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Publication numberUS1369924 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 1, 1921
Filing dateJun 11, 1917
Priority dateJun 11, 1917
Publication numberUS 1369924 A, US 1369924A, US-A-1369924, US1369924 A, US1369924A
InventorsHorr John V
Original AssigneeInternat Sign Company
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US 1369924 A
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J. v. HORR.


APPLICATION FILED JUNE II, 1917. 1,369,924. atented Mar- 1, 1921.


1. V. HORR.




FE: uenf I Be' it known that I, JOHN UNIT soy sT T Es PATENT OFFICE;


cmro v.

r Application filed Iu'ne 1'1, 1917. Serial No. 174,075.

To all whom itmay concern:

V. HoBR, a citizen of the United States, residing at T Cleveland, in the county, of'Cuyahoga and Stateof Ohio, have invented a'certain new and useful. Improvement in Cartons, of i,

I which the following is a full, clear, and

- exact description.

- This invention relates to a carton which is provided with certain features of con-' struction that adapt-it for use as a dispensing that the carton when opened up may be supported in an inclined ass position to suitably display the goods within it and also is constructed in such a manner that an advertising sign maybe assembled with the carton as a part thereof, and when the carton is in open position, the advertising sign will be regidly held in a proper position adjacent the displaying opening'in the carton. v

Generally speaking the invention may be said to comprise the elementsand combinationsthereof set forth in the accompanying claims.

Reference should behad to the accom- The top portion of the/body is provided with a central opening 2, this opening per-- mitting the inspection of the goods within the carton and permittingthe goods to'be taken from the carton. I

The sides and bottom of the carton are formed as will be later explained by folding a cardboard blank, or otherwise formed.

The I cover, generally represented at 3, is at its rear end hinged to the carton along the line indicated-at 4, and is in addition provided with a fold along the 'line indi- -cated, at 5. At'is forward end the cover is provided with'a tab 6 which is adapted tobe inserted in a slot 7 formed in the body of the carton so as to hold the cover inclosed; position.-

The carton is also formed with a tab 8 Patented Mar. 1,1921. v a

which is cut but not' folded from the top forthe body of the carton, holding it in an inclined position.

The cover when folded backward hinges along the line 4 but the cover is bent along andwhen the cover of the the-line 5' so that'the portion 4: between the parts 4 and 5-occupies aninclined position in -a plane which is different than the plane, of the cover 3. I

The member 10 is adapted to serve as a sign, the face of the portion 10 which is toward the box being adapted to receive ,a suitable advertisement, descriptive or otherwise indicating the contents of the carton.

This sign portion 10 is hinged so as to bend with respect to the body of the carton and is glued or otherwise secured to the inside I of the portion 4 of the cover 3, so that when the 'cover 3 1s opened the sign portion 10- moves with it, and when the cover is. in its to the body of the carton and is rigidlyheld in this position because the cover is rigidly held with respect to the body of the carton.

In Fig. 4-there is shown the blank out of which such a carton as has been described is preferably formed/that is to say, pref erably the carton is formed from a single blank of material, this contributing mate-. rially to a low cost of production. In this figure the top portion of the carton is in- 14, and the sign portion is indicatedlat 15. It W111 be seen that the sign portion and the dicated at 12, the bottom at '13, the cover at gult'imate position the sign portion 10 is sup panymg drawings forming a part of this ported in a slanting position with respect cover portion are formed at the opposite 1 ends of the blank, and when the blankis folded along the lines which are indicated in the figure,-the said extending portions will'be folded and tucked in in a manner which is very well understood by those familiar with the making of cartons.

' When the blank is folded the Sign portion 15,will overlie the cover, and after the blank is'folded theportion 4 of the cover is glued or otherwise secured to the-sign portion 15.

. The sign portion beinglan integral part of the blank and further ,bein secured to the cover is in effect a part 0 thecarton,

and when the carton is opened up and the cover moved into the position to form an easel the sign portion is in its proper and desired position and will be rigidly held in this position.

Having described my invention, I claim:

1. A dispensing carton comprising a body portion having an opening therein, a cover hingedly mounted with respect to the body portion said cover being formed in two relatively foldable parts, means for detachably securing one of said parts to the body portion of the carton when the cover is folded with respect to the carton thereby forming a support to hold the carton in inclined position, the other portion of said cover lying in an inclined position with respect to the top of the carton when the cover is folded as before mentioned, and a sign memberiwhich is secured to the portion of the cover which is in inclined position and movable against the body of the carton when the cover is in closed position.

2. A dispensing carton comprising a body portion having an opening therein, a cover hingedly mounted with respect to the body portion, said cover being formed in two relatively folded parts, a tab member partially severed from said cover, the bottom of the body portion at the rear part thereof being provided with a .slit, the said tab being adapted to extend into the said slit when the cover is folded with respect to the carton, said cover thereby forming a support t9 hold the carton in inclined position, a sign member which is hingedly secured to the carton within the cover,-said sign member being secured to a portion of the cover the cover being formed in two relatively foldable parts, one of the said foldable parts being secured to the sign portion the other of said foldable parts being ,adapted to be folded and secured to the body of the carton thereby to form a support for holding the carton in inclined position.

In testimony whereof I hereunto aflix my signature.


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