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Publication numberUS1369829 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 1, 1921
Filing dateDec 24, 1919
Priority dateDec 24, 1919
Publication numberUS 1369829 A, US 1369829A, US-A-1369829, US1369829 A, US1369829A
InventorsMinges Philip S
Original AssigneeMinges Philip S
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Compound tool
US 1369829 A
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comrouwo TOOL. APPLICATION FILED DEC. 24, 19131.

Patented Mar. 1, 1921.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed December 24, 1919; Serial No. 347,140.

T 0 all whom it may concern Be it known that I, PHILIP S. MINGES, a

citizen of the United States, residing at Charleston, in the county of Charleston and State of SouthCarolina, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Compound Tools, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to compound tools of the wrench type, and has for its object to provide a tool panticularly serviceable for work on bicycles and similar machines containing a plurality of nuts of different sizes, the tool including a set of wrenches of the socket and fixed jaw types as well as a hammer and ascrew driver. The tool includes a handle or stock provided at each end with wrenches of the socket type and of different sizes, and also provided with a set of fixed jaw end wrenches of different sizes. One end of the stock is providedwith a screw-driver and the other end with a hammer head.

The tool is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which Figure l is a plan thereof, and F 2 is an edge view.

Referring specifically to the drawings, 6

indicates the stock or handle,which is slot-..

ted lengthwise as shown at 7. One end of the handle or stock is enlarged to form a head 8, and the other end enlarged to form a head 9. In each of these heads sockets of different sizes are formed. On one side the head 8 has a socket 10 and on the other side a larger socket indicated at 11. And on one side the head 9 has a socket 12 and on the other side a larger socket 13. This makes four sockets in all, of different sizes, which will take different size nuts by being placed thereover. The sockets extend through the heads, being stepped where they .join, to produce difier-' en t sizes on the opposite sides. The head 8 .is also provided on one edge with a hammer face 14: and on the opposite side with a pair of parallel jaws 15 which may be used as a wrench or the like.

A plurality of fixed jaw end wrenches indicated at 16 are pivoted at 17 to swing into Patenteil Mar. 1.11921 and out of the slot 7. These Wrenches consist of relatively thin metal plates with fixed jaws at the free ends of different sizes. The head 9 also has a screw driver 18 projecting from the end thereof.

The whole tool provides a set of wrenches and other instruments in very small and convenient compass, and. will be found. very serviceable for bicycle and automobile work, although of course capable for use on work ofother kinds. 7

I claim:

A compound tool comprising a handle having wrench heads at opposite ends, the handle being slotted between the heads, and a plurality of fixed-jaw wrenches pivoted at one end to the handle within the slot, the length of said fixed-jaw wrenches being less than that of the slot, whereby they may all be folded into the slot in parallelism to the handle.

In testimony whereof, I hereby afiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

EUGENE G. JoHNsoN, W. K. MoDownLL,

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U.S. Classification81/125.1, 81/124.4, 7/138, 7/168, D10/64, 81/437, 7/165
International ClassificationB25B13/00, B25B13/56
Cooperative ClassificationB25B13/56
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