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Publication numberUS1356620 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 26, 1920
Filing dateMay 14, 1920
Priority dateMay 14, 1920
Publication numberUS 1356620 A, US 1356620A, US-A-1356620, US1356620 A, US1356620A
InventorsGrubb Charles W
Original AssigneeGrubb Charles W
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Stand for cake-boxes
US 1356620 A
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Patented Oct. 26, 1920.

avwewfoz 104M w GU /nag UNITEEDSTAT PATENT ciermnnsw. Gaunt, on srnmqrmnn, ILIQfJiT OIS. v

I To all reborn it concern .L Be it known that 1, CHARLES .W.'GIiUB B,a,-

citizen. of the United States, residing at Springfield, in the county of Sangamon and State of Illinois, have invented :new'and useful lmprovementsin Stands for Cake- Boxes,

ofwhich the'following' is a: specificae tion. p V,

a This invention relates tostorefurniture, particularly to stands or racks, and has for its object'the provision .of a stand adapted to hold a' cake-box of-ithe'type' commonly provided with a glass. front through which the contents may beiseen, in'such position that the contentsmay be easilyyisible toa prospective purchaser or to the salesman,

1 the stand being furthermore so constructed that'iwhen -the box is.-ti lted 'forwardlythe cover thereof will be automatically opened so as to permit ready access to the interior 7 for the purpose of removing cakes or whatever is disposed in the box. 7

An important object is the provision of a device of this character which includes a stationary supporting stand and a' box hold-: ing member, pivoted within the stand and so constructed that a box may be readily engaged and held therein, this box holding member having in some respects the attributes of a clip or clamping device.

An additional object is the provision .of

. a device of this character which will be sim-' ple and inexpensive in manufacture, highly 1 eflicient in use, durable in service, and a gen eral improvement in the art. o 7

With the aboveand other objects and advantagesin view,the invention consists in the details of construction to be hereinafter morefully described and claimed, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings in whichg Figure 1 is a side elevation of my device showing the cake box in normal position,

Fig. 2 is a front elevation with the parts arranged as in Fig. 1,

Fig. 3 is a side elevation showing the box moved so that its cover is in open position. i Fig. 4 is a plan View. of the box holding frame, and

' Fig. 5 is a detail sectional view.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, I have shown my device'as comprising a stationary supporting frame includlng E Specification of Letters were 'tively against the front and rear edges of the uprights 11 for limiting swinging move- 7 it stationary while the box moves connecting the uprights.

prises a frame including.arcuatestripsl1% 9 which are connectedat one end with an inv Y P t la ed t-" 6. 19 0- 1:4. Application flIed May 14, 1320. serial No. 381,403. 1 I v r verted u-shaped wire frame 15,]and which 7 Y are connectedpat Itheirother ends with a frame 16. The ends of thearms of the' frames 15 and 16 are connected by substantially triangular" pieces-of. sheet metal-17 arms of the framessa The structure :is the .65 which havetheirx edges rolled about/lithe same at both-.sidesof 'thedevice andthese formed with inclined sides 20 which approach comparatively close to each other and which merge into an upwardly bent-recf tangular loop 21 which has its upper portion bent forwardly, as shown at 22, to provide a handle.

so thatwhen a cake box, designated at A, is

disposed within this movable member the box may. be snapped into place, the loo The material from which the; frame 16 is constructedlis somewhat resilient member 21 springing sufliciently to permit this action.

Secured upon the confrontin faces of.the s uprights 11 are open top'pe sockets 23 within which are removabl engaged trunnions 2 carried by the en s of the bar 18" whereby the box and its support will be pivoted with respect to the stationary frame;

- Projecting from the arcuate strips 14 are" spaced pins 25 and 26 engageable respecment of said movable member, as clearly v shown;

The box-Aisof a type well knownand is 5 rolled orbeaded edge" C. 'A very important pins 27 which project from the confronting faces of the uprights 11 and which aredisposed at sucha location that when the box istilted' forwardly these pins27 will eng the o r B and open it orrather hold 17 which is in effect the same thing.

j 7 provided ,witha hinged cover B having a i V i In the use of the device the operator engages the rear edge of the box between the triangular plates; 17 and then forces the front edge of the box downwardly to "cause it to snap into place behind the loop 21. hen the device is in normal position it will be arranged as shown in Fig. 1, and if the box is of the type which has a glass front the contents will be advantageously displayed. When the salesman wishes to remove any of the contents it is not neces sary that he open the cover manually as it ism'erely necessary that he tilt the movable partfof the box forwardly as by grasping the loopQl whereupon the cover will automatically open. When the movable portion is returnedto normal position the cover will close gravitationally. While 'I have shown and described the preferred embodiment of my invention, it is of course-t0 be understood "that I reserve the right to make such changes in the form, construction, and arrangement of parts as will not depart from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the subjoined claims. Having thus described my invention, I claim: y r 1. A device of the character described comprising a stationary upright rectangular to open said gageable with the sides of the upright frame v for holding the box in normal position, and

pins projecting from the confronting faces of the sides of the upright frame and engageable with the i flanges of the cover whereby to open the latter when the box is swun 1 2. device of the character described comprising an upright rectangular stationary frame provided with su portin reet, sockets carried by the confrontingfacesof the sides of said frameat' the lowerends thereof, a movable frame adapted to carry a cake box and provided with trunnions remov'ably engaged. within said sockets, pins projecting from the sides of said movable frame and 'engageable with said upright frame whereby to limit pivotal movement of the swinging frame and box, and other pins carried by the upright frame and engag'eable by'the cover of the box whereby cover. when the box is tilted forwardly. g I

Intestim'ony whereof I afiix my signature.


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