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Publication numberUS1368261 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1921
Filing dateJan 22, 1919
Priority dateNov 3, 1917
Publication numberUS 1368261 A, US 1368261A, US-A-1368261, US1368261 A, US1368261A
InventorsOmega Jenkins George Mark
Original AssigneeWestern Electric Co
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US 1368261 A
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Patented Feb. 15, 1921.

v. The brackets 11,

means of screws passing through the block i is provided Jfor the transmitter box in and rigidly secured in the transmitter casing. The ends of these screws, which are preferably platinum pointed, extend through bearing holes'in the brackets 11, 11 and engage contact points on the springs `13, 13'. 11 are secured in place by 15 and since this block is of insulating material, the brackets are insulated from each other and can therefore be used as terminal connections for the electrodes of the variable resistance element which are electrically connected to the contact screws 12, 12. mounting vand a counterweight 14; is provided so that irrespective of the position of the transmitter box, the transmitter itself will be in such 'a position that satisfactory transmission will result. Since the efficiency of the transmitter is only aHected by movement in plane perpendicular to the diaphragm, vit, is necessary to provide for automatic adjustment in that lplane only. Located at the bottom of the outside of the transmitter box is a or similar material jacks 7, 7 A four-conductor plug 16 adapted to engage the jack'?, 7 is connected to a exiblecord 17 by means of which the-necessary/circuit connections are made to the other station or to intermediate apparatus. The apparatus at each station preferably includes a pair of head receivers 18 securely fastened to a headband 19 which is adapted to pass over'the users head and is secured in place by means of a strap 20 passing un'-, der the chin. Each'head receiver is provided with a transmitter switch arranged for connecting thetgansmitter 4into the circuit automatically .when the user lowers his head' to a convenient position to talk into the transmitter box. rThis switch is operated by the switch wire 21 which extends in a loop from the two head receivers and passes 'under a strap 22 on the front of the transmitter box 15. The method of operation of.

this switch is shown in detail in States Patent No.

The transmitter swings freely in itsblock 15 of hard rubber in which are secured the transmitter.

Il@ United 1,298,217, ot arch 25, 1919, and is not described here in detail, since it forms no part of the present invention.

What is claimedl is:

1. ln an arrangement between aviators or` the like, sound proof boX in which is mounted, and means `for communication. a transmitter, a aid transmitter being so balanced as box, Ysaid transmitter 'or most eiiicient to remain in the position operation irrespective of the position of said 3. 1n an arrangement for communication between aviators or` the like, a transmitter, a air of mounting brackets for said transmitter insulated from eachother, a 'pair of contact screws' secured to the casing of -said transmitter and journaled in said mounting brackets, and a pair of contact springs adapted to bear against the end of said contact screws.

4. ln an arrangement for communication between aviators or the like, av transmitter having its-variable resistance element terminating in a pair of contact screws, a pair of mounting brackets .for said transmitter insulatedv from each otherv and provided with bearing holes for said .contact screws, and a pair of contact springs secured to'said mounting brackets and adapted to bear against the ends of said' contact screws to provide current-carrying means to said In witness whereof, Ihereunto subscribe my name this 31st A'. D., 1918.

stoner. mime OMEGA mams.

for pivotally mounte ing said' transmitter within said transmitterv day of `-December,

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U.S. Classification379/430, 381/370, 381/355
International ClassificationH04R1/08
Cooperative ClassificationH04R1/083
European ClassificationH04R1/08D