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Publication numberUS1373998 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 5, 1921
Filing dateApr 27, 1920
Priority dateApr 27, 1920
Publication numberUS 1373998 A, US 1373998A, US-A-1373998, US1373998 A, US1373998A
InventorsDillon Nelson D
Original AssigneeDillon Nelson D
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US 1373998 A
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Patented Apr. 5, 1921.I

WITNESSES A TTORIVEYS narra i Y NELsoN n. DILLON, .or snn'rrrnn'wasmiverolv.

GAME- To all wifof'm, t may' concern:

Be it known that I"NnnsoN D. D1LLoN,f-a citizenvof the United Statesand' a resident of Seattle, in the-county of iKing and State of Vashington, have invented a new and lmprove'd Game-,dof which therfollowing is n' Y handed to the player face up; (It is 110W incumbentffupon thef player to separate, l within'a 'certain' amount of ftii'fne;l the cards a full, clear, and-exactI description(v v This invention lrelates to a game, and more particularly f to l:that ltype 'of Vga-n'ie known as a card game, '.1 f l l While the invention is 'primarily intended for the'amusement of the participants'5ra't the Sametime, it serves aswhat commonly known as a psychologicaltest, in that vit bringsl to thesurfac'e all of the perception, and reaction, and causes the 'playe'rgto' make quick decisions.Y l 1 Y 'I Reference is had-*to the attached sheet of drawings which illustrates 'one practical embodiment of my invention, in which drawlnga -'A,

Figure 1 illustrates Vone form ofybase which may be employed in connection with mygame. Figs. 2,-3, 4, 5 and -show the faces of one of each series of cards'employed, and

Fig. 7 illustrates a portion ofthe reverse side of one of the cards. i ln. `allfof these' views like Vreference 'nuf-v nieralsdesignate similar. parts,A and the reference numeral 10 indicatesa baseiwhich may be of-'any convenient'form, andwhich is sub-divided asiat 11, 12,13fand 14 in? its upper face, which subedivisions Yare each provided acter inthe formillustrated A U T O.

Any suitable number of cards are employed, which cards, however, in the part-icular game illustrated may each be classiied in one of ve series, each deck of cards, however, preferably ynumbering thirty cards. Reference being had to Figs.` 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 it will be seen that the reference numeral 15 indicates a card having aggregations of the letters A U T O in which, however, the character 1 A predominates. The same is true of the card illustrated by the reference numeral 16, in which, however, the character U predominates The reference numeral 17 indicates a card in which the character T occurs with the most frequency, and the card designated by the reference numeral 18 has its predominating character the letter O. Finally the card designated as 19, although having any suit-` able aggregations of the characters A U T O with a designating reference char- Y cards." v y The cards having X upon them are con-V i fspeciatioif teneis Ptnt-f f .Patentednpn53.21921. 5

such character voc'curring only Ainone, oratrr l Y most twoinstances.V 1 Y ,A V To play'the game, themarkerorbasel() 1sl laid. upon the table vorother support," and the cards areffthoroughly shuil'ledi` and into lfour *separate vrpiles j care being taken` the cardsinto five separate piles."l The time :that'each'ypileV contains-gonlythose cards; in 'i whichfavcertain .characteypredominates. t

l* urtlier,"fall the cards-containing'Ximust:be

keeperorreferee willhavemadenote of the t amount-of time which `has'lap'sed for the player to 'accomplish this result.; He will then takefthefiive separate packsv of cardsV and reservefthemso that4 theY backsy alone jk are visible, -at any one of .the A corners of Vthe backs the vseriesV towhich each particularA card belongswillbe designated, as lhas been indicated by the r'eferencenume'ral QGYin'Figl 7.V yThis*provisiionvl willlinsurefa ready sorting of the cards sothat. thegame .willnot be delayed, and fthe timekeeper` or leferevill Shift ola-nier'ther-erases@ havefbe'en placed in impreperplegr 'Upon counting all'rofthe Acards whichf'have been incorrectly' placed, the-time keeper may arrive at the number of` mistakes; which havebeen'made 'by' the player`which Atotal number is 'multi-plied bythenumber of sec-I. onds consumed by the player in sorting the veniently known as jokers,fandY instead of counting merely one error against these cards when placed in fthe wrong pile, VanV error on the placing of this type Aofcard is'counted as ten against the player.

It will be appreciated that in the particular type of game' illustrated, that the Vsame '105 times, the character U ten times, the characters T and Q each eight times; six cards contain the letter U sixteentimes, the character T ten times, and thecharacters A' yand yO each seven' times; seven'cards have applied to them the character T eighteen times, lthe character O ten times, and the characters A and U each siX times; eight cards contain the character O twenty'times, the character A ten times and the characters U and T each five times, While four cards contain the character Kas deseribed.

It will be appreciatedthat 'any suitable y number otcardsmay be employed to have their predominating letter ork `characters Vform any desired Word, andi't Will be underioV Y rightthing, or Willhe yunder the impression stood thatthis game Will bring to the sur-V 4a'cefthe factas to ,'Wliether a player when confronted by an emergencyv Will do the of great haste,l'vvithout clear thought, attempt the jfirst decision Which rushes to the mind Or, 'Willhevacillate or, hesitate, or

isrhis mind Aof the type, the desirableona` that in lthe'` unexpected situation instantly Y one X; 'We' then have,

comes to. the same decision it would arrive at after quiet thought? "Obviously, as aforestated, anysuitablev points against' the player, which when multiplied by `fifty six-(the numberjof seconds) brings itftovSvpLG, as points which must be Y counted against 4the e player, orthe total product `fof. the mistakes.; TheWinner of Vthe game of course, is that person'whose total is theleast, and it is obvious that the Y value .ofeach mistake may be reduced or A varied 4at will.

`l/Vhat I claim asnevv and desire to secure lby Letters'Patent is as follows Y e l. Ajgame,1including anumber of cards sub-divided into a number of ser1es,said

cards bearing upon their faces an aggregal V*tion of unrelated characters, certain of said characters being in predominance upon the face of each card, whereby to render the series to which eachfcard belongs capable of "detection from itsV face, Veach 'of said cards containing`V an identification mark upon'its v back presenting anv instantaneousrecognieach card belongs, L v

tion of the series to which the series, vtvhenvthe cards are properly arranged, expressinga ,unitaryA thought;

v2. A game, ineludinga number ofjcards,

eachof which has upon itsface an aggrega` tion of unrelatedcharacters, certain kof said charactersupon each card being infpredominnanceV said Vcards being adapted -tobe arek ranged 4into 'certain vseries, Acharacterized by the predominatingcharacter,` and expressV Y ing, when. thus arranged, ,a gntary thought..

3. Al game, including ka number o i2 I4cards eaehvo'fwhich'-hasupon its face an aggregationof unrelated characters, certainof said characters V,upon reach; cardf being in pre-v eoy dominance, Y eaclif` of'bsaid predominating@ characters 4appearing upon the face oifmost' of the cards said cards beingadapted to be arranged into certaingseries, characterized i by the;predominatingrrycliaracter, and eX-A pressing, when thusarranged,-a unitary.,`

thought. n Y

4. A game including a number ot cards,

eachof'vvhichhas upon its face an aggregationof characters, Vcertain of said characters upon each cardbeing in predominance,each Y' 80 Y of said predominating. characters appearing upon the face of Vrnostof theeards, and further cards constituting-the balance of the pack having a predominanceof aggregated 1 characters appearingv upon allot' the cards of the pack, and bearing in addition to said designating characters,-a character having Y nothing iny common Withthe charaetersap-- pearingrupon the first namedV cards.


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