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Publication numberUS1372532 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 22, 1921
Filing dateMar 8, 1920
Priority dateMar 8, 1920
Publication numberUS 1372532 A, US 1372532A, US-A-1372532, US1372532 A, US1372532A
InventorsMonberg Soren C
Original AssigneeMonberg Soren C
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Air compressor or pump
US 1372532 A
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v- X s. c. MONBERG.



Patented Mar. 22, 1921.






. Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Baal. 22, 1921 Application filed. March 8, 1920. Serial No. 363,951.

r T all whom it may concern Be it known that I, SonnN C. MoNBnRG, a

' citizen of the United States, residing at Leadville, in the county of Lake and State of Colorado, haveinvented new and useful Improvements. in -Air .Compressors or Pumps, of which the'following is a specifi cation. 1 I

This invention relates to pumping devices, particularly to those of the centrifugal type, and has for its object the provision of a novel form of.air..compressor or pump adapted for many uses and in which use is made of a rotarywheel which sucks in the fluid at the center and which is provided with radial p'zfssa 'eswhereby the fluid will be'forced outwar ly under the influence of centrifugal force and be subsequently deliv' ered to the place Where its use is desired.

An additional object is the provision of a device of this character which will be simple in construction, easy to operate, efficient and durable in service, and a general unprovement-in the art.

' With the above and other objectsand advantages in view, the invention consists in the details of construction to be hereinafter more fully described and claimed, and illus gether by suitable bolts 12. j ,At its upper and lower portions the frame carries attaching feet 13 which aresuitably secured to the casing. It is ofcpurse apparent that the casing of the device should be suitably mounted upon a base Formed at opposite sides ofthe "frame-1 1,

which is circular as. shown and which 1s provided with a circular] opening 15;, are extensions 16 ,which are formed hollow or rather which are provided 'with vertically extending bores 17 each threaded at both ends. At eachside of the .irameis formed an opening or passage 18 leading from the Obntral opening in the frame into the bore 17.

rim portion 25 havingteeth-like projections 26 thereon serving as vanes and also includes 7 other fluid.

lti sing'from the base 14 at opposite sides of the caslng 10, are bearings 18 and journaled through these bear-in s are shafts 20 and 21 which pass through the frame 11 and one of these shafts is formed hollow and the other solid, the solid shaft extending into the hollow shaft and forming ajclosure for one end thereof. The hollow shaft is provided adjacent the end of the solid shaft with ports 22 which establish communicatlon between the hollow shaft and the in- .terior of the frame. i

Secured upon the hollow shaft and located within the frame 11, is .a wheel indicated by the numeral 23 and this wheel includesa hollow hub portion 242 which provides an, annular chamber communicating with the ports 22. This wheel. further includes spokes 27 which are formed with passages extending therethrough and. through the reg-is. tering one of the teeth 26. These passages are tangential with respect to the periphery of the chamber in the hollow hub, and com- Lounicate at their inner ends with this chain'- GIZ ,7, f

The frame 11 is formed at each side with an inwardly extending flange 28 which ter- 29. Secured to the flanges 29 and bearing against the sides of the wheel aredeather or rubber packing rings 30.

In the operation of the device, when the, wheel is rotated by means ofa suitable drive pulley or the like 32 secured on either the shaft 20 or 21, air or any other fluid will be sucked in through the open end of the 1101- a low shaft and will pass through the ports low hub. As, the wheel is rotated centrifugalforce will cause the air to be forced outwardly through the passages 2-7 against th inner periphery of the frame 11. The air Willof course pass rapidly along the inner wallof the frame andupon reaching The passages 18, will pass into the bores 17 Qi the extensions 16, It will beobserved that any outlet pipes or hose may be screwed into the threaded ends of the bores 17 for conducting the air or other fluid to the place where its use is desired. The teeth 26 serve as battles to From the foregoing description and a study of the drawings it will be apparent' L minates in an outwardly extending flange 22into the annular chamber within the holi prevent back flow of the air or that I have thus provided a simply constructed and consequently inexpensiveeen trifugal pump device whereby air, anygas,

porting frame having an opening therein and provided at its sides with extensions formed with bores adapted for connection Jvith outlet pipes, said extensions being pro- 2o vided with passages communicating with the bores therein and with the interior of the frame, a hollow shaft extending through said frame and provided therein with. ports, and awheel secured upon 'said shaft and having ahollow hub communicating with said ports and including spokes formed with passages leading from the hollow hub to the" outer periphery of the wheel. 1

2. A device of the character described comprising a supporting base, a casing rising therefrom, a frame secured within said casing and having a circular opening therein, extensions at opposite sides of the frame provided-nth bores, said frame being procating with the opening therein and with the bore of the ad]acent extension, bearings rising from said base at opposite sides of the frame, a hollow shaft journaled through one bearing, a solid shaft journaled through the other bearing and extending into the hollow shaft whereby to form a closure for one end thereof, a wheel secured upon the hollow shaft and disposed within said frame, the wheel having a hollow hub providing an annular chamber, and the hollow shaft being provided with ports communieating with said annular chamber, said wheel further including a rim portion having inclined tooth-like projections thereon, and the wheel further including spokes each formed with a passage communicating with the annular chamber and extending to the outer periphery of the wheel, the bores in said extensions providing means for attachment of discharge pipes.

In testimony whereof I afiix my si nature.


vided at each side with a passage commum-

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U.S. Classification415/227
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