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Publication numberUS1353406 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 21, 1920
Filing dateApr 2, 1920
Priority dateApr 2, 1920
Publication numberUS 1353406 A, US 1353406A, US-A-1353406, US1353406 A, US1353406A
InventorsLopez Edith L
Original AssigneeLopez Edith L
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US 1353406 A
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Patented Sept. 21, 1920.

UNITED are noLL;

To all whom it concern; c v Be it known thatl, Emmi-z L. Lorna, a

citiz'en ofn the United States, residiigatl New York in the county. of. New, .ork,

State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Dolls; and

I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the in-.

yention,such as willjenable others skilled in the art to which it appertains tomake and-use the, same.

My invention "relates dolls, and its ob-' :je ct is'toproduce'a n inexpensive little dolla which; can be simplyand easily made, is unbreakable and durable, and will present a quaintand' peculiarly attractiveap'pear ance. I have discovered'that such a little .doll can be made by. the simple expedient of buildingthe body. thereof upon a spool, or'spool-shaped base. The results produced are very interesting, and depend for their effectiveness upon certain features of the spool form which I adaptto the endof doll-making in a novel manner, which shall be clearlyset forth in the-description which follows.

When placed upon end the lower flange of the spool forms a substantial pedestal for the little doll, and serves as. an excellent substitute for feet, while the shank successfully forms the office of legs and lower body portion in an effective manner.

One of the most noteworthy features of my invention, however, resides in making the upper flange of the spool coincide with the bust line of the figure, thus producing a fullness at this point having a strikingly 7 natural effect. The bust, which is of stuffed cloth, is drawn over the upper flange and bound to the spool base by means of a string or thread wound tightly around the shank thereof immediately below the flange. In order to imitate the human figure a little more closely, that part of the upper flange which would be on the back of the .doll is whittled away to give a straight line effeet. The figure thus made may be dressed approved fashion.

a simple dress skirt 9 which is'fastened to as fancy may dictate.

The particular advantages which I obtain are'two: first, a natural fullness at the bust line of the little doll is easily obtained, and second, the head, arms and shoulders drawings, inwhich i AT T .L.Q F: CE-fi EnrrI-I-L. LOPEZ, or ew: YORK, .N. Y. v

Specification of Letters Patent. I PatQnted Sept, 21,1926,- r a plicatitafiieaa iii'2, 1920. Seria11$T o.'?"Z0,640.-.

i stood by. referring to V:

fFigure ljis a sketch of aflnished and' dressed doll made in accordanoejwith' my inventi a f Fig.

2 is a side. elevation of an undressed .60 .Ii showing the "spool'in dotted'lines doll part being .dr'awnjin section. A drejs s':

' skirt is also, shown fastened to the spool by the same means 1 emPlQfYfld ii securing the bust theretoii The spool which I .employ may be of,

almost any type depending upon the size ofthedoll to be made. A small doll may be builtfaroun'd a small spool commonly used .to carry thread-for domestic purposes, although the spool which'Ihave shownfon the drawings is of thelargertype around .75

which .ribbonsare usually wound. [Spools are, for the mostv pa'rt', a lwaste'productw thrown away after use. .My inventionprovides a. unique means forv utilizing .them.,

In the drawings, .1: represents the'gs'pooh having a shank 2 andupper and =lowerl flanges '3 and 3, espectively, They upper flange is" cut away at, 4, to give the eflectjof a flat back: The; bust ofl the dollis ma de of acloth co'verin g o stuffed with rags 16,"

or any other suitable'stuffing material, The

cloth 5 is continued beyond thest-uffing to form an under-skirt, portion 7 which is used in fastening the head, arms and shoulders to the base. The stuffed head, arms and shoulders are placed upon the spool in the manner shown, and secured thereto by wrapping a string .or thread 8 tightly about the dependinglunder-skirt 7 and the shank of the spool immediately below the upper flange 3 or by gluing the upper portion of the underskirt to the shank of the spool immediately below thev flange.

parts of the doll are thereby securely fas tened together, and at the same time the upper flange-of the spool cooperates with the head and'shoulders to produce an ef fective imitation-01 bust fullness.

2 or by independent means, andv a waist 10 which comprises a square piece of silk having a hole in the center for the head of the This figure may now be dressed in any I have shown the use of; v

doll, and having two diagonally disposed It is, of course, obvious that hair and fea tures may be drawn or sewed on the head of the doll in various mannerswhich may suggest themselves, and which of course, form no. part of my invention. Neither is the specific type of dress employed of particular importance.

A doll produced by themethod described above is unbreakable and durable, is easily made, and when finished presents an attrac ti've and interesting appearance. Moreover, 'lt'lllllllZGS a cheap, abundant and otherwise useless articlean empty spool.

Having thus described my invention, what 7 I claim is:

1, A doll, comprising a spool having an I upper flange, and a bust provided'with a.

head, arms and'lshoulders, the bust being supported by the saidspool flange; substan' tially as described.

2. A doll, comprising a spool having if upper flange," and a bust provided with a head, arms and shoulders, the bust being supported by thespool flange, and having a covering material of fabric which is drawn over and securedbeneath said flange; sub- 7 stantiall as described.

3. A' 011, comprising a spool having an upper'flange, and a bust provided with a head, arms andshoulders, the bust being A simple cap 14;

supported by 'theQSaid flange, and having 1 a covering material of fabric which is drawn over and secured beneath the said flange by a inding of thread or cord; substantially as described. Q

1 4; A doll, comprising a spool having an upper flange, and a bust provided with head,

arms and shoulders, the bust being supported by the spoolfian'ge and having a cov-' ering material of fabric which is drawn'over and secured beneath the said spool flange, the covering being continued. below said 7' spool flange to form a petticoat for the doll; substantially as described.

5. A doll, comprising a spool', having' a lowerfiange upon which the doll isadapted to stand upright; and having an-v upper flange, a bust provided with a' head,arms

and shoulders, the bust together with the head, arms and shoulders being supported.

bythe said upper spoolflange, and eonsist ing of a fabric cover stuffed with a soft filling, the coverbeing secured to the spool" immediately below the upper flange thereof 5. T

substantially as described.

6 A doll,'compris1ng a'spool having an uppper flange, a bust provided vwith a head, armsand shoulders, said bust being sup? ported by the saidflange, and'saidflange having a flattened rear portionto give a my back to the doll, the covering of'the bust" being carried over the upper flang e and secured to the spool immediately below the said upper flange; substantially as described. In testimony \vhereof'I affix'my signature.


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