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Publication numberUS1352833 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 14, 1920
Filing dateDec 2, 1919
Priority dateDec 2, 1919
Publication numberUS 1352833 A, US 1352833A, US-A-1352833, US1352833 A, US1352833A
InventorsRobinson Charles W
Original AssigneeRobinson Charles W
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Collapsible berry-box
US 1352833 A
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1,352,833. PatentedSeptl4, 1920.


7F/T/vEss Es. j/v VEI/VTU/R,




PatentedSept 14,1920. 3 SHEETS-SHEET 2 77/7/vEssEs; INVENTOR.

a ar W. ,5 @YW C. W. ROBINSON.



. ,352,833. PatentedSept. 14,1920.-


w 5" v 1- o i 5 7 :M


0E 6;, (aw-v (5W T all whom itmdy c o nem V Be it lmown that I, CHARLES RO IN s01-r xfcitizefi of the Unitei States; residing at Battle Creek, inthe county of rGalhoun almfstateoi Miehigen have inventede certain new and usefiil; Improvement in C01 mg description; taken in COnneCtiQnWith the ngs,: rm th pfi fi I M t i This invention relates to; collapsible pr fblfling' boxes; anc'f'has reference more parappended claims; and' accompanying draw ticularly to boxes fol" berries an'd' smallffifiiit.

Asgenezal-ly deiivere'df to the private censi mer both berry. and 'fruit boxes are Wrapped in paper 'and' tied with CQId, that the cententsimay he delivered to the. censumer'in a sanitary. condition-f An. essential Object of the present invention is to pro- Vide a; box of the character Whereby'theezcpense' of bothj material" and labor fer Wrap-f ping andty'ing may be; eliminate-ct, and" at the same; time prov de a, c or' ltaginercapab'le 01f adequate-Ventilation, neat in appearance,

strong and capable of being staekedbr hank ef'their contents.

Other objects andfidi zintag W H" T parentto those skilled in the art to the presen t invention appertgt'insg .In' x"d he""d 'adwlngs forming a part of th s specification, F gure" 1 is a, d agrammatic blank form preparatory to fo rniingg up a containen or 'box embodying one formpf y-i n'vent i 1 Fig.1 2 is a bbx pzizrtiellyfollded' int'q e s e sh p 7 Fig 3is a boxcgixfiplete'lYfQrmedl 1 V Fig; 4 is a diztgranl naticblenk pf ctfi er feboxl-. V t

Fig; 5 i's a View of the eover formedint'o equ s te s p V MFig is pe'rsp' i e e ofwbpx with itscoverattaehed'.

fiar ng ides akiht then th bje s a e to .SQ' O i t e xt awn-seene29.1 I

- Fig; 7 isnegeemm blank-famine which another o efi f ah xmayi be ormed;

a boxl h d fi'r n v wsg. in Wh h-Alisa 'gjremmatii b keutii t ther .i's' e hape rom which i box, s.- 0 ?me a grammaticblank, out into the requisite shap rom "wh h a.v OX QOVGI is ormed;

- he p rt A "and B'm' y be of. ny. Suit bl m t ia i equ e fb1"*the purp se, such s Pulp-boa d; fibe 0 ther flex e ma eriial;

As. Sh wn; he bli fnik A when *fb 'dedlan interlo k d; fii msfa gox snb'st n allysquafte ig-JS s' iii'l rls ii t v V ew, of 5 f f lx with" w n-t e, ove;- be ng pairtigguy Fig. 9 s, an Q it lie blink fqfl gi et f lrabl c angular score llQJTkZ, an its sid fbr ned frQm' the twdfebpositelydispesedcer sp di gly-formed fie mediate. appos tely d posediWi gs."L and t geth'erwith the r sid e ii'aznd 7,1 spectivelyejfl .v Dive ging om. the owners of the bOttQ I- scoi'e'mai k 2,,the sides: 5 are. f'ol'd'abl'y sco e. arked on th l e 8* "r dia g from thee-e s; Thesi i 31 C are separated T from "the sides 3; 3; by slitting' (inthe' marks =9 a d lOEi spe vely,sai i h s be ngfi fi t .1-

near their outer ends and fbrming te'rionsLll h iv h n; h Sid re inf fi jedgi' xtnd t rough: slots 12. diagonally oppbsitjejn th ings igand Atpoints. near vthe queer ends of the slits 9,-tri angl11'2'm shaped openings 13 are formed in, the sideextensions 6. Betweenv the enter edgeseffisaid extensions a d id fQpen n n e 'okingse tengues- 14'are,formed;,whichwhenfthefsides 3,3, are infel'ded, gts in Fig. 2, the sijdQes:.-4 d 5 b Qught' together, asgin 3, andithe hiasedftengues 141 vinterlecke'd through the diagonal! slots; 15! in the side flaps ,fl inter -j locks the "box.

Centr allyr orf the sides 3.41m 560,; the

ou er edgefth eof; ea id'neae fi i t oute de rated cover-attaching ears 1 are provided. These ears are spaced so that when the sides are infolded the ears on the side flaps '6 and 7 will register with the intermediate ears of the respective sides, as'shown in Figs.'3 and 8, and also with the ears on'the sides 3, 3.

A cover corners, and extending from the bottomof these cut-away portions about the cover blank, depending side fl'aps'1'6 are bent on the score mark 17. On, opposite sidesof 'the'cover in I alinement'fwith the foldable score marking, slots 18 are formed which register with and are adapted to receive the marginal ears 1 on the b ox, pins 19 being thrust through the perforations in'said ears I above thecover and keep the cover from disengagement with the box, and generally brace and stiffen the whole structure.

In the embodiment shown in Figs. 7 r 8 i and 9 the box blank and assembled box are J boxjwhen the'cover B hasbeen seated on substantially the same as heretofore. described, excepting provision for ventilation between the box and its cover.. In the present instance the rim of the box is cutaway at intervals and provides ventilating slots 20 between'which the cover-locking ears 1 are formed,'a portion of the blank immediately adjoining said ears. being left? and forming ledges or shoulders 21 uponwhich when a box .has been foldeda-nd interlocked,

as hereinbefore set forth, a seat for the cover B is provided, the notches aifordingventilation between said; cover-and the rim'of, the box.

In lieu on a box of the character set forth, a cover in general outline like unto'the'cover' shown in Fig. 5 is formed, except that adjacent to the notches 18, converging toward the, conter ofthe cover pointed slits 22 are} cut. These slits form the outline for integral tongues 23 wl1ich maybe bent and thrust through the perforations in theears 1 of the the shoulders 20 of the box.

vBoxes made inthe manner set forth are economlcal in' very many ways, Lclnef of ofone and the same pieceof'material and yet embody the essential characteristics connection with the accompanyin 'ings, a more extended explanation o thefobjectsandadvantages of the invention islbie- V B, corresponding in general outline to the top of the box, is cut away at its of the pins 19 tojsecure the cover V hereinbefore outlined and defined, and I would not be understood as limiting myself to the specific'formshown, as .I am aware that minor details in its construction could be resorted to without departing from or sacrificing any-of theadvantages thereof.

From the, foregoing description, taken in lieved not to be necessary.

Having; therefore, set forth my invention,

draw- 7 what I claim and desire to secure by Letters 7 Patent, is e 7 1. A box formed from a ing a rectangular bottom portion having radiating extensions forming sides, means for interlocking saldsides at their intersections, said sides havingtongues extending,

from their edges and holes formed through saidtongues, a cover having .openingscoim cident with and? adapted to. receive the p tongues ofsaid cover and pins adaptedto engage through said holes and reta n said cover on said box. V

2. In combination, a box including "a cover, said box having a rim formedfrom indrawn edges of side flaps of a blank forming said box, said rim having upwardly-ex! tendingiangular shoulders at its corners'an intermediate shoulders between its corners,

said intermediate shoulders having cen- 1 L trallydisposed upwardly -i' extending ears with centrallyrdisposed transverse perforations formed slightly above the alined edges of said shoulders, a cover having slots regis- V tering with said ears and adapted to seat on 1,,

said. shoulders, said cover having portions of its material opposite its slotted. portions slitted to form integral tongues, said tongues adapted to engage through the'perforations in said-earsand retainsaid cover on said box, substantially as *andfon the purpose set forth and described.

a In c'ombinatiom; a box including a cover, said box having a rim formedwwith alternate shoulders and cutkawayeporti'ons, 5 ears having perforations extending inalinement above said shoulders, a cover having slots registering with said ears adapted to seat on said shoulders, said cover having slitted portions adjacent to said slots. forming tongues adapted to engage throughthe perforations in said ears above said covers, as and for. the purpose set forth.

4. In combination, a box including. a

cover,said boxbeing formed from a flexible 7 blank infolded to" form a rectangular' ,0t-

tom and inclosing sides, said sides being interlocked Y with Lone another, the indrawn edges of said sidesforming a rim, said rim having angular shoulders atits corners and oppositely-disposed shoulders on intermediate portions of said rim, ears extending above said intermediate shoulders [having perforations, a cover having slots registering slot adjacent to the slit forming said tongue, with said ears adapted to seat on said shoulsubstantially as, and for the purpose set ders, said cover having slitted portions adforth. a j acent to said slots, tongues formed in said CHARLES W. ROBINSON. 5 cover by integral portions formed by said Witnesses:

slits adapted to be bent to engage through a Mrs. ELNA BLAOKETT,

perforation of an ear extending through a N. O. SYLvEs'rER.

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International ClassificationB65D5/20, B65D5/26
Cooperative ClassificationB65D5/26, B65D5/2047
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