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Publication numberUS1362069 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 14, 1920
Filing dateMay 6, 1919
Priority dateMay 6, 1919
Publication numberUS 1362069 A, US 1362069A, US-A-1362069, US1362069 A, US1362069A
InventorsWitzel Joseph R
Original AssigneeWitzel Joseph R
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Building construction
US 1362069 A
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1. a; WITZEL.

Patented D06. 14,1920.

2 SHEETS-SHEET I I v :I'IN v g a 'w ul INVENTOR c as'epifil 'gyez.




To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, Josnrrr R. Wrrgnn, a citizen of the United States, residing at proved building construction in which cubelike, hollow units comprising a complete room or set of rooms and composed of suitable material as cement, burnt clay, metal, wood or other material are mounted one upon "the other or in other abutting relations and secured together to form houses, factories and other buildings.

A further object resides in the novel method of erecting such units.- A further object resides in providing abuilding construction of burnt clay and the'manner of hardening same. Other and further objects of the present invention will appear hereinafter.

The invention consists of e improvements hereinafter describe and finally claimed.

The nature, characteristic features and scope of the invention will be more fully understood from the following description taken in connection with the accompan g drawings forming part hereof, an in v which:

Figure 1, is a perspectiveview illustratin the manner of erecting a building in accord ancewith the present invention. v

Fig. 2 is a similar-view of one of the units illustratmg details of construction, and

Fig. 3, 1s a similar view illustratin the manner of constructing a building of urnt clag.

4 or the purpose of illustrating my 1nven-.

tion, I have shown 1n the accompanying drawings forms thereof which are at present preferred by me, since the same have been found in practice to give satisfactory and reliable results, although it is to be understood that the various instrumentalities of which my invention consists can be. variously arranged and organizedand that my inven- Tacony, in the county of Philadelphia and Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Dec, 14, 1920. Application filed Kay 8, 1919. Serial No. 295,120}.

like hollow units, which units comprise a complete room or set of rooms. The units may be of one piece solid construction 10, or of skeleton form with slabs 10 at tached thereto. The units I mount one upon the other or in other abutting relations and secure same together. Good results have been obtained by providing at each corner of a unit a dowel-pm like construction for retaining the units in place. Such construction is formed by fitting vertically at the four corners of a unit an internally threaded tube 11 which tubes ma be used to form gas, water, drainage and ot er pipes. When the units are abutting-a hollow screw-threaded pm 12 may be fitted to saidtubes for securing adjacent units to place. In practice these tubes are employed to temporarily receive the screw-threaded shanks of hook-like devices 13. To these devices 13 are connected the hoisting tackle 14 by means of which the units are raised to position. For this purpose a scaffold 15 is erected provided at its top with rails 16m0unted for travel upon which is a hoisting device 17 of any desirable type. When a unit has been hoisted to position the devices 13-are removed and the unit, last hoisted is secured to that unit previously hoisted. Man-holes 18 are present in the walls of the units so' that the securing pins 12 may befitted to place. The units 10 are provided with door and windows 20 and the walls may be provided with recessed portions 21, which'not only serve to provide' closets and the like but also save material and lighten construction, see Fig. 2.

en the recesses are of arched or circular formation the walls are strengthened. In

the case of skeleton frames the slabs 10 are provided with door and window spaces or with window sash 22 and the like. In Fig. 3, I have shown the method of building and hardening my burnt claybuilding construction. In said figure instead of employing individual units I first mold or cast cla in a vacuum into the desired form of buil ing as at 23 and then burn the clay by means of blasts of oil and, for instance, compressed air, or the like delivered through suitable connections as at 24 and 25. By this method I am enabled to cast or mold mantels, stain ways, window and door entrances and the like and burn or harden same in situ. The parts ma be enameled to provide a good finish an inlaid work ma be accomplished. It will be understood tiiat in both the case of the units as built up in series and in the case of an integral structure that reinforcing means may be applied or omitted as desired.

It will now be apparent that I have devised a novel and useful construction which embodies the features of advantage enumerated as desirable in the statement of the .invention and the above description and while I have'in the present instance shown and. described the preferred embodiment thereof which has been found in practice to give satisfactcgg and reliable results, it is to be understo that the same is susceptible of modification in various particularswithout departing from the spirit or scope of the invention or sacrificing any of its advantages.

What I claim is: The herein described method of building censtri-iction which consists in forming a structure including units each comprising a room, a wall of each of which units is provided with a tube at least one end of which is screw-threaded, temporarily fitting a I screw-threaded device of a hoist to the screw- In testimony whereof, I have hereunto si 'dm name. i

gne y JOSEPH'R. -WITZEL, M. D. i

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European ClassificationE04G21/06B, E04B1/348C