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Publication numberUS1370962 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 8, 1921
Filing dateOct 30, 1918
Priority dateOct 30, 1918
Publication numberUS 1370962 A, US 1370962A, US-A-1370962, US1370962 A, US1370962A
InventorsGunnill Ernest
Original AssigneePrinteasie Ltd
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Adhesive label
US 1370962 A
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Patented Mar. 8, 1921.v

glass and other surfaces have appended hereunto UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.




Application filed October 30, 1918. Serial No.

To all w homz't may concern:

Be it known that I, ERNEST GUNNILL, a subject of the King of Great Britain, residing at Hook, near Goole, in the county of York, England, have invented certain new and useful Improvementsin Adhesive Labels, of which the following is a specification.

This invention has reference to providing with lettering, figures, designs and the like for advertising, announcement and like purposes.

My invention has for its object, to provide an extremely simple means for applying letters, numerals, designs and the like to shop windows, signboards, hoardings, and fiat surfaces generally for advertising and other purposes, whereby the desired matter can be easily and quickly applied to the surface to be lettered or treated, by an inexperienced person, thereby obviating the necessity for having the matter or the like specially written, printed-or otherwise made on sheets of paper, canvas or the like by sign writers, printers or other persons specially trained for or experienced in that particular kind of work.

In order that my invention may be readily understood and carried, into effect, 'I asheet of drawings illustrating my invention to which reference will be made'in the description which follows: and whereon Figure 1 represents the letter A and a pile of such letters ar-' ranged and bound together in accordance with my invention, Fig. 2is a similar view of a paper or like disk with the letter A printed or otherwise made thereon and a pile of such disks arrangedand bound together in accordance with my invention, Fig. 3 represents .an end view of a handle or holder with a pile of letters or the like secured thereto ready for use, .part'of the wax or like film or shell which forms the means for binding .the pile of letters or the like together being shown broken away to allow of some of the letters or the like being seen, Fig. 4 being a side view of the same also with a portion of the wax or like film or shell broken away, and Fig. 5 is a Specification of Letters Patent.

7 the drawing (Figs; 1 and 2) for'the Patented M-ar.8, 1921. 260,274.

plan View oftwo handles or holders provlded with one form of'interlocking means for enabling a number of handles or holders with their piles of letters or the like being connected together so that a word or part of a word or the like can be arranged and transferred to the surface to be lettered or the like at one operation. Fig. 6 represents one form of lath or strip for use for insur- 1ng ahnement of the letters or the like when they are being applied to the surface to be lettered or decorated, the said lath or strip belng broken to enable the view to fit within the drawing space at disposal, and Fig. 7 is an edge view of Fig. 6. Figs. 6 and 7 are drawn to a smaller scale than the figures whlch precede them.

In carrying out my invention, I employ letters, numerals, designs and the like cut out of paper, linen or other material and I provide one side of each letter or the like with gum or other suitable adhesive and arrange a number of each letter or the like into a pile A. with the gummed or like side a uppermost or downward as the case may be depending upon the position in which the plle is'held, and I bind them together when so arranged, by means of para'flin wax or other readily fracturable suitable binding material or substance which is applied to the exterior of the pile as indicated at a which forms a thin shell or film around the pile, such shell being shown exaggerated in urpose of clearness, which shell will alloy of the ready release of each .unit of the pile in turn when the gummed or like face of such unit isdamped or moistened and pressed on to the glass or other surface to which it-is to be applied, consequent on the gum or like adhesive on the letter or like unit having a greater holding power on .the surface to which it is applied than the strength or binding capacity ofthe shell or film of wax or other temporary binder applied to the edge or outside of the pile of units has on suchpile.

The wax or like binder'is applied in a molten or soft state by a brush, or by immersion or other suitable means, to the outproviding one end of side or edge of the pile of letters or the like, and as before mentioned, merely forms a film or thin inclosing shell for the particular number of letters or the like of which the pile is composed, which film or shell in addition to temporarily binding together the several units which form the pile prevents damp or moisture from penetrating between the several units or layers of letters or the like comprising the pile.

If desired, for the purpose of preventing the film or shell of wax or the like from breakin and releasing some or all of the units 0 which the pile is composed, I may apply a coating of collodion or the like to the exterior of the'wax or like film or shell, this having the effect of imparting a certain amount of elasticity to the film or shell which while it prevents it from cracking, readily gives way and allows of the unit being applied to the surface to be lettered or the like, separating from the next letter or the like in order of arrangement.

Each letter, numeral or the like is made into a separate pile, that is to say, a pile is composed entirely of a number of the letter A, another pile of a number of the letter B only, and so on, and each pile is secured by glue or other suitable means to a base piece or holder B of wood or other suitable material, each base piece or mounting as I will call it, being preferably provided with grooved sides 7) to enable the person using the device to obtain a firm grip of the same by means of a finger and the thumb of the hand. The mountings may however be provided with a knob or the like for that purpose.

A convenient way of fixing the pile of letter or like units to a mounting is to secure the ungummed or non-adhesive side of the top unit of the pile to a cardboard or like disk or piece 25 by glue or the like and to fix such cardboard or like piece to the bottom of the mounting B by glue or the like, as shown at Figs. 3 and 4 of the drawing.

If desired, the mountings B may be provided with means readily connected one to another to allow of a plurality of the same each with its pile of letters or the like being connected together to enable a word or words or the like to be constructed and s0 transferred at one operation to the surface to which the same is or are to be applied, Fig. 5 of the drawing showing one means by way of example only for obtaining interlocking of the mountings, said means consisting of each mounting with a vertical dove-tail shaped groove 6 and the other end with a vertical dove-tail shaped projection b the dove-tail shaped projection on the one mounting being adapted to enter and engage the correspondingly before described whereby they may be shaped recess or groove in the adjoining end of the next mounting.

If desired, in place of the letters, numerals or the like being cut out of paper, linen or the like, they may be printed or otherwise made or produced on round or other suitably shaped disks or pieces of paper, linen or other suitable material as shownat Fig. 2.

To allow of the letters or the like arranged and bound temporarily together as being readily transferred in perfect alinement to the surfaceto which they are to be applied, I may employ a suitably long wood or the like lath or strip C having a perfectly. straight edge or edges, when the lettering or the likeis to be arranged in a straight line, said lath or strip being provided on one or both of its sides with rubber suction disks, C or the equivalent, whereby it can be caused to temporarily adhere to the surface to which the letters or said lath or strip when in position serving as a straight edge on which the mountings of the piles of letters or the like can be readily moved to the points to which the letters or the like are to be transferred to the surface to which they are to be applied.-

In cases where the letters or the like are to be arranged in other than a straight line, the edge of the lath or strip, or templet as it may be called, which would form the support for the mountings of the piles of letters or the like, would be such as to provide the like are to be applied, the

the curved or other shape or design required.

The letters or the like would, by preference, be put up for sale in sets, one example of a set being, the whole of the letters of the alphabet and numerals or figures from 0 to 9 and symbols such as &, commas and other punctuation marks and the like, and with each set may be included rolls of gummed paper or the like which may be either plain or provided with, or be in the form of framing the advertisements, announcements a design or designs, for

or the like produced with letters or the like arranged and temporarily bound together in accordance with my invention.

That part of my inventionwhich consists of arranging a plurality of the same letter, numeral or the like in a pile, providing the pile with a shell or thin casing of parafiin wax or other suitable substance or material of a readily fracturable nature to constitute a temporary binder for the pile, together or not with an additional exterior film or coating of collodion or the like, and securing the pileso formed to a base piece or other suitable mounting, is also applicable to postage stamps, gummed tickets or labels to be applied to reels of thread and the like,

and other articles or things.

I claim: cessively stuck in place and then broken A pile of non-metallic adhesive labels, a away from the pipe. 10 casing of brittle wax-like material adhering In testimony whereof I afiix my signature to the edges of the labels and normally prein the presence of two witnesses.

5 serving their pile formation, the adhesive ERNEST GUNNILL.

, material coating one side of the labels being Witnesses:

of greater strength than the material of LoUIs E.KIP1 AX,

the casing, whereby each end label is suc- OYRIL E. Lrrrm.

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