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Publication numberUS1368938 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1921
Filing dateFeb 24, 1919
Priority dateFeb 24, 1919
Publication numberUS 1368938 A, US 1368938A, US-A-1368938, US1368938 A, US1368938A
InventorsJohn Kecskemety
Original AssigneeJohn Kecskemety
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US 1368938 A
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lPmented Feb. 15, 19211.0



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Feb. 15, 1921.

Application flledlebruary 24, 1919. Serial No. 278,586.

T 0 all whom it may concern Be it known that 1, JOHN KECSKEMETY, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Detroit, in the county of Wayne and State of Michigan, have invented cer-" tain new and useful Improvements in Pistons, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accomipanying drawings.

ll y invention aims to provide a novel piston for internal combustion engines, and the invention may be characterized in the following particulars.

First, there is a novel piston body that may be made of light and durable metal, as aluminum, so as to contribute to a minimum weight in connection with an engine. The piston body is constructed for attachment to a piston rod or pitman in the usual and well known manner, and said body has provision for rapid cooling and the attachment of a head'and packing rings. a

Second, my invention includes a detachable piston head adapted to be screwed or otherwise mounted on the piston body and said head has provision for holding packing rings.

The piston head may be made of cast iron or other indurate material capable of withstandingv considerable pressure and a high temperature incurred y explosions in an engine cylinder, the head protecting the piston body and thereby increasing the longevity of the same.

Third, the piston head includes novel means for retaining piston or packing rings in engagement therewith while placing the head in engagement with the piston body, and a guide ring and spanner wrench are utilized to facilitate assembling the piston head, packing rings and piston body which is accomplished while the a cylinder.

Fourth, the detachable piston headis provided with novel means for looking it in engagement with the piston body, and means are provided to prevent the head locking means from becoming accidentally displaced or injured during the operation of the piston.

The above and other characteristics of my invention will be more fully understood after considering the mechanical construction entering into the piston, and reference will now be had to the drawing, wherein Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view of a piston body is in portion of an engine cylinder with a piston body therein, showing the piston head detached and about to be connected to the piston body by utilizing a spanner wrench;

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view of the piston with the head connected thereto;

Fig 3 is a. plan of the piston head with locking means in position to provide clearance for a spanner wrench, and I Fig, 4 is a plan of the piston shown in n thedrawing, the reference'numeraI 1 denotes a piston body made of aluminum or other light and durable material. The piston body has the lower end thereof open,

and the upper end of said body is reduced to provide an inner head 2 of less diameter than the piston body 1 and the cylindrical wall of the head 2 is exteriorly screwthreaded, as 'at 3. At the juncture of the head 2 with the body 1 there is an annular groove 4 and an annular shoulder 5, the purpose of which will presently appear.

6 denotes an outer head that may be made of cast iron, steel or other indurate material, and this head has an annular wall 7 which is interiorly screwthreaded, as at 8, so that the head 6 may be screwed on. the inner head 2 into abutting relation therewith as shown in Fig. 2. The annular wall 7 has a rounded edge 9 adapted to engage in the annular groove 4- and the outerface or periphery of the wall 7 has a peripheral channel or wide groove 10 to receive a plurality of split packing rings 11, which in their extended condition are'retained on the wall To facilitate mounting the outer head 6 on the inner head 2, two devices may be employed. First,-there is a spanner wrench 13 having diametrically opposed pins 14 adapted to be placed in sockets 15 in the outer head 6, and said spanner wrench has a cross head or handle 16 which, permits of the wrench and the outer'head being easily rotated. The second device is a guide ring or member 17 which is placed on the end of the cylinder 12 to form an entrance into the head 2, and the inner wall of the channel or groove 10 is in a plane with the shoulder 5 of the piston body and the packing rings can readily expand to a diameter greater than that of the piston body or itsheads.

To look the outerhead 6 in engagement with the inner head 2 of the piston body, the inner head 2is provided with an interior enlargement or boss 18 having a socket 19 with the walls thereofscrewthreaded. One

of the sockets 15 of the outer head 6 is formed with a bottom opening 20 adapted to register with the socket 19, so that a screw' 21 may be mounted in the outer head 6 to engage in the socket 19 and hold the outer head against accidental rotationrelative' to the inner head. The head of the'screw12loccupies a portion of the -sock et.15 novided for the spanner wrench and it is t fjerefore' obvious that .theiscrew 21 must"lb'e removedbefore the-spanner .wrench can be utilized for rotating the outer head relative to the inner head. i 1

Since there is apossibility of the screw 21 becoming loose, I provide novelmeans to prevent accidental displacement. of said screw, -said means comprising a rotary shutter or closure member 23- held by a rivet or other pivotal means 24 in a circular recess 22 provided therefor in-the outer 'he'ad.6, said shutter or closure member having an open ing 25 adapted to register with-the socket, L5 which receives the head of thescrew 21. Withthe opening 25 of the shutter or closure member 23 registering with the socket 15 containing the screw 21, the end 'of the cross -head or handle 16 of the spanner wrench,

13 may befutilized as a screw driver for removing the screw 21 but when the shutter or closure member 24 is shifted, for instance, fas'shown mjFig. 4, then it is impossiblefor 55 the screw 21' to become accidentally displaced. The screw 21 is also protected against excessive heat or any action due to explosions in the .engine cylinder 12, and with the outer head 6 of an indurate ma terial and a greater thickness than the inner 'the cylinder 12'. After the' 'to any great extent, 'as the rings may be readily slipped on the outer head and temporarily retained thereon by any suitable means, but when it comes to removing the outer head, from the inner head, then the outerhead carries the piston rings therewith. This is a distinct advantage in assem- -bling and disassembling the parts of the piston.

It is thought that the utility of my improved invention will be apparent without furtherdescription, and while'in the drawing there is illustrated av preferred embodi= mentof-my invention, it is to be understood that the structural elements are susceptlble -to such variationsand modifications as fall within the scopeof the appended claims.

What'I claim is 1. A piston comprising a body having the outer end, thereof reduced and exteriorly screwthreaded, the reduced end of said piston body providing an annular groove and shoulder, an outer head having an interiorly screwthreaded wall adapted for engagement with the reduced end of-said piston body, and adapted to enter the annular groove of said body, packing rings on the wall of said outer head adapted to engage the annular shoulder of said piston body when said outer head is mounted thereon, and locking means sockets packing rings'carried by the outer head,a-screw: in one of the outer head sockets locklng-sa-id outer head relative to the mner head of said piston body and adapted to be removed to permit-of said sockets co-.

operating in receiving a tool to remove the outer'l1ead,-and a closure member carried by said outer head and adaptedfor protecting said screw, said closure member having an opening adapted to register with the screw socket.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature in the presence of two witnesses.


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