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Publication numberUS1371344 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 15, 1921
Filing dateMay 15, 1917
Priority dateMay 15, 1917
Publication numberUS 1371344 A, US 1371344A, US-A-1371344, US1371344 A, US1371344A
InventorsJohn C Brackett
Original AssigneeMiddlemiss And Brackett
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Shoveling and loading machine
US 1371344 A
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1,371,344, Patented Mar. '15, 1921.




To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOHN (J. BnAoKn'rr, a citizen of the United States, residingat (Yhicago. in the county ofCook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and uset'ul Improvements in Shoveling and Loading Machines; and I do hereby declare the fol- Specification of Letters Patent.

lowing to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

My invention relates to the construction of shoveling machines adapted to work in locations having restricted head room such as is ordinarily the case in underground mines.

I have illustrated an embodiment of my invention'which comprises a machine of the swinging lever type adaptable for overhead or lateral delivery of material which, while illustrated in a hand-operated embodiment,- may readily be arranged for automatic action. In the design shown the operating cylinders are connectible in various manners to permit alteration of a given machine for separate conditions of operation, and for permitting manufacture rom a nearly standard design of a varied line of apparatus comprising types of quite different characteristics; each adaptable for different classes of work.

My invention has for its object the combination with a main powerful digging cylinder with a single cylinder arranged by connecting mechanism to give a powerful lifting and transferring stroke as when piston l is connectedto pin 2 as hereinafter described.

My invention has for its further object the construction of a machine for lighter work in which one cylinder or equivalent mechanism is arranged for effecting a dig- Patented Mar. 15, 1921.

Application filed May 15, 1917. Serial No. 168,690.

load resulting in an economical air consumpdesign of a simple overhead transferring movement which by a lateral inclination of the cylinders and bearings may readily be adapted to the loading of a car placed along side of the machine instead of in a position directly in line. with the main axis of the machine, as shown.

A further object of my invention is to provide an arrangement of valves which, while adaptable to manual operation, are of a nature which may readily beadapted to automatic operation.

It will be understood that while I have shown a definite embodiment of my inven tion, its practical design is not restricted to the by )e of stationary bucket illustrated, as any 0 the common types of hinged or drop bottom buckets may be used. The bucket may be dumped into a car directly, as shown.

- or onto an auxiliary conveyer, if required;

ging stroke, and at the same time lifting the Referring to the drawings,

Figure l shows the machine in position ready for the digging stroke.

Fig. 2 illustrates the same at the completion of the overhead transferring stroke.

Fig. 3- is a diagram of fluid-pressure connections for actuation of the motive elements.

Referring to the drawings, 5 is a shoveling element mounted on a lever arm-6 pivotally connected and coacting with lovers 7 mounted on movable truck. Pin connections 2. 3 and 4: are provided to any of which piston 1 may. be attached. Pin 2 in all cases provides the connection between levers 6 and'T.

Piston rod 1 is connected to piston 9 which operates in pivotally mounted cylinder 10 connected to frame 8 by pin 11. A second cylinder 12 is in common with lever 7 ivotally connected to frame 8 at point 13.' y]- inder 12 is provided with a piston 14 connected to a iston rod 15 which in turn is pin-connecte at 16 to lever 6..

In the operation of the assembly shown, air is admitted simultaneously above pistons 9 and 14. This results in a crowding forward into the mass of material of shoveling element 5, and a subsequent upward swing around point 2 due to the continued downward action of piston 14. This movement projects the shoveling element into the mass oli material and lifts it clear of the pile. Air is then admitted below piston 9 causin the linkage to revolve around point 1 3 to tie position shown in F 1g. -2- At this oint contact is made by rubber bumper 17 with the the edge of the chute 18 through which material is delivered into car 19. This checking of the movement of shoveling element 5 discharges the contents of the shovel in an obvious manner. Air is then released from cylinders 12 and 10 successively causing lever 6 first to drop around pin 2, and subsequently permitting the assembly to revolve clockwise around pin 13 to the normal position shown in B 1g. --1--.

The maihine is then ready for a repetition of the digging and transferring cycle.

' A modification o't this action 1s secured when piston rod 1 is connected at'pm 3 instead of at pin 2. In this position the toggle effect of cylinder 10 on the forward motion of shoveling element 5 is practically nullified, and the entire digging and lifting stroke is imparted to the shovel by the action of cylinder 12, cylinder '10 being used subsequently to swing the assembly overhead to the discharging position. With this set of connections air is first admitted above piston 14 causing shoveling element 5 to swing upwardly around point 2 in the manner of the swing stroke ordinarily em-- ployed in steam shovel practice. This swing stroke is particularly adapted to under-cutting a high bank where a. small advance per stroke is permissible. When this upward swing stroke is completed air is admitted below piston 9 forcing pin 3 and the assembly anti-clockwise around,

point 13 completing the overhead delivery stroke as previously described. Air is then released from cylinders 12 and 10 successivcly permitting the mechanism to return to the normal position shown in Fig. -1-

readyior the beginning of the second digging stroke.

A separate action of the machine is seecured when piston 1 is connected at pin 4. In this case cylinder 12 is connected free to the atmosphere and used only as a stop, or in the case of machines designed solely for this action cylinder 12 is removed entirely and replaced by a plunger, the equivalent of piston 15, adapted to operate against a stop. the equivalent of lower. cylinder head 20 of der In the apparatus connected as last above described, air is admitted above piston 9 effecting a slight forward crowding motion of the shoveling element 5. When piston 9 has reached thebottom of its stroke air is released in the space above the piston and air pressure is introduced below the piston, causin r the lever 6 to swing upwardly aroun point 2 until piston 14 comes in contact with lower cylinder head 20 of cylin- 12. This looks the levers 6 and 7 against further angular motion in this direction, and continued vertical movement ol piston 9 causes the entire assembly to swing vertically upward around pin 13 completing the overhead swinging and transfer rug; movement as previously described.

ubsequent release of the air pressure below piston 9 permits shovel 5 to drop'downwardly around pin 2;, this motion being accompanied by a clockwise rotation of the entire assembly around pin 13; this compound motion serving to return shovel 5 to the initial position shown in' Fig. --lready for a subsequent digging and transferring stroke. 7

Referring to Fig. 3 in which I have illustrated air or steam connections necessary for the operation of the two cylinders, 21 is a branched supply pipe condiicting air or steam pressure to casing 22 of a plug rock 23. With the plug 23 in the position shown fluid pressure is conducted from pipe 21 through portilt and pipe 25 to the forward or upper end of the cylinder 12, and at the same time the lower or rearward end of cylinder 12 is connected to the atmosphere through pipe 26 and port 27. Rotating plug 23 ninety degrees clockwise connects forward end of cylinder 12 to the at mosphere through pipe 25 and port 24, and at the same timeadmits fluid pressure to the rear or lower end of cylinder 12 through pipe 21, port 27 and pipe 26.,

Supply pipe 21 also connects to casing 28 oi plug 29. With the plug in position llF,

shown fluid pressure is carried to the rear 1 The four-way cocks thus illustrated are arranged forhand operation, but-may'obviously be linked to moving, portions of the actuating elements impart movement to the shove].

2. A shoveling machine comprlslng a carriage, two motive elements pivotally mounted thereon, an actuating element associated with each motive element and adapted to move simultaneously in opposite directions, a shovel engagedwith both'sa'id actuating elements, a link connecting one of said actuating elements and the shovel with the carriage whereby. said motive elements with their actuating elements are caused to turn on the pivots of the motive elements simultaneously to impart a substantially reciprocating movement to the shovel, the other of said actuating elements acting to impart swinging movement to the shovel.

3. In a shoveling machine, a carriage, a link pivotally secured thereto, a shovel earrying lever pivotally secured to the other end of said link, a motive element pivotally mounted on the carriage, a reciprocating actuating element associated with said motive element and pivotally secured to the said link for'imparting thrust movement to the shovel and a second motive element pivotally mounted on the carriage, a second actuating element associated with said secured motive element and pivotally connected with said lever for imparting swinging movement to the shovel.

+1. A shoveling machine comprising a carriage, a member mounted thereon to swing in a vertical plane, a lever provided at one end with a shovel pivotally mounted between its ends on said member, a'motive element on the carriage and an actuating element associated therewith for imparting rocking movement to said member to reciprocate said shovel, and a second motive element on the carriage and a second actuating associated with saidmember and said lever for actuating the same to reciprocate and swing the shovel to first load the same and thereafter project theload therefrom..

6 A shoveling machine comprising a carriage, a member mounted thereon to swing in a vertical plane, a lever provided at one end with a shovel, said member pivotally mounted between its ends on said member and two independently and simultaneously operable extensible and contractible motive devices associated with said member and said lever, one of said motive devices adapted to reciprocate said shovel, and thereafter to co-act with the other motive device to 1swirlig said shovel in a curve to discharge the oat 7 In a shoveling machine, a shovel, a pivotally mounted motive device pivotally connected to the shovel and adapted to be extended to develop a digging and transferring motion of the shovel, and a second pivotally mounted motive device also pivotally connected with the shovel and adapted to be contracted to generate a lifting motion of the shovel. Y

8. In a shoveling machine, a carriage, a link pivotally mounted at one end on the carriage, a lever provided at one end with a shovel and pivotally mounted between its ends on the free end of the link, means for giving the shovel a thrust movement and thereafter alifting discharge movement in a vertical plane, comprising a motive device connecting the opposite end of the lever with the carriage and a second motive device connecting the free end of the link and the lever with the carriage, said motive devices arranged for simultaneous action to impart the desired movement to the lever.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name in presence of two subscribing wit-

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