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Publication numberUS1353282 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 21, 1920
Filing dateSep 25, 1919
Priority dateSep 25, 1919
Publication numberUS 1353282 A, US 1353282A, US-A-1353282, US1353282 A, US1353282A
InventorsShrauger Adelia G
Original AssigneeShrauger Adelia G
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US 1353282 A
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m LIFTER.- APPLICATION FILED SEFII'. 25. 1919- 1,353,282. PatentedSept. 21, 1920.

I ADELIA. e. SHRAUGER; or ODANAH, W sconsin.-

' 7 a lication filed Se tember '25, 1919. Serial 'no. 356341.

To all whom it may concern: V 7

Be it known that I, A ELIA G. SEZRAUGER,

j a citizen of the United States, residing at ()danah, in the county of Ashland and State of Wisconsin, have invented certain new and u'sefullmprovements in Jar-Lifters, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to new and useful improvements in jar lifters and has for its principal object the construction. of a device of this character in such a mannerthat it may be readily engaged with the jars'so from place to place. y

Another object of the invention resides that the same may be lifted and moved in the construction of the device in such a" manner that it may be engaged with .the jar while the same is immerged in hot liquid without touching the jar with the hand.

l/Vith these and other objects in view my invention consists in the novel details of construction and V arrangement of parts which will be more clearly understood from the following specification and drawingsin which v Figure l is a front elevation partly in section. V

Fig. 2 is a side-elevation.

Fig. 3 is a horizontal section on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1, and

Fig. 4 is a bottom plan.

In carrying out my invention I provide a bottom plate 1 which is preferably of the shape more particularly illustrated in Fig. 4 of the drawing and oneedge of the plate, which I will hereafter term the rear edge, is provided with an up-turned flange '2 the plurpose of which will be presently described.

yes or staples 3 are secured to the under side of the plate and these eyes orstaples are arranged in pairs so that each pair will be in alinement for a purpose to be later" described. 7

A bail is indicated at 4 and is constructed preferably fromwire or a small rod which is bent to extend beneath the plate 1 and through one alining pair of eyes orstaples 3. The wire bail 4 is bent to form the eyes 5, on each side, i ntermediate theends, and

the wire is also bent so that the lower end-I 6 will extend at a slight angle to the handle and extend under the late 1 adjacent the forward end thereof. K to extend under the plate 1, adjacent the rear edge thereof, and throu h the alining pair of eyes or staples 3. T 'e upper ends It is also wire bail 7 is bent JAR-LIFTER.

offthebaili t ease withhooks s which are adapted to engage through the loops or eyes 5 formed on the bail. By the con 'structi'on so far'described-it; will be noted that the bottom f plate. 1 is normally sup-i ported in. a horizontal 7 position through means of the angle extensions 6' on the bail 4 and the bail 7. i

A ring or band 9 is provided-on each. staple l0 which is.

side wvith an eye 'or adapted to be secured around orreceived in the loopsor eyes 5. The ring or band 9.;is thereby loosely connected to the bail so that it may be swung with respect to said bail.

This ring or band 9 may be of any desired size so as to fit the various shaped or sized- I ars. 7 From the above detailed description it is thought that the advantages and manner of usin my device will be clearly understood. y jar lifter is particularly adapted for lifting jars from hot liquid and conveying them to such a place as may be desired.

my object to provide a device of this character which may be engaged with the jar without touching the jar with the hand. In Fig. 2 of the will be seen in what position the several 1 parts willb'e when the jar is being lifted.

andsincethe rlng 9 is loosely secured to the bail 4 this movement will allow the jar to remain in a vertical position. The bail can then be raised so that the ringorband 9 may be disengaged from the jar. When the jar is immersed in hot liquid and it is drawings I have illustrated the jar in dotted in lines and it desired to raise or lift the same the bail 4 1 I is held in such a position that the rinlg or band 9 may be engaged over the .jar. h by pressing on the bail 4 to the'right the front end of the plate; 1 will be s lipped'be v neath the jar unt l the flange 2 engages the I When this has been done side ofthe jar. the jar maybe lifted and carried [to such place as may be desired. The band 9 being loosely connectedtothe eye or loop .5 will allow the proper swinging of the several parts whereby they maybe engaged with the .jar or disengaged therefrom: 3

The foregoing description andthe draw 3 ings' have reference to what may be con-' sidered the preferred, or. approved form of my invention. vIt is tobe understood that I may make such changesin construction and arrangement and combination of'parts, materials, dimensions,'etc;', as may prove ex-' pedient and fall 'Within the scope of the,- ap ended claims. I

Iaving fully described my invention hat 7 I claim as new and desire to secure by'Letters Patent is:

1. A jar lifter comprising a plate, a bail pivotally connected to the plate, and a ring pivotally carried by the bail above the plate, '2. A jar liftercomprising a plate, haV ing a flange formedon one edge thereof, a

bail'pivotallyconnected .to the plate, and a" band pivotally the plate. 3. A

carried by the bail above lifter comprising a plate, a bail pivotally connected to the plate adjacent the forward end,a second bail connected to the first mentioned bail and pivotally connected to the plate adjacent-the rear edge thereof, and a band pivotally carried "by the first mentioned bail above the plate.

L A jar lifter comprising a plate, a bail pivotally connected to the plate adj acent the forward edge thereof, eyes formed on the bail. intermediate'the ends thereof, a

second bail connected to the eyes and pivotally connected to the plate adjacent the rear edge thereof, and a band pivotally carried by of said first mentioned bail.

the eyes a plate, an

-5.- A jar lifter comprising upwardly extending flange formedon the rearedge of the plate, a bail pivotally'connected to the plate adjacent the forward edge thereof, eyes formed on the "bail intei'medi'ate the ends thereof, asecond bail connected to the eyes and pivotally con-

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