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Publication numberUS1351779 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1920
Filing dateNov 25, 1918
Priority dateNov 25, 1918
Publication numberUS 1351779 A, US 1351779A, US-A-1351779, US1351779 A, US1351779A
InventorsMather Alonzo C
Original AssigneeMather Alonzo C
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Electric heater
US 1351779 A
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APPLICATION man Nov.25. 191s.

1,35 1,77 9. Patented Sept'. 7, 1920.

FIG. 39

7 :57 '1 E o 38 W 7 '3 Q 1.9 Q23?, il 36 y 28 um /8 "l' 'l .a5 4/ 4 50 r l f "TMLMA W' 'I 5 ig; 24 :27 5

. i' 1|/// /y RII/l;

I 6 73 x l I* k Z0 76 /fo 76 I Talento?" 3 ,j lonja jl/[wher UNITED.STATES` PATENT OFFICE'.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented sept. 7, 1.920.

Application led' November 25, 1918. Serial No. 263,966.

T0 all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, ALONZO C. MATHER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in ElectricvHeaters, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to an electric heater `for heating liquid and is particularly adapted for heating water for household purposes. The object of my invention is to provide a device which will heat Water quickly; which may be installed with but slight change in the plumbing system and may be located adjacent to the outlet faucet; a further object of-my invention is to operate the device by electricity and to provide means for controlling the device automatically by an elec- 'tric switch operated by the flow ofthe water characters refer to like parts, 1 re resents a l tube, preferably of copper, with p ugs 2 and the liquid to be lheated by mounting the tube 3v (rif insulating material `secured in either en The lugs 2 and 3 are-provided with fastening devices 4, between which is connected a 'resistance wire 6 for heating the tube 1. Wires-7 and 8- are attached to said fastening devices 4 and carry,A theelectriccurrent to the resistance wire 6. The plugs 2 and 3 may be provided with apertures for ventilation or fit tightly dependin on the nature of the resistance wire 6. ashers '10 of insulating material are secured on the coil of resistance wire tofsepa'rate the latter from the metal tube 1.

The tube 1 is brought in 'contact with within the pipe line through which the liquid passes. Thel tube 1 is secured in T-fittings 12 and 13, between which is connecteda pipe 15 of slightly largerjinternal diameter than the external diameter of the tube 1, so that only a small quantity of Vliquid will be in contact with the tube. The

tube 1 may be secured in the T-fittings by tapering one end 16, and forcing it into the fitting 13, and by providing a stuiling box 18 and gland nut 19 to secure the tube in the fitting 12-thus making the joints watertight, and also making the tube removable. A supply pipe 20 is connected withvthe fiting 13 and an outlet pipe 21 is connected with 4the fitting 12.

The outlet pipe 21 is provided with an enlarged flange 22, with lugs 23'formed thereon, carrying a pin 24, on which is loosely mounteda disk 25 ada ted to cover the o ning in the flan e 22. n arm 27 is provided upon the dis 25, for moving a rod 28 mounted in a stuffing box 29 on a casing'30, which latter is screwed upon the flan 22 and provided with an outlet pipe 32, eadingrto the outlet faucet 33, shown in Fig. 2.

he casing 30 is provided with a post 35 carr ing an electric switch consisting of a fixe contact plate 36 to which'the wire 7 from one end of the resistance coil .is connected. :A contact plate 37 is mounted on a movable arm 38, pivoted on said post 35V, and to which contactplate37. the line wire 39 is connected. The switch is inclosed in a suitable box 40. The arm 38 of the switch rests upon the rod 28 `and a spring 41 tends to hold the arm 38 down and force, the rod 28 inwardly, so as to hold the disk 25 /over the opening in the flange 22, when the water is not flowing through the ipes. Y

The operation of my evice is as follows: The faucet 33 is opened causing the water to flow through the casing 30, which will cause the disk 25 to rotate on the pin 24 and the arm 27 will force the rod outwardly Vagainst the switch arm 38 and move the latter sothat contact will be made between with the tube will be heated. When the faucet 33 is closed the spring 41 will operate r lthe switch arm 38 and break the electric circuit and also mve the disk 25 over the opening in the flange 22'. The inlet pipe 20 l may be connected with the cold water supply pipe at any convenient point, as

shown in ig; 2. v

Havin t u s described m invention I claim allg desire to secure by tters Patent:

I prising, a pipe, rllfittings on either end of said pipe, inlet and outlet pipes connected with the said fittings, a /tubelocated in said first mentioned pipe, means for securing the ends of said tube in said fittings, plugs in the ends of said tube, a resistance Wire extending between the said plugs, means for insulating the resistance Wire from the tube and an electric circuit for heating the resistance vvire.,

2. A device of the character described' comprising, a pipe, lin-fittings on either end of said pipe, inlet and outlet pipes connected with the said fittings, a tube located in said first mentioned pipe, said tube having a conical surface formed on one end thereof, one of said I"lm-fittings having a conical aperture formed therein toreceive said conical end of the tube, a stufiing box located in the opposite one of said LT-fittings, a removable gland nut in'said stuffing box, adapted to embrace the tube Whereby'the tube may be removed through the stuiing boX, a resist- .ance Wire extending through the said tube,

neemt/e and an electric circuit for heating the resistance Wire. v

3. A device of the character described comprising, an electric` circuit, a heating member in said circuit, a receptacle containing liquid in which the heating member is located, inlet and outlet pipes connected With the said receptacle, an enlarged iange on the outlet pipe With a passageway formed therethrough, a ball-crank-lever pivoted on said flange, a disk on one arm of the bellcrank-lever adapted to cover said passage- Way through the fiange, a circular casing attached to said flange andv inclosing the bell-crank-lever, a rod extending through the Wall ofthe casing adapted to be actuated by the bell-crank-lever, a post formed upon the outside of said circular casing, a switch arm pivoted on said post, a 'sprin upon said-army adapted to move the said rov when' not actuated by the bell-crank-lever, and contact plates controlled by the movement of the switch arm.

' ln testimony whereof ii atHx my signature.


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U.S. Classification392/489, 392/474, 200/81.90R, 338/215
International ClassificationF24H1/10
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