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Publication numberUS1352270 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1920
Filing dateSep 18, 1919
Priority dateSep 18, 1919
Publication numberUS 1352270 A, US 1352270A, US-A-1352270, US1352270 A, US1352270A
InventorsJefferson Daniel H
Original AssigneeFrank E Andres
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Gaging means
US 1352270 A
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WITNESSES: il i Patented Sept. 7, 1920.


untran s'rA-ras Parana. series.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed September 18 1919. Serial No. 8245287.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, DANIEL H. JEFFERSON, a subject of the King of Great Britain, residin at Los Angeles, in the county of Los Ange es and State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements in Gaging Means, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to gaging means and more articularly to gaging means whereby de nite volumes, as of fluids, may be accurately and expeditiously gaged as for withdrawal for use from a larger volume required is proportionate to the space into which it is to be expanded; as for instance in the fumigation of fruit trees and the lik a tent is placed over the tree to be fumigated, and after estimation of the cubical space within the tent, the required volume of liquid to be introduced thereunder is measured by means of the gaging means.

The invention is likewise disclosed in Letters Patent of the United-States Number 1,300,170, granted to me the 8th day of April, 1919, for gasifying apparatus, in which Letters Patent the same is disclosed in connection with further apparatus.

With the above and other objects in view, the invention consists in the novel and useful provision, formation, construction, combination and relative arrangement of parts, members and features, all as hereinafter to locate the desired opposite notch 16 at 100 described, shown in the drawings,and finally pointed out in claims.

In the drawing: Figure 1 is a front elevation, partly in section, of gaging means constructed, organized and applied in accordance with the invention; and

Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view taken on the line w a2 Fig. 1. I

Corresponding parts in both the figures are designated by the same reference characters.

Referring with particularity to the drawg, in the embodiment of. the invention shown thereln, 1 designates a tank orre g' ceiving receptacle, fragmentarily shown,'for

Patented Sept. 7, 1920.

the liquid to be dispensed, 10 designates a pump or gaging cylinder having its open upper end 1n communication with the in---" terior of the tank 1; 11 designates a piston in the gaging cylinder 10, 11 designates a piston rod, and 15 and 16 designate, respec tively, an adjustable gaging stop and means to receive the stop in various positions of adjustment.

he gaging cylinder 10 terminates at its lower end in a head 10 provided with a discharge duct 10 in which a check valve 10 is disposed, a seat 10 being provided for such check valve. The piston 11 is fitted into the cylinder 10 and has an inlet duct 11 passing therethrough in which duct a check valve 11 is provided. The piston rod 11i's connected at its lower end to the piston 11 and extends therefrom through the tank 1, passing out through the upper head of the tank through a suitable stufiingbox or packing device 12 and is provided with a andle 13 at its upper end. Below the handle 13 andabove the'tank 1 the piston rod 11 is provided with the gaging stopshown as the adjustable finger 15 which is slidably mounted upon the rod 11. A collar 15 is secured to the rod 11 at a point heneath the fin er and such collar isladapted to contact with the finger when the piston rod is raised. The means l6'is shown as a vertical plate secured to the top of the tank 1 and ranging parallel to the piston rod. The plate is notched at one of its edges as at 16 and has a series of alternating long and short pins or prongs 16 at its other edge, one of the pins 16 bein opposite each notch 16. These pins 16 ena le an operator volume of'piston displacement to allow a charge correspondingto the size of the tent under which the charge is to 'be placed to be inducted to the space in the cylinder below the iston.

It will e understood that when the proper notch has been selected the operator swings the finger 15 into such notch and the finger will limit the upward travel of the piston during induction, as the collar 15" will strike the finger 15 when the piston is moved upwardl by means of the handle 13, so limiting t e amount of the charge of liquid. Upon downward movement of the piston to the bottom of the gaging c linder, the correct charge of the liquid wil be ejected from the pump past the check valve 10.

Having thus disclosed nf invention, I claim and desire to secure by etters Patent:

1. Gaging means of the character disclosed comprising a plate having a series of notches, a stop adapted to be moved into any one of the notches, a movable gage mem I -ber having a portion adapted to engage said stop, and a series of projecting indicating members arranged to correspond to the notches and whereby one of the notches may be selected in the dark by feeling along the projections.

2. Gaging means of the character disclosed comprising a member having a series of stop-receiving openings, a stop adapted to be received in any one of said openings, a gaging member having a'portion adapted forcontact with said stop and whereb the travel-of said gagingmember is limite and a series of means w ereby an operator may by feeling along the same locate the required stop-receiving opening.

3. Gaging means comprising a slidable rod, a stop member slidable along said rod, an indicating member having means for coaction with said stop member whereby the same may be held in a plurality of positions of adjustment, and means for indicating the position of adjustment of said stop member; said rod having a portion adapted for contact with said stop member.

4. Gaging means comprising a movable member, ad ustable stop means on said member, and an indicating member adapted to receive and position said stop means in a plurality of positions of adjustment; there being means whereby said movable member is limited in its travel by said 'stop means.

In testimony whereoi, I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribin Witnesses.


- Witnesses:


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