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Publication numberUS1359717 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 23, 1920
Filing dateMay 22, 1918
Priority dateMay 22, 1918
Publication numberUS 1359717 A, US 1359717A, US-A-1359717, US1359717 A, US1359717A
InventorsMccarthy Lawrence J
Original AssigneeSears Roebuck & Co
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US 1359717 A
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I 1,359,717, 4 mm Nqv. 23, 1920.


LAWRENCE J. MCCARTHY, or cnrcneo, rumors; Assreivon To se ans, nonnncx Am) 00., or CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, A CORPORATION or new YORK.


To all whomitmay concern."

Be it known that'I, LAWRENCE J. MC- GanrnYfa citizen of the United States -re'- siding at Chicago, in the county of dook and State of Illinois, haveinvented certain new and useful improvements in Finger- Protectors, of which the following is a specification.

This inventlonrelates to devices for protecting the finger tip from chafing or other 'injury while sticking pins through paper, and performing similar operations, also to facilitate the turning, buckling or picking up of leavesof paper, currency and the like.

Among the salient objects of the invention are to provide exceedingly simple construction, to make the device very flexible so as to conform, to the finger, to provide convenient and simple means for securing the protector to the finger and for adjustingthe protector to fingers of different sizes, and, in general, to make the device thoroughly effective in operation' H In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is a perspective view illustrating my improved iinger prote'ctorand the method of using the same. Fig. 2 is a'lower side view of the said protector, extended or flattened out as when iii-storage of transportation. ldig. .3 is a longitudinal central sectional View of the device.

The device comprises an of a width approximating the width of a finger, and two straps 2 and 3 for securing the body to the finger. The straps 2 and 3 extend from opposite sides of the body 1 so as to lie at opposite sides of the finger, the

body 1 extending longitudinally of the finger. The body and the straps are formed integral with each other, being herein shown as cut from a composite sheet of flexible ma terial. Said sheet consists of a backing a of cloth or other textile material and a facing I Z) of rubber, said backingand facing being roughened in anysuitable way, as by means vulcanized together or otherwise made sub stantially integral.

If desired, the face of the body 1 may be of corrugations c, to increase the friction between the body and a sheet of paper to be moved. 1

The ends of the straps 1 and 2 are adapted to be secured together without a'buckle or other extraneous uniting means. The strap 2 is provided with a plurality of slots of the slots 4. Thus, by means of the slotted strap2-and notched strap 3, thebody 1 may be conveniently and quickly secured to elongated body 1- Specification of Lettersratent. I Patented NOV. 23, 1 19 20. "Application'fi1ed May 22, 1918. Serial No. 235,939. I

of the strap is adapted to be -forced through either of the slots l: until the 'notches 5 en-f gage with the opposite ends of the s'lotsl to secure the straps together. portion 8 of the'strap3 is adapted to be forced through either of the slots 4 until the notches 6 engagewith the opposite ends fingers of various sizes.

. The textile backing material a serves the of fingers and hence comfortable in use, and

effective in the performance of its functions.

As indicated in Figs-2 and 3, when the straps 2 and 3 are "disengaged from each I 7 other, the protector assumes a flat or plane condition, and hence occupies very little space in storage and transportation.

I claimas my invention 1. A finger protector having, in combina- 7 9O of a finger, and two straps extending from tion, a body arranged to extend lengthwise opposite sides'of the body, said body and straps being formed from an integral flexible sheet comprising a textile backing and a 1 rubber facing, the face of the body being corrugated, one of the straps having a slot therein and the edges of the other strapbeing notched, the slot in the first mentioned strap being adapted to'receive the notched i portion of the secondmentioned strap and hold the protector on a human finger, saidstraps and body being adapted toassume 1 a flat condition; when the strap's are 'dis- 7 engaged from each other.

2. A finger protector having, in combination, a body and two straps, said body and straps being formed from an integral fiexi ble sheet comprising a textile. backing and a rubber facing, oneof the straps having? a slot therein and the other strap-being 110' Similarly, the

.76 double purpose of preventing the rubber notched; the second- 'nientioned strap being adapted to enter the slot formed in the first mentioned :st-rap -unti'hthe notches of the" second mentioned strap engage with the 019- posite ends of the slot to secure the strapstogether in embracing relation to the finger,

said straps and body being adapted to assume a flat condition When the straps are disen aged from each other. i

3. Z finger protector having, in combination asbody and two straps eXtend-ing'efroni opposite sides ofthe body, said body'and straps being formed from an integral flexible sheet comprising a textile backing and a rubber facing, said straps being adapted to interengage andthereby secure the straps together in embracing relation to the timer. 7

l A'finge'r protector-having, incombina- 131011, a relatively large body portion and tWo relatively narrow straps extending fromeit-her sideof said body portion, said LAWRENCE J. MoOARTI-IY.

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U.S. Classification294/25, 2/21
International ClassificationA61F13/10
Cooperative ClassificationA61F13/105
European ClassificationA61F13/10H2