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Publication numberUS1366968 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 1, 1921
Filing dateJun 6, 1919
Priority dateJun 6, 1919
Publication numberUS 1366968 A, US 1366968A, US-A-1366968, US1366968 A, US1366968A
InventorsHenry F Starrett
Original AssigneeStarrett Mfg Company
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US 1366968 A
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1,366,968. Patented Feb. 1,1921.


HENRY r. sfrArreiii'ir, or omesso, Immers, ASSIGNQR ro sraannrr MANUFAC- TURING coMrANY, or carcasa, ILLINOIS, .a` CORPORATION or ILLINOIS,


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Feb. 1, 1921.

Application filed .Tune 6, 1919. Serial No. 302,157.

T0 all tu /Lom z'majz/ concern Be it known that I, HENRY F. S'ranmrr'r, a citizen ci the United States, residing atY Chicago, in the county of Cook and Sta-teef Illinois, have invented neviT and useful Im- ]jirovements in Directory-Frames, of which the following is a full, clear, concise, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming` a part of this speciiication.

This invention relates toA directory trames which may be used for any ot a large variety oi purposes, such as hotel room or elevator directories. and more especially as a directory 'for circuit designations and diagrams used in connection with panel boards.

@ne of the objects oi this invention consists in the construction of an. improved form of directory frame, which bothsimple and substantial, and which is adapted to be cheaply and quickly mounted in position. y

Another object comprises the` production oi an improved directory frame consisting oi a substantially rough and cheaply constructed base plate which is adapted to be mounted in position independently of the transparent means and the cover plate associated ltherewith when in actual use, and in which the finished cover plate is remov ably secured to the base plate and functions to hold the transparent means and directory designation in placeand to likewise give to the complete frame a finished appearance. l it 'further object consists in the production of an improved directory frame which can be quickly and readily disassembled to make necessary changes in the directory card designations.

Other objects of this invention will be-` from the following descripy tion and the appended claims.

For the purpose of description, a pretl'erred form of directory Jframe is illus` trated in the accompanyingr drawings` in which- Figure 1 is a iront. ,view o the frame completely assembled v;`

Fig. 2 is a rear view of the frame completely assembled, and

Fig. 3 is a section taken on the plane, as indicated by the line 3-3 of Fig. 2 looking in the direction of the arrows.

As illustrated in the drawings, the directory frame comprises a base plate 8 which is preferably constructed oi sheet metal. In the preferred embodiment, this base plate 8 1s formedout of a rectangular sheet of metal with the corners of the rectangle cut away to reduce complications in the forming operation. Obviously any other shape of plate could be readily used. The base plate 8 is formed in a suitable press into a dished shape, each lateral edge being fitted with the upwardly extending;r iiaiige 9 and the outwardly extendingl iiange 10. Each of these flanges is perforated at substantially its middle point 11, these perforations being threaded to receive screws such as 12 for securing the cover plate frame la to the flanges 10 of the dished base plate.

The base plate 8 is also perforated at 15 and 16", these perforations being countersunk and adapted to receive suitable flat headed screws for mountingr the base plate to asuitable support such as a wall or door. The perforatons 15 and 16 are used for the mounting of the base plate when the said plate is to be installed in places where the screw mounting is the most convenient form which can be utilized. When the directory frame is to be used in connection with panel board boxes in which the directory frame is mounted on the box at the factory where the panel board box is constructed, the base is preferably secured to the panel board cover by eleotrowelding the base plate direct to the cover of the box. Obviously anysuitable means for mounting the base plate to its respective mounting support can be utilized.

Fitted within the` dished plate 8 is a suitable card designation 15, above which is placed any transparent means 16.y preferably `glass or celluloid. The designation card 15, together with glass plate 16, are held in place in the` dished base plate 8 by means of the cover plate frame 14:. This cover plate 111 preferably consists of a sheet metal stamping, the cover frame being` preferably lttedwith a continuous peripheraliiange 1S r screws l2. The flange 18, therefore, functions to obscure the rough base plate 8 and thus gives to the completely assembled directoryjtramel a pleasing and very sightly appearance.

The mounting screws l2, which secure the cover plate frame to thev base plate 8, are fitted through apertures in the cove-i. plate Aframe which aline with the threaded apertures ll in the base plate 8. bviously any Yother convenient means fior securing the cover plate frame let to the base plate S might be used.

The base plate'S is fitted with flanges 9 and lO and given the dished iorm so it will perform the dual function olf retaining the Y designation cards 15 and i6 within the in- Closure formed by the bottom of the plate 8 and the upwardly extending flanges 9 and so that the flanges lO will be suiciently removed from the mounting base to permit the ready insertion of the screws l2, which secure the cover plate frame le to the base plate 8. p

Fig l illustrates a designation card for Va panel board, such as might be used in connection with a panel box and board in use in a hotel. Thus in this figure ve circuits are indicated whichV show that tive circuits terminate in the particular panel board, these circuits supplying respectively the lobby, dining room, grill room, kitchen and mezzanine floor, as indicated.

It will now be evident from the foregoing Vdescri tion that a director f frame condesignation.

lThus for example in a. panel board and panel box, the. base plate would be secured to the door of the panel box at the time that the boxv Wasbeing constructed and then il' thereafter circuit designation er diagrams are required,.it is merely necessary to assemble the cover plate with the associated transparent means 16k anda suitable designation card. Likewise, due to the simplicity of the construction and the ease with which the frame can be assembled and disassembled, changes in directory designation can be very easily and rapidly performed.

Obviously the invention is not limited lo the specific embodiment thereof herein illustrated and described, but is capable of man v variations and other applications within its spirit and scope as pointed out in the :1ppended claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as nei and desire to secure b v liefters Patent is:

l. ln a device of the character described` in combination, a base plate fitted with :i plurality of upwardly and outwardly extending flanges, a cover plate framel Afor said base plate having a downwardly extending peripheral flange, a transparent means positioned in said base plate inside el' said upwardly extending flange, means removabl v interconnecting the cover platey to the oufivardly extending flanges of? said buse plate., the peripheral flange of the cover plate substantially obscuring the lateral edges` of the base plate and serving to hold said transparent means in position when the buse and cover plates are intercomieetml in ussemblml relationship.

2. In a device of the character described. a dished buse plate, a flange associated with each side of said plate. the said flange carrying threaded apertures, a cover plate frame, a downwardly extending continuous peripheral flange associated with said cover plate. said frame being fitted with perif'oraf'ions. :i transparent means, and securing means adapted to interconnect .said cover plate and baie plate iu the alined perforatious of said cover plate and base plate, whereby theA transpz` `ent means will be positioned in said dished base plate and the dished hase plate` will be obscured by the continuous peripheral flange of the cover plate.

3. A new article of manufacture comprising in combination an unfinished base plate adapted to be secured to a mounting surface, said base plate being dished and fitted with a plurality of lateral flanges, a transparent means positioned in said dished plate. and a finished cover plate if rame fitted willi a peripheral flange, the said cover plate 'frame being adapted to maintain said fransparent means in position in said plaie`r :ind being removably secured to the lateral flanges of said base plaie, the lla-ngc of said cover plate extending over the lateral edgesl 01"' said base plate to obscure the same.

ln witness whereof l have hereunto sub scribed my name.




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