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Publication numberUS1374849 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1921
Filing dateApr 12, 1919
Priority dateApr 12, 1919
Publication numberUS 1374849 A, US 1374849A, US-A-1374849, US1374849 A, US1374849A
InventorsGreene Charles A
Original AssigneeGreene Charles A
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Sanitary case
US 1374849 A
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Patented Apr. 12

a 7 W I. M W,





.Specifidatiorrof Letters-Patent. Pat tedA 1 unpplication filed April-12, 1919. Serial No. 289,535.

To all whom/it may concern: Y

Be it known that LCHARLES A. GRnENn, a. citizen of the United States, and a res dent of the cityof New York,.borough of Manhattan,-county of New York, and State Of New York, haveinvented a new and Improved SanitaryCase, of which the followingis a full, clear, and exact descriptlon.

This invention relates to a new and 1mproved sanitary and instrument case and is particularly adapted for use asa chiropodist case, but,it is understood that vlt-may be used for other purposes.

One of the objects of this invention is to provide a case of'the above character compactly and conveniently arranged to carry receptacles of'va'rious forms andsizes so constructed that the various parts carried thereinare readily accessible, such parts including an instrument case and contents,

sterilizing apparatus, and suitable bandage and cotton receptacles.

A further object is .to provide ina case of this characteria means "to accommodate receptacles-of various forms and sizes, sald means-being readilyadjusted or removed 'to facilitate the cleaning OfuSa/ld case.

A further object'is to provide a means withinthe case whichis adapted'to permit the ready replacement and use'of instru: ments of varying shapes and-sizes, and of This construction also facilitates the cleaning of the case.

Still another object. is to provide a -c ollapsible sterilizer support suitably carried by the case and so constructed that 1 when not in use,it may =be+folded to;oc cupy a minimum space and be moved lnslde the .main 'case body.

' A furtherobjetzt of this invention is to provide a' means in an instrument case which may function as a sanitary bottom therefor, anduwhich may be withdrawnto .serve as a table ments.

or support for the instru- Other objects andadvantages will be apparent from the accompanying drawings and-the'followingidescription of one of the preferred formsof this-invention.

Similar characters of reference deslgnate whereln Figure 1' is a perspective view showing the box in an open position and the sterilizing receptacle in proper position upon mg means therebelow.

Fig. 2 is fan end sectionalview of the case in a closed position showing the relativeposition and arrangement ofithe :variousparts carried thereby.

the folding support therefor with the'heat- Fig. 3 is abroken sectional view ,of'one corner showing the removable partitions and the supporting brackets therefor.

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the slidable supporting bracket for the partitions.

In the drawings showing one of the preferred forms of this, inventionfthe main outer case portion may be made of any suitable substantial material, and comprisestwo end pieces 1, 2, connected by a bottom 3 and a back 4, therebeing provided a "front 5 hinged at its lower edge at'6 'to" the front edge 7 of the bottom. "A .cover 8 having downwardly extendingxside portions 1, 2',

4 and15, adapted'tofit overthetopedges .of the corresponding portions of the main case body, is hinged at 9 to'theitop-edge of the back 4 andisprovided at the 'front with a catch 10 to engage a=lock 11, carried by the hinged front 5. Ahandle 12 is suitably secured to-the top of the=cover.

Removably carried inside of the caseiis a suitable sanitarylining composed of a suitable asepticlmateriahsuch for example as porcelain, glass or any suitable metals or any other material which maybe removed and cleansed. The said lining comprises theremo'vable bottom 13,'the ends Hand 15 andthe back l6',;the upper edge of said end members l land guides 15.

As a means of carrying instruments there is carried on the inner side of the hinged front 5 'aninstru-ment case comprising upi.

15 being positioned by wardly projecting frame members 17 and 18 spaced and secured by a connecting member 17, and other connecting portions '19 spaced fromthe bottom member 17 a suiiicient distance to slidably receive a removable sanitary bottom 24;, which also rmay be th'atwhen withdrawn, in the direction in vmade of any suitablematerial ashabov'e stated, said bottom belng so arranged so from its closed position, it may be used as a table for the instruments. A suitable cover 22 for the instrument case, having downwardly extending side portions 22, is carried by a hinged connection 23"at the top edge of one of the upwardly extending side portions 17 of the lower portion of the instrument case.

As a means of permitting the ready removal or replacement of instruments and to facilitate the cleaning of the instrument case, there are provided removable racks 20 having openings therein to properly accommodate suitable instruments, said racks 20 being slidably carried in spaced guides 21 carried by the upwardly extending side portions 17, 18. As a means ofpermitting the use of receptacles of varying sizes and in order to facilitate the cleaning of the case, there are provided removable partitions 25 extending longitudinally of the lower portion of the case, slidably carried in suitable brackets, one preferred form herein shown having a grooved portion 27 formed by projecting side portions 27, projecting from an end portion 26, which slidably receives the parti tion members 25, said bracket being provided at its lower edge with an extenc ing base portion 28 adapted to fit under the bottom lining 13, to be adjustably moved along the edge thereof carrying the ends of the partitioning member therewith to accommodate receptacles of varying sizes. A receptacle is shown clotted in Fig. 1 indicating the position of the receptacle when used.

In the upper portion of the case there is provided as a means of carrying bandages or other material, a rectangularshaped receptacle or tray 29 having a suitable bottom and connecting side portions, said receptacle extending substantially throughout the entire length and breadth of the upper part of the case and having a cover 30 having clownwardly projecting side portions, said cover being hinged to the top edge of one of the sides at 30. The main tray portion 29 is hinged at 31 to the top edge of one of the Side members 4 of the case. As a means of moving the tray to a substantially upright position in order that access may be had to the inner part of the case, an arm 49 is pivotally carried on the bottom of the tray at 49 so that when the tray is raised, the arm will assume the position indicated in Fig. 1 and hold the tray in a raised position, and to lower the tray the arm is moved to the position indicated by the dotted line.

As a means of carrying cotton, there is also provided another receptacle 32 suitably supported beneath the bottom of the tray 29 carried in a substantially central position with reference to the main case portion and at one end thereof, this position serving to conserve the space within the case and permit the positioning of the instrument case carried by the hinged cover within 1 the main case. The cotton receptacle is provided with a hinged cover 33 and a relatively small opening 33 through which the cotton may be taken. This requires but little exposure of the cotton and hence keeps it in a clean and sanitary condition. Bind ing posts 29' and 29 are carried insulated from the tray so that if desired, a sultable medical coil may be connected thereto. A suitable catch 34 carried at one of the lower corners of the traymember is provided, and has a projecting end portion adapted to engage a suitable opening 35, in one of the projecting side portions 17 of the cover 22 of the instrument case, so as to hold the front of the case in a closed position, so that if for any reason the lock and catch 10 and 11 should be disengaged by holding the handle 12, the hook 34 engaging the opening 35 would hold the front in a closed position and thus prevent the material within the box from falling therefrom.

A simple and compact collapsible sterilizing support is hinged at 36 near one end of the hinged front cover, said support comprising a base 37 and standards 38 and 39 hinged at each end 36 and 40 of said base 37 in such manner that when the sterilizer is not in use, and when it is desired to close the front of the case, the standards 38 and 39 are folded, in the direction indicated by the arrows, upon the base 37, and said base is then moved to a vertical position normal to the cover, it then being in a position to be moved-within the main case when the front is moved to a closed position, it being understood that before this is done the cover 22 of the case will be closed and the slidable bottom 24 will be moved within the instrument case. As before stated, when the hinged front is moved to a closed position, the hook member 34 will en age the opening 35 in the side portions 1 The upper endof the folding standards 38 and 39 has a contracted portion'39' adapted to engage a positioning slot formed bythe band 42 carried at each end of a fluid receptacle or sterilizer 41. The said receptacle or sterilizer is thus seen to be removably carried at the upper end'of the standards 38 and 39, which are shown as being of a substantially rectangular form of a length equal to approximately that of the base 37 of the collapsible support. A removable top 44, having downwardly projecting side portions, is provided for the sterilizer, said top being provided with an opening 46 having a sliding cover 47 therefor, said opening being used to insert the instruments therethrough intothe sterilizing liquid; Other openings 48 are provided in which are carried other suitable receptacles 48, which may be used to hold chemicals.

As a means of heating the liquid within the sterilizer 41, there is provided a fuel chamber '43 carried between the standards 38 and 39on the base 37 of the collapsible the chamber 43 may be placed within the sterilizer 41 and thus conserve space when the sterilizer is placed within the main case and thus placed adaiacent the partition members, as shown in ig. 2.

As a means of heating the fluid Within the sterilizer 41, there is provided a Wick or burner 50 at the top of the fuel chamber 43. As a means of holding the top of the main case in a substantially upright position,

there is provided eyelets 51, 52, carried by the top 8 and end portion 1 respectively, there being fastened to one of said eyelets one end of a connector 53, there being provided at the other end a hook 54 adapted to engage the eyelet 51 carried by the cover to properly position the top.

It is thus apparent that by this compact and convenient arrangement of parts within the case, when closed, the space in the case is effectively utilized, and, when the case is open for use the parts are so positioned and moved as to be readily accessible.

It is to be noted that the bandage tray and cotton receptacle, the sterilizer, the collapsible support therefor and adjustable brackets are preferably made of sheet metal, but any suitable material may be used therefor.

While but one preferred form of the invention has here been shown, certain changes and modifications thereof may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of this invention.

Having thus described. my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is as follows:

1. A sanitary case comprising a box-like structure and including a front hinged at one edge thereof, an instrument case carried by one side of said front, removable instrument racks therefor, a sterilizer and a collapsible sterilizer support therefor hinged at one side of said front, said support including a base member and upwardly projecting standards hinged at .each end thereof. v

2. A chiropodist case comprising a boxlike structure including a front hinged at one of its edges, removable instrument racks carried thereby and a collapsible sterilizer support hinged at one side of said front, said support including a base and upwardly extending standards hinged at each end of said base adapted to removably sup port a sterilizing chamber at the upper ends thereof.

3. In a chiropodist case having a front portion pivoted at its lower edge, a sterilizer, a collapsible support therefor, said support being pivoted on said front and comprising. hinged members adapted to be folded and moved with the front portion to a position in the chiropodist case when the front is closed.


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