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Publication numberUS1352248 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1920
Filing dateDec 13, 1917
Priority dateDec 13, 1917
Publication numberUS 1352248 A, US 1352248A, US-A-1352248, US1352248 A, US1352248A
InventorsCoar Enos E
Original AssigneeCoar Enos E
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Roof connection for vent-pipes
US 1352248 A
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1,352,248. PatentedSept. 7,1920. I

A grvuentoz lowing'is a specification.



To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, Enos E. com, a citiaen of the United States of America, residing at South Bend, in .the county of St. Joseph and State of Indiana, have invented new and useful Improvements in Roof Gonnections for Vent-Pipes, of which thefol- The present 1nvent1on comprehends generally improvements in that class of inventions known as baths and closets and more particularly has reference .to roof connections for vent pipes. 7

It is the primary aim and object of the present invention to provide a device of the above character designed for connecting the upper end of in the roof thereof, so that a saving of matesewer vent pipes of buildings rial may be made. 7 V v More particularly, the present invention includes the provision of a connection of the above character designed to be employed particularly in conjunction with slanting or gable roofs.

In some cities and towns, the ordinances require that the upper end of the sewer vent pipe terminates a certain distance, such as a foot or so above the roof, and it is one of the objects of this invention, therefore, to provide a roof connection for vent pipes of a construction that will conform to the requirements, and incidentally will effectively serve its purpose.

Among other objects of the invention may be recited the provision of means formed with the improved fitting or connection whereby the upper edge of the latter may be made to readily and quickly conform to the pitch of any roof in conjunction with which it is desired to use the device.

Other objects appear in the following description wherein the invention is set forth in detail.

To the exact construction in which it is shown and described the invention is not to be restricted. The right is reserved to make such changes or alterations as the actual reduction to practice may suggest in so far as such changes or alterations are compatible in spirit with the annexed claims.

The invention is clearly illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Specification. of Letterslatent.

Patented S w, 1920.

Application filed December 13,1917. Serial No. 206,995;

I -F1g.ure 1 is a longitudinal sectional detail view of one form of the invention,

Fig. 2 s an enlarged sectional detail view thereof engaging section of the vent PlPB- Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional detail view of the upper section of the vent pipe.

iFlg. 4: 1s a longitudinal sectional detail view of a modified form ofa roof engaging section of the pipe.

Similar .characters of reference are employed in all. of the above described views,

to indicate corresponding parts.

- Referring now, more particularly, .to the accompanying drawings, there is illustrated a roof 1, of the gable type, whlch is provided with an opening through which the vent stack vprojects. Disposed below the'openin .theroofand in spaced relation to the roof, is the main section?) of the said stack, Wll-lCll desirably-has its upper end enlarged at 4, to form an annular supporting shoulderfi for receiving the lower end of the roof engaglng sect on 6 of the vent. pipe.

The upper end-of theroof engaging section is cut diagonally, as indicated by tl1e nu meral 7, so as to conform to the under sur face of the slanting roof, while this end is also enlarged, as at 8, to form an annular shoulder 9 on the inner surface of the said section. The enlarged portion of the pipe of the roof engaging section is provided with a series of grooves 9 near the upper diagonal edge 7 It is'to be observed that these grooves 9 are just deep'enough to form a mark so that this upper. section may be out along the desired groove so as to properly lit the under surface of the roof.

The grooves converge towardthe lowermost point of the upper edge as indicated in the drawings. The upper section 10 of the vent pipe is passed through the opening and has its lower edge 11 seated on the annular shoulder 9, the extreme upper end being purpose that is hereinafter disclosed.

In order to assure of the retention of the section 10 in proper position within the enthe required distance from the enlarged portion 8 of the section 6, for a larged portion 8, a plate 12 serving as a flashing is employed, and is formed with a central opening 13, while depending from the under surface of .the plate at the edge of the opening is a collar 14, which acts as a counter flashing and is designed to be posi tioned in thespace between the section 10 and the enlarged portion 8 of the section 6 subsequent to the arranging of the opening 13 about the section 10. This collar 14 of o course engages the inner surface of the enis made, since it is only necessary to form the flange on the collar and provide space between the sections 6 and .10 for receiving the V collar. It is also apparent that by the pres-- ent constructionthe parts may be readily and quickly assembledin a short time, this saving of labor being incidental to the prac- V ticability of the connection.

In Fig. 4 there is shown a slightly modified form of the invention and in reducing this feature of'the invention to practice, ity

is only necessary to enlarge the lower end of-the section 15'Wl110l1 1s s1m1lar 1n construction to the section 6 as indicated by the numeral'16. This in effect provides a cup-- like extension, which may be readily engaged on the'upper end of the adjacent main .section 17.

Having described this invention, what is claimed as new and desired to be secured by Letters-Patent, is: r V

1. A vent pipe fitting for roof'connection adapted for concealment below a pitched roof and having an enlarged upper portion in which is received that section of the vent stack projecting above the roof, the said enlargedxportion having an inclined upper edge and comprising a plurality of readily separable terminal sections removable to' eifect a change in the inclination of said upper edge to conform to the pitch of the roof in connection with which the fitting is employed. I I j 2. A vent pipe fittingfor roof connection adapted forconcealment below a pitched roof and having an enlarged upper portion in which isreceived that section ofthe vent stack projecting above the roof, the said enlarged portion having an inclined upper edge and comprising a plnralityof'terminal sections. and readily separable connectionsbetween said sections whereby the angle of inclination of said upper edge may be changed to conform the fitting of thepitch of the roof with which it is employed. 7

3. A Vent pipe fitting for roof connection adapted for concealment below a pitched roof and having an enlarged upper portion into which is received that section of thevent stack projecting above the roof, the said enlarged portion having an inclined upper edge and being formed with a plurality of exterior encircling grooves disposed "at angles 'to each other and to the axis of the fitting thesaid grooves converging toward the lowest point of said inclined upper edge.


v In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.

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