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Publication numberUS1357706 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 2, 1920
Filing dateMar 6, 1920
Priority dateMar 6, 1920
Publication numberUS 1357706 A, US 1357706A, US-A-1357706, US1357706 A, US1357706A
InventorsCarl Halpern, Zeidler Frederick W
Original AssigneeCarl Halpern, Zeidler Frederick W
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Toy-actuating air-motor
US 1357706 A
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1,357,706. Patented NOV. 2,1920.




Application filed March 6,

T 0 aZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, CARL HALPERN, a

citizen of the United States, and a resident of Newark, county of Essex, and State of toy, and the provision of elastic resilient air pressure accumulative means whereby a relatively steady, continuous current of air may be transmitted to the vanes of the rotor, all as hereinafter fully setforth. Imthe accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a top view of a toy embodying the essential features of our invention; Fig. 2 is a central vertical section taken upon plane of line 2-2, Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a front elevation of the toy, the

pressure accumulatorbeing broken away' in part;

Fig. 4 is a sectional detail showing air ducts, etc.

-C, is the casing in which the rotor R, is mounted, said rotor consisting of a plurality of vanes r, attached to and extending radially from the hub r, mounted in bearings in the side walls of the casing C. A

bracket latform B, is affixed to the rotorcasing said platform B, being formed with a hollow standard 5, for the support of a toy T, to be actuated by the rotor R, said toy T, being shown by way of exemplifica tion as representing a human figure the limbs of which are articularly mounted on the body portion of the image, it being understood in this connection that we do not limit ourselves to any particular form or character of toy, the essential feature of the invention in this respect being the actuation by the air rotor R, of a toy having movable or articulated parts. Thus in the example shown in the drawings, .9, (Fig.

2) represents a rack slide positioned in the upper part of the hollow standard I), and

. Specification of Letters Patent.

- tached.

1920. Serial No. 363,812.

Y CITY, NEW I Patented Nov.2, 1920.

meshing with pinion racks Z Z, formed on the inner extremities of the pivotally supported leg members Z, Z, of the toy T, the arm members a, 0,, also pivotally supported on the bodyof the toy T, being vconnected with said rack slide .9, by means of rods a", a, so that the reciprocation of. the rack slide 8, imparts motion to the limbs of the figure in a manner which will be readily understood by reference particularly to Fig. 2, of the drawings.

The reciprocation of the rack slide 8, is effected by means .of a connecting rod 8', articularly attached to said slide 8, and. to the crank arm is, which forms part of the shaft is, mounted upon and between the bearing arms 0, 0, attached to the casing C,-said shaft is, having mounted upon it a motion-reducing gear 76 which meshes with the pinion r mounted on the shaft to which the hub r, of the rotor R, is at- Air under pressure is supplied to the rotor B, through a duct 0?, which enters the cas ing C, tangentially as shownin Fig. 2, so as to cause the air to impinge circumferentially against the vanes 1', 1', of said rotor R, to actuate the motion-transmittingmeans. 0?, is the air exit.

In order to attain a relatively uniform supply and pressure of air to the rotor through the injection duct 0?, we interpose between it and the mouth piece: or other air inlet spout d, an elastic resilient accumulator D, consisting preferably of a-rubber bag, the neck of which is hermetically attached to a plug p, through which the inlet spout d, and the injector duct d, extend, a check valve '0, being interposed in the inlet spout d, to counteract back pressure. Thus .air forced into the accumulator D, through the said inlet spout d, if of suflicient force, will expand said accumulator, and insure a steady uniform supply of air pressure to the rotor R. This is of special importance when, as is the main purpose of use, the air force is attained by lung power, by means of the lips of the user applied to the outer extremity of the inlet spout d.

As our object is the production of operative parts that may be actuated with a minimum of resistance, and by relatively light air pressure, we provide a counterweight u, on the shaft 76, or other motion transmitting part, to balance the leverage or loo resistance afforded by the operative parts of the toy. Thus in Fig. 2, the weight w, assists in raising the arms a, a, and legs Z, Z, of the figure T, the weight of the said limbs tend- 5 ing constantly to lower them.

\Vhat we claim as our invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is,

1. A toy-actuating air motor of the character designated, comprising a circumferen- Nl tially vaned vand inclosed rotor, motion transmitting means connected therewith and with operative toy means, means for counterhalancing the weight of said operative toy means, andair injection means posi- 15 tioned to efiect impingement of air against the vanes of said rotor.

2. A toy-actuating air motor of the character designated, comprising a circumferentially vaned and inclosed rotor, motion transmitting means connected therewith and with operative toy means, means for counterbalancing the weight of said operative toy means, air injector means positioned to effect impingement of air against the vanes of said rotor, and elastic resilient air pressure accumulative means connected with said air injector means, for the urpose described.


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