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Publication numberUS1352346 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1920
Filing dateFeb 2, 1920
Priority dateFeb 2, 1920
Publication numberUS 1352346 A, US 1352346A, US-A-1352346, US1352346 A, US1352346A
InventorsBenson Matthew P, Wiener Milton M
Original AssigneeBenson Matthew P, Wiener Milton M
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Brush-hanger and pad-remover
US 1352346 A
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Patented Sept. 7, 1.920.

t m. e M 9 e s WW m M m B L MEI v wmvssszs UNITED MATTHEW P. BENSON, or TROY, nn. ILT Nrrpwrnnnnflornew were; Y}

Y eavsamaae annlmingnnnovniil f To all wkom-it'mdy.concern.

mover,of which the-following is a full, clear, and exactdescription.

This invention relates and has particular reference to hair brushes orthe like. v 1 Among the objects of the: invention is-to provide a'hair brush comprisinga rigidback with integral handle and a flexible removable pad carrying the bristles, the pad being removable for the purpose of cleansing, sterilization, or other purposes, our SPGCIfiQ invention involving a peculiar means for ejecting the pad from the brush back.

l/Vith the foregoing and other objects in view the invention consists in the arrangement and combination'of parts hereinafter described and claimed, and while the invention is not restricted to the exact details of construction disclosed or suggested herein,.

still for the purpose ofillustrating a practical embodiment thereof reference i shad to the accompanying drawings, in whlch l ke reference characters designate the'same parts in the several views, and in which i Figure 1 is a of our brush complete.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the'back and handle, a portionof the flange being broken I away.

Fig. 3 is a vertical transverse section on the line33 of Fig. 1. g r a g Referring now more specifically. to the drawings we show a brush comprising a back 10 with rigid handle 11 formed as an'integral structure and having on the underside of the back an undercut flange 12 beneath which is removably fitted a flexible pad 13 carrying-bristles 14:, V Theiparts thus far describedare ormay be of axwell known; or conventlonal construction and we do not claim the same per 86 as our invention. Pads of this character are usually made of rubber which adapts them to'be'snapped in and out of the cavity within the back beneath the flange 12 so that in order to cleanse or to toilet articles vertical longitudinal section '7 Application filed r nge 2, i920;fea t-a tam.

sterilize' the paa 'a a bashes animal; need-- not be subj ecteldgto the sterilizing =medi1im'.

' 1 sp ifi u of Letters r fi' n ieatemajseref'r; 19,210,

apt to, seriously damagethegbristlesg In"-" order to overcome'this ,diiiicu'lty' and render the-pad easily and sa'flyremovable we pro-j vide an ej ester; lying mainly withinthe space 'betweenthe-pad'and backbut'having 'apor- I, vtion extending outward beyond the back constituting a finger'piece whereby upon. e manipulation of the-ejector the pad will be, I

thrown or ejected from its seat, and without any possible danger of damage'to thepad.

As shown herein the ejector comprises a I rotary member 16'journaled at 1 7 in the end of-the backremote from the han'dle. v Said member 16 is in the nature of ajstraight bar or shaft andxis providedon the outside of the back 'with a loop or ring shaped finger piece 18 whereby the member 16 may be l I rotated'around the axis-ofthe bearing '17." 7

On its inner end'within the cavitybetween the pad and the back the member-16 is pro-,

vided with anfarm- 15) projectingat an angle to the axis of them'ember 16 so that its free end lies normally close or adjacent to the meetingline between'the edgeof the-pad and the back beneath the flange 12 atone side.

of the brushf Said freeen'd ofthe arm 19 is preferably bowed or co'nvexed towardfthe pad as indicated at 19 In normal position as'shown in Fig.3 thei curved or convexed portion-of the arm bears against the'inner surface; of the padsothat there is no material lost motion between'the f arm and the pad and moreover such contact servesto hold the ejector with a moder'ate degreeof firmness in the position indicated" in Figs. Q-and 3; By this construction the brush will resist a moderate strain'fupon the ejector outward axially of the shaft l6f whereby the finger piece 1611s adapted 1m;

medi'ately and naturally for service as r "hanger for the brushadaptingit to be suspended from a hook, nail, or the like, ren

dering it unnecessaryfora screw-eye orthe liketo be attached tothe brush forthis pur-' pose.

The operation of the ejector' will 'be'unden I stood frornthe foregoing description of the mechanism as follovvs: with the brush held by'its handle in one hand the operator will thereof to bear outward 'slidably alongv the inner surface of the pad as shown by the" arrow on Fig; The lengthof therarm is. such that this swinging thereof will'throw the padont from beneath' the flange. The pad 13 may be notched slightly at 13 to accommodate the ejector or to, insure the proper, seating of the pad beneath the flange i a portion having atone end a loops shaped in practice; I I


The combination in briish with aback having an undercutfiange and a flexiblepad-seated beneath said flange, of a hand operatedjejector carried by thebrnsh forthe; V 1

V removal of the pad by pressure against the lnner surface thereof. 3

a rigid back having an undercut flange and a flexible padseated beneath the flange and removable therefrom, of an ejector for re- 2. I111 a hair brush, the'combination with moving the pad-from the back by pressnre,

ejector comprisinga rotary member journaled in the back andhaving an angularly disposed arm to bear against'the pad-When rotated.

', against the inner surface of thepad, said 8'. Theherein describedejector for removing a flexible pad from br'nsh back, said ejector comprising a main strai ht rotatable finger piece, and at the other 'end'an angularly disposed arm term nat ng 1n "a convex portion. a ,i



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U.S. Classification15/246, 15/176.5
International ClassificationF02M9/00, F02M9/127
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European ClassificationF02M9/127