through which the loop 3 extends; it is to be noted that plate 3e is provided with pockets at its ends for receiving the loop, by reasonof the slot and lugstructure of the plate, just described.

' The side portion 36 of'plate 34% is cutaway on its inner face, at 39', for permitting the rods 31 to slide within the plate, and also acting as a guidefor these rods during the movement of the bolts 6. Auxiliary plates 40 are secured to the primaryplate between one face thereof and the rear plate 25 of the casing 23, which auxiliary transversely-positioned plates 40 act as a guide to prevent the bolts 6 from being displaced off the primary plate 34; f

The operation of the device or apparatus is as follows: When the parts are in the position shown in Fig. 1 all the operator needs to do is to pull upon the head plate 8, drawing the loop outwardly through the lock 16, and when the mouth of the pouch has been closed (Fig. 2), causing the pockets 4 in the sideof the loop to register with the reduced ends 5 of the bolts 6, said reduced ends will enter the pockets 4 (Fig. 4), locking the loop in its closed position upon the mouth of the pouch. 'Then the operator can bend the extended endsof the loop over so as to cause the'hook 9 to engage the sliding'bolt 11,

thereby locking the head plate upon the an efiicient catch device 13, 'producin handle for handling or conveying the bag or pouch. Upon the operator pulling on the handle 17 bolt 11 will be drawn within the casing 12releasing the head 8, and then by inserting the key into the aperture 26, key-receiving plate 27 can be pivoted, causing the bolts 6 to be drawn together, compressing spring 33, and thereby removing the reduced ends 5 out of the pockets 4 of, the; loop, permitting the loop to be run through the lock 16 for opening the bag or pouch, Fig. 1.

While I have described thepreferred embodiment of my invention in the foregoing description, and have illustrated the same in the accompanying drawings, certain 5 minor alterations or changes may appear to one skilled in the art to which this inven 'tion'relates, during the extensive manufacture of thiscinvention, and I therefore reserve the right to make such minor alterations or changes as shall fairly fall within the scope ofthe appended claims.

What I claim is: l

1. In an apparatus of'the class described, the combination with a pouch, of a lock securedto saidpouch, a catch device secured tending lugs,the extreme ends of the slot and the lugs constituting loop receiving pockets, a loop extending around thepouch and through the lock and being positioned in the pockets at the ends of the plate, said loop provided in its outer face withbolt-receiving pockets, spring pressed bolts in'the elongated slot of the primary plate and provided with reduced ends extending into the pockets at the ends of the primary plate'and also into the pockets formed in the sides of the loop, for holding the loop in an adjusted position, auxiliary plates on one side of. the primary plate forholding the bolts in position, one side of said primary plate provided with a cutawayportion, rods on the sliding into one side of the casing, said key-receiving plate provided with apertured lugs, and links secured at their inner ends in said lugs and at their outer ends pivotally secured to the rods carried by the bolts. L

3. In an apparatus of the class described, the combination witha pouch, of a loop on said pouch, locking means upon the pouch for retainingthe loop in a closed position, a

catch device on the pouch, said catch device comprising an inverted U-shaped frame, a

plate. on said frame, a casingon said plate, a 7

spring pressed bolt projecting from said casing, and a hook formed on the outer end of the loop and being adapted to engage the spring pressed bolt of the catch device for permitting the outer loose end of the loop to constitute a handle when the loop is, in a closed position upon the pouch. 4:. In an apparatus of the class described, the combinationv with a pouch, a locking device on said pouch, of a loop" surrounding the pouch and extending through and beyond the locking device, a hook formed upon the outer end of said loop, and a locking de vice for holding the hook formed upon the 'pouch and havmg a portion secured to the inner face of the pouch and another portion secured to the outer face of the loop.

5. In an apparatus of the class described, the combination with a pouch, of a slotted lock secured to the side of the pouch, a loop surrounding the pouch and extending through the slots of the lock, and extended ends of the loop provided, with hook means, a catch device provided with an inverted U-shaped frame and with locking means fastened to the pouch and the loop, and said hook means adapted to be engaged and be held by the locking means of the catch device for utilizing the loose or outer end of the loop as a handle when the loop is held ina closed position by side of the pouch. I

In testimony W signature.

the lock On the 19 hereof I hereunto afiiX JOHN KAB'AOI.

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