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Publication numberUS1369529 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 22, 1921
Filing dateMay 24, 1920
Priority dateMay 24, 1920
Publication numberUS 1369529 A, US 1369529A, US-A-1369529, US1369529 A, US1369529A
InventorsMaloney William A
Original AssigneeMaloney William A
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Detachable heel
US 1369529 A
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wig VIII/[14144117014714 Patented Feb. 22, 1921.


A To all whom it met comer n:

Be it known that WILLIAM A. MALONEYYL following is a specification.

parts of the heel This invention relates to a detachable heel and "more particularly to improved devices for detachably securing such a heel to a shoe. It is the object of my invention to provide improved fastening devices for securing a heel to a shoe in such a manner that it will be. firmly held in place while, at the same time, it may be conveniently removed and re placed when desired. A further object of my invention isto provide a construction in detachable heels which may be easily and economically manufactured and which is adapted to commercial production in large quantities.

My invention further consists in certain arrangements and combinations of parts hereinafter described and more particularly ointed out in the appended claims. (A preerred form of my invention is shown in the drawings in which,

Figure 1 is a partial longitudinal sectional elevation of a shoe with my improvements embodied therein;

Fig. 2 is a bottom view of the permanent part of the heel;

h Iiig. 3 is a plan view of the detachable Figs. 4 and 5 are transverse sectional elevations of the permanent and detachable respectively, and A Fi s. 6, 7 and 8 are perspective views of detaiT parts to be described.

Referring to the drawings I have shown arts of a shoe 10 having a heel portion or ift 11 permanently secured thereto and I have also shown a detachable heel portion or heel proper, marked 12.

The heel" 12 is provided with a pluralit of lugs or projections 13 fitting correspon ing openings 14 in the permanent heel 11ft 11. A fastening member 15 is also firmly secured in the heel 12, with its enlarged head 16 projecting above the upper surface of the heel.

When the heel 1s formed projections 13 and fastening member 15 are preferably molded into the rubber in the process of manufacturing the heel. For this purpose, the member 15 is provided w th laterally projecting portions 17, m wh1ch Specification of Letters Patent. 7

Application filed my 24,

of rubber, the

Patented Feb; 2211921.

1920. Serial no. ssaeaa.

openings may be formed to permitthe rubher to be more-firmly bedded around the fastening member. The member 15 is conveniently formed from a single piece of sheet metal by simple punch or press 0 erations.

When the device is to be used or a leather heel, the member 15 is to project through an opening in the upper lift of the heel 12 and is to be firmly secured in place thereby.

A locking plate 20 is mounted to slide in a shallow recess or depression 21 in the under side of the heel lift 11 and is secured in position by a U-sha ed strap or holder 22 projc ting downwar through an opening in the lower lift 11 i The holder 22 has a slot 23 adapted to receive the head 16 of the fastening member 15 and the lock plate 20 has a slot 24 enlarged at one end as shown at 25 and adapted to receive the head 16 when the portion 25 is alined with the slot 23 of the holder 22.

The plate 20 is also rovided with lugs or projections 26 which 'mit outward move- :ment of the plate by engagement with the holder 22, and with a down turned end 27 by which the plate may be drawn outward for detaching the heel. plate 20 may have an irregular or wavy outline'as shown in Figs. 2 and 7, which makes it less liable to acci ental displacement.

Havin described the construction of my improve heel and the fastening devices therefor the use and operation thereof will be readily ap arent. g

When the eel 12 is tobe attached to the shoe, the plate is drawn forward until the lugs 26 engage the holder 22, at which point the enlarged portion 25 of the slot 24 is dis p osed beneath the slot 23 in the'holder 22. he heel is then placed in position with the lugs 13 inserted n the openings 14 and the head 16 of the fastening member projectin through the slot 23 and into the enlarge portion 25 of the slot 24. The plate 20 is then pushed rearward which clasps the head 16 within the slot '24 and prevents with- The slot 24 in the drawal thereof. The heel is thus secured in 4 will be evident that changes and modifications thereof may be made by those skilled in the art withinthe spirit and scope of my invention as set forth in the claims, and I do not wish to be otherwise limited to the details herein "disclosed but what I claim is- 1. In a shoe, a heel comprising a permanent portion and a detachable portion, a metal fastening member fixed in one portion and having an enlarged head, a locking plate mounted to slide in the other portion and, having a slot therein enlarged at one end to nent portion and a detac able portion, a

metal fastening member fixed in one portion and having an enlarged head, a locking platehaving a'slot therein enlarged at one end, and a holder for said plate secured to the other heel portionand also having a slot therein, said fastening member extending through the slot in' said holder and being clasped in the slot in said plate when the parts are assembled and in normal locked position.

3. In a shoe, a heel com rising a permanent portion and a detae able portion, a. metal fastening member fixed in one portion and having an enlarged head, a lockin plate having a slot of irregular outline tfiierein enlar ed at one end to receive the head of the astening member when the late is drawn forward out of normal position, and a holder for'said plate, secured to the other heel portion, said fastening member being clasped in said irregular slot when the parts are assembled and in locked sition.

In testimony whereof I ave hereunto aflixed my si ature.


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U.S. Classification36/36.00R
International ClassificationA43B21/00, A43B21/37
Cooperative ClassificationA43B21/37
European ClassificationA43B21/37