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Publication numberUS1351509 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 31, 1920
Filing dateFeb 24, 1919
Priority dateFeb 24, 1919
Publication numberUS 1351509 A, US 1351509A, US-A-1351509, US1351509 A, US1351509A
InventorsEss Frank
Original AssigneeEss Frank
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Detachable shoe-tip protector for roller-skates
US 1351509 A
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.yl'z V912 for FRANK or, CINCINNATI, on'ro.

DnTAcHABL-e SHOE-TIP To all whom it mayconcerm FRA K Ess, a sub ect Ee it known that I, of the Emperor of Austria- Hungary, and a resident of Cincinnati, .in the'county of Hamilton and State of Ohio, haveinvented a certain new and useful Improvement in Detachable Shoe-Tip Protectors for Boller- Skates, of which the following is a specification. I

This invention relates to shoe-tip protectors for use with. skates and, more particularly, with roller-skates when on the feet of children who are more or-less reckless and V careless in their use, and, in being so, deface and otherwise mutilate the tip or fore end of the shoe by indifferent, rough or frivolous contact of projecting and sharp or co'rnered parts of the skatesthere'withr The object of the invention, therefore, is to provide a detachable hoodor shield to the fore end of the skate, such hood encompassing the tip or fore end'of the shoe and being connected to the side-clamps of the skate so that the device cannot be accidentally displaced'or mislaid, either .while the skate is in use on the .wearers foot or while being otherwise handled orcarried skate,

. tip '55 by said wearer orby others while in or out of actualv use. r The details of structure will be fully hereinafter described and then clearly pointed out in the claim that follows. 7

In the accompanying sheet of drawings,- Figure 1 is a fragmentary side elevation showing the fore end of a roller-skate my device in operative place thereon;

Fig. 2 a plan view of the improvedpro- V Fig. 3, a perspective tector device complete;

Fig. 4, a central, the said protector device, taken on the dotted-line '4, 4, of Fig.3; and

Fig. 5, v i

a transverse section of the doublehook or detachable fastening-end of the protector device, taken on the clotted-line 5, 5, of Fig. 3. r

6 indicates the bed or base plateof the in this instance askate having rollers 7 bearing-block 8 and upright side-clamps 9. These parts are all as customary and need no further description in detail. I J

10 indicates the shoe-upper, having the or toe portion 11 and sole 12, the latter being caught or held tightly between the said usual laterally-adjustable side-clamps with view of the said prolongitudinal section of ieno'rno'roa ron RoLLEI -s KATEsE I 'moreoi' less mischievous and careless and,

therefore, unmindfulof the damage done to his shoes in his daily aptness to mix I will now refer minutely to my improved shoe-tip protector, whlch comprises a sheetmetal curved or bowed body-portion 13 that reaches from the skate bed-plate 6 well-fup' on the tip 11' (see Fig.1); rear-extensions '14, 14, at'the, opposite ends of the said bodyat the ends of said rear-extensions14,14;

* Patented Au 31, 1920.v Applieatiion'filed ret na-w 24, .1919. Serial 116,278,873.

f9 'and'all as best shown 'in' Fig; 1. The said. .1

i tip or toe portion 1 1, is the part of the shoe I r that needs the protectionfof my device and; is the part that becomes mostly disfigured and mutilated by the user of the skate who, I in 'most cases, a boy full of spirit and.

inwardly-turned stop-arms or hooks 16, 16,

on the lower edges of the saidforwardly projecting hooks 15,15; and a rearwardlyextending horizontal foot-piece ,or tongue '17- provided centrally at the lower. edge of V saidbody-portion, said first-named hooks 15, 15, being adapted to detachably. engage the'upright side clamps or lugs 9 at the fore end of the skate for the purpose of securing the protector device against accidental; lengthwise movement when .in place on the bed-plate 6 and the said bottom hooks 16 1 being adapted to prevent upward movement or displacement of the reareextensions 14,

14 and their integral hooks 15, 15, from the said side-clamps 9,"whilej the said :central foot-piece or tongue 17 still further braces and firmly holds the device in place on the bed-plate 6 while the skateis either on or off the users foot. The. device cannot thus become loose wh n inuse on the "foot, or i when off the foot and being carried by the user or otherwise handledby him orothers to become lost or mislaid. u

The device is easily attached and de tached, as it is made of somewhat pliable sheet-metal that is conveniently bent into hook-form for contacting and detaining; en-' gagement with the skate side-clamps, both vertically and horizontally; 3 r

The device is obviously adapted to useon V 1 object in pro- I ice skates and for the same tecting the shoe tip. 7 I I claim A detachable shoe tip i protector for use 15 I portion; forwardly-projecting hooks 15, 15,

with roller or other skates Comprising a curved or bowed body-portion, rear-extenslons at the opposite ends of the body-portion, forwardly-projecting hooks at the ends of said rear extensions, inwardly turned stop-arms or hooks provided on thelower edges of said. forwardly-projecting hooks,

and a central rearwardly-extending tongue" or horizontal foot-piece provided at the lower edge of the body-portion,

7 hooks being adapted to detachably engage said it on the foot.

ments and said tongue on atoot-piece being adapted to lie between the sole of the shoe and the fore-portion of the bed plate ofthe skate to obviate vertical or tilting movementor displacement of the device on or from the skateeither when 1n or OUtO'l use {FRANK ss.

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U.S. Classification280/811, 36/72.00R
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