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Publication numberUS1360977 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 30, 1920
Filing dateFeb 9, 1918
Priority dateFeb 9, 1918
Publication numberUS 1360977 A, US 1360977A, US-A-1360977, US1360977 A, US1360977A
InventorsRolston Richard P
Original AssigneeRolston Richard P
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US 1360977 A
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APPLICAHON HLED FEB. 9. |918 Patented Nov. 30, 1920.

lTo all whom# may concern.'

UNITED STATES fimlNT OFFICE# RICHARD rjnonsroivgon nooivroi'rinnwannfsnr. i

A JAR-CARRIER Be it known that I, RICHARD yP. RoLs'roN,

Y a citizen of the United Statesof America,

v vention.

residing at Boonton, in the county of Morris and State of New Jersey, have invented new and useful Improvements in Jar-Carriers, of which the following is a specification.

cooking' devices and more particularlyV re- This invention has referencergenerally to lates to a jar carrier.

,it is the vprimary aim and object of the present invention to provide a device of the above character designed for removably receiving and supporting a plurality of jars within the boiler or the like to assure o f the retention of the jars in the proper position during the boiling operation.

It is an equally important object of this invention to provide a device of the above character designed so that it can be readily lifted and placed within the boiler or removed therefrom.

Among the other aims and objects of this invention may be recited the provision of a device of the above character wherein the parts are few, the construction simple, the cost of production low, and the eliciency hi h. i

gther improvements and novel details in the construction and arrangement of the various parts of the apparatus will be brought out more in detail in the description to followwhich for a 4clear understanding of theinvention should be considered in connection with the accompanying drawings forming a part hereof, and wherein is disclosed for `the purpose of illustration a convenient and satisfactory embodiment of the invention. It is to be noted'in this connection that minor changes in the construc-y tion and arrangement of parts may be made without departing from the principle of operation of the various parts. v l

The invention is clearly illustrated inthe accompanying drawings, inwhich: A

Figure 1 is va perspective view of the device' Fig. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view thereof; l

Fig. 3 is a transverse section of the in- Similar characters of reference areemployed in all of the above described views, to 'indicate corresponding parts.

Referring now more particularly to the accompanying drawings, there is provided `specification ofLetters Patent. 'Patented NOV, l30, v1920, Application sled February 91918. serial No. 216,290.

an improved supporting carrier consisting of. a lower rectangular frame lwhich is desirably formed from. a piece of strap metal bent to provide side rails 2 and end rails 3.

Y A longitudinal bar 4. formed ofl similarma-` terlal asthe frame has-its respectiveflanged` ends 5 secured through the instrumentality of suitable fasteners 6` to the end rails 3. s

In order, tosupport the main lower frame ,1, opposed U-shaped members are employed ,and consist of spaced side arms 7 Whlch are inverted and connected adjacent their outer ends through the instrumentality of fasteners to the side-rails, while the extreme outer vnumeral 10. In this connection it is to be observed that where a very deep receptacle is employed these angularly bent portions 10 constitute hangers and serve to support the entire device. On thevotherV hand where a boiler of Va conventional construction is em ployed, the feet are adapted to rest upon the bottom of the receptacle (notshown), Vwhilethe handles are positioned in spaced relation above the top, as is apparent, so as to be readily engaged when it is desired to either remove the device from or place the device within the boiler. The upper rectangular frame 11 consists of side rails 12 and end rails 13 which latter are secured to the arms 7 at points above the point of-se curement of the side rails 3 through'the instrumentality of suitable fasteners 14. It is `to be observed that the frame 11 is substantially similar to the construction of the frame 1.

p For the purpose of removably receiving and retainingpreserve jars of'a conventional type within the device, improved jar holders` indicated in their entirety bythe numeralv 15 are employed. Each ofthese jar holders f is formed from two strips of metal the vintermediate portions 16 of which are arranged in a crossV like form and securedby suitable fasteners 17 to the ,intermediate longitudinal bar 4 and in suitable spaced relation thereon. The intermediate portions 16 of course constitute the bottom orfbase of the holders while the portions continuing therefrom are bent upwardly andr slightly .inclined inwardly to serve as'xresilient retaining arms 18 While the extreme upper ends of the arms are bent outwardly to p ro-V vide guides 19 for facilitating the insertion of the jars, not shown, into the carriers. As

is apparent, the arms arearranged in opposed relation with respect to each other and designed to rictionally engage and Vin this manner retain the jars and assure of the proper positioning offthe jars when the device is mounted within the boiler o1' other I receptacle, not shown.

Having thus described this invention,

j what is claimed vas new 'and' desired to be secured by Letters-Patent, is :-v H

' A jarcarrier comprising an open rectangularV lower frame consisting of side rails j 'and end rails, a longitudinal bar constituting the bottom of the frame and connecting with the end rails thereof, inverted substantially .U-shaped members having spaced side c arms connected adjacent their free ends with the end rails ofsaidA frame, the extremitiesv of said arms providing' feet on which the frame may stand, the side varms adjacent their points of connection with -the transverse portions of said U-shaped members Alongitudinal bar, whereby the said carrieris adapted to 'besupported vupon theedge of a boiler by the.outturned.portionsof said side to off-set said trans- Y InV testimony whereof Iv'aiiix my signature.


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