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Publication numberUS1362328 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 14, 1920
Filing dateOct 15, 1919
Priority dateOct 15, 1919
Publication numberUS 1362328 A, US 1362328A, US-A-1362328, US1362328 A, US1362328A
InventorsJulius Knorr
Original AssigneeKeller Printing Company
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US 1362328 A
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oooooogoo oooooooo 'Pm/VCE mfg-6' o ooooo l oozooooo 'ooooooooo Patented Dec. 14, 1920.




Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Dec, lll, 192).

Application filed October 15, 1919. Serial No. 330,687. I

T 0 all whom t may concer/1,.'

Be it known that I, J ULIUs KNORR, a citizen of the United States, and resident of Voodhaven, in the county of Queens and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Clothing- Tickets, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to clothing tickets of that class which are attached to the separate garments of finished suits to identify the respective garments in their relationship to the same lot, such tickets being commonly used by merchants in ready-made clothing to mark their stock for ready reference as to the size of the respective garments and the same lot made up of a corresponding material and color. i

Clothing tickets of this class have heretofore been produced and employed as units each bearing the same identifying lot number to indicate the, samematerial, and the individual units for the separate garments of a complete suit of the same lot being respectively identified with the same size`number. These tickets are turned out from the printing machine in a sheet-strip comprising a large number of tickets in the desired quantity and perforated or rouletted to permit the convenient separation of the individual ticket units, all the tickets of each set being provided with the same size` number and all the tickets designedto be used for the same lot being provided with the same lot number. The respective units bearing the same sizei7 number and the same lot number are then attached to the'separate garments of the respective suitsr which are comprised in the same lot material.

The foregoing system and conditions of construction, as now generally employed, afford no identifying or matching indication for the separate garments of `each respective suit of the same size and lot and thus all the coats of the 4same size and lot and all the vests of the same size and lot and all the trousers pertaining thereto have no identification in relation to any irartioular complete suit but are merely comprised in general in suits of the same size and same lot material. As cloth or fabrics of the same material `or lot will vary somewhat in shade or conditiom'under circumstances of manufacture or handling or making up or location in a bolt or roll, and different bolts or pieces of the same material and color will sometimes vary, it is an important desideratum in the made-up clothing trade that each separate garment of each respective distinct suit be identifed so that each suit of the same size and lot number is individually distinguished.

It is the object of my invention to provide such improvements in clothing ticketsand their use that the ticket will afford a convenient and immediate identification not only of the size and lot number of a finished garment but also of the respective complete suit, among all the suits of the same size and lot, to which said separate garment `belongsor of which it forms a part. My invention is thus designed to provide a simple, inexpensive and convenient means which will afford an effective piece or suit matching system for finished or made-up garments or clothing.

n the drawings- Figure l is a plan view showing a sheetstrip of clothing tickets as comprised in my invention.

F ig. 2' isa corresponding view of one of the multiple-.ticket respective suit units detached.

Fig. 3 is a corresponding view showing the respective tickets of the individual suit unit separated for use upon the `respective garments of the same suit.

Corresponding parts in all the figures are denoted by thc same reference characters.

Referring to the drawings, l designates a sheet-strip of clothing tickets, comprising a plurality of tickets divided by lperforated or rouletted lines, V2, for convenient separation. rl"he strip issues in plural ticket form o from the printing press in desired length and width. vIn its relation to my present invention, I have shown the strip as having a width corresponding to three tickets, which set of three will be respectively used for the coa-t, vest and trousers of a complete suit, but it will be understood that the setof tickets may be in a multiple of four or in any desired multiple accordingvto the number of 'separate garments or pieceswhich will make up a complete suit or unit in the employment of my invention for suit or piece matching The respective sets of three tickets are indicated at 3, and the respective vtickets of each set are indicated at 4.

All the tickets 3 of a plurality` of sets 4 bear theK same lot number, indicated at 5 for example, as shown .in the present in?l stance, No. 224882, and may also carry any 5 other indication of the type of goods, for instance, the word Princeton, indicated at 6, or price marks, or other data as desired by the merchant. vThe respective tickets 3 of a lurality of sets 4 correspondingly bear size numbers ordesignations, for instance,

in each set, one ticket, bears the size number 48,7 indicated at 7, and is designed to be used for the coat of a suit, another ticket in the'same set bears the size number 48,

indicated at 8, and isdesigned to be used for the vest of the same suit, and another ticket in the same set bears the designation `W L, indicated. at 9, .for identifying waist and length measurements, and' is designed to be used for the trousers of the same suit.

. In carrying out my invention, each res ective set 4, comprising the plurality of tic ets for the same complete suit of clothing or unit as before described, bears an assembly number, indicated at 10, the assembly number being different vfor each of said respective sets, and each ticket of said respective setsbears an assembly number, the assembly number being the same for all the tickets of the respective set. The different assembly numbers for the respective sets of tickets are preferably consecutive, for eX- ample, as shown in the present instance, the' assembly number for all the tickets of one set will lie-461; and for all the tickets of the next set 462, and so on.

Itwill be understood that in the assembly designation, `in lieu of numbers any I 40 suitable identifying symbol or, indicator which will uniformly distinguish 'the plurality of tickets of one set from those of another set may be employed.

Preferably, the assembly numbers ordesignations and the lot numbers or designations are in contrastingcolor or type, for instance, the assembly numbers in red and the lot numbers in blue, for convenient-and ready distinction in the use of the tickets,

' 50 and the size number ordesignation may also be in a'contrasting color `or type Vfor the same purpose.

Also, in the preferred construction, both\ perforated and rouletted separation lines rare employed, the perforations marking the lines 'of separation between the respective parallel sets 4.and the rouletting, as'at 11, marking the lines of separation between the 'respective` tickets of the respective sets,

l whereby a convenient distinction is afforded.

The advantages of my improvements, andA operative use ofthe invention, will be readily understood by those familiar with the art in the use of clothing tickets. Ir practicalA employment, a set 4, consisting of the pluralmatching in the merchants stock.

a plurality-of tickets, all the tickets of each ity of tickets 3 each of which bears the same assembly number, is first detached 'from the sheet-strip l in which the plurality of sets all bear the same lot and size numbers, and the respective tickets ofsaid detached set are then separated and respectively applied to the coat, vest and trousers which will constitute a complete suit or clothing unit, and thus the separate garments or pieces of each suit or unit comprised in the same lot or size will be identified and distinguished and each complete suit will be respectively indicated, to enable ,convenientland ready suit or piece I do not desire to be understood as limiting myself to fille detail features of construction and arra gement as herein illustratedl and described as it is manifest that modifications and ariations therein may be re-Y sorted to in/"the adaptation of the invention to varying 'conditions of use, without departing from the spirit and scope of my invention and improvements. I therefore reserve the right to allsuch variations and modifications asl properly fall .within the scope of my inventionand the termsI of the followin claims. t aving thus described m invention, I claim and desire to secure by etters Patent: l. As an improvement in clothing tickets,

a sheet or strip comprising a plurality of separable individual tickets each bearing the same lot number or designationand the same size number or designation, said plurality of tickets being divided into a plu'v rality of sets each comprising a pluralityof tickets'each of which bears the same asralit of setsea'ch comprising a plurality of I lticke s each of`which bears the same assembly number or designation and each of 11i which.: sets is distinguished bya different assembly number or designation. f j

3; A clothing ticket system, comprising a plurality of sets pf tickets each consisting of respective set bearing vthe same assembly number or designation and each respective set being distinguished by. a different asvsembly number or designation, and all the tickets of all the sets bearing the same lot number or designation and the same'size number or designation;

4. lAclothing ticket system, comprising a plurality of sets of tickets each consisting of a plurality. of tickets, all the tickets of 13'0 each respective set bearing the same assembly number or designation and each respective set being distinguished by a different assembly number or designation, and all the tickets ofall the sets bearing the same number or designationv to indicate the same lot or character of goods.

5. As an improvement in clothing tickets, a strip comprising a plurality of separable individual tickets for attachment to the sep"- arate garments or pieces of a complete suit or unit, each of said tickets bearing the same number or designation to yindicate the same lot4 or character of goods and also bearing, in combination with said lot designation and distinguished therefrom, the same number or designation to indicate the as sembly of the separate garments 0r pieces of the complete suit or unit.

6. A clothing ticket system for suit or piece matching, comprising a plurality of sets ofvtickets all bearingthe same lot i number or designationZ `all the tickets of each respective set bearlng a corresponding assembly number and the assembly numbers of each respective set being consecutive. y

7. As an improvement in clothing tickets, a sheet or strip comprisinga plurality of separable individual tickets each bearing the same number or designation to indicate the same lot or character of goods, the group of tickets being divided into parallel setsY each consisting of a plurality of tickets, each of said respective sets bearing an assembly number Which is'consecutive with respect to the successive parallelV sets and each ticket of each respective set bearing the same assembly number.

, In testimony whereof I have signed foregoing specification.



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