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Publication numberUS1374851 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1921
Filing dateSep 19, 1917
Priority dateSep 19, 1917
Publication numberUS 1374851 A, US 1374851A, US-A-1374851, US1374851 A, US1374851A
InventorsHirth Carl Albert
Original AssigneeHirth Carl Albert
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US 1374851 A
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1,374,851. f Patented Apr. 12, 1921.

' the brush inthe y manufacture more difficult iii-ff- Cm' ALBERT LISTATES, PATENT -oFFlci-:-.


NAILBR'UsIt y invention relates to nail-brushes and has for its object an improved brush of this kind allowing to provide an easier and better cleaning of the fin r-nails.

With nail-brushes of t e usual kind it is rather difficult to make the bristlesl enter into the space inclosed between the nails and the tips of the fingers, and further to guide proper manner during the operation of brushin In the brush accorging to the present invention these drawbacks have been overcome by providing the brush with a suitable guide surface without however rendering its than has been hitherto the case. l

With these objects in view my invention substantially consists in a nail-brush having the bundles of bristles arranged sub-v stantially in a'circle along the inner wall or walls of a hollow body of circular section presenting a substantially concave guide ace to the finger-nails during the brushing operation.

In the drawings accompanying this specification and forming art thereof two forms of a nail-brush embo ying my invention areL shown, -r

Figure l'is a vertical cross-section of the preferred form of my invention,

Fig. 2 a plan of the same, and

Fig. 3 is a vertical cross-section of another form of the invention.

Referrin to Figs. 1 and 2. of the drawings c is t e body of the brush proper, of

annularl shape and provided adjacent its outer as well as its inner circumference with a separate circularrow of holes, e and f respectively,the holes e being arranged near the outer circumference, the holes f nearthe .inner circumference and the two' rows of holes opening toward different faces of the ringe. Bundles of bristles aand b are fixed-in the holes c and f respectively, and in consequence thereof a row of such buni dles extends along near the outer annular edge on one side and another row along near the inner annular edge. on theA other side. d is a sleeve shaped kbody provided Spcification of Letters Patent.

rated from the lwalls and expensive of bristles Patented Api-.12, 1921.

. Application `led September 19, 1917. ySerial Nu.`192,205.

with an annular shoulder i on its inner wall so as to present two substantially cylindrical borlngs 0, p of different diameter. The bor- 1ng o of larger diameter receives the ring the shoulder serving as a seat. The di ference between the diameters of o and p 'being about .one half of the thickness of ring c, the rows of bundles a and b are sepag and la, respectively of thelr borings by an equal distance, said walls serving as guide surfaces for the backs of the finger-nai s while the brush4 is being use In order to clean the nails by aid of the either one orthe ot er boring o, p, and are pressed with their backs against the respective guide surface g or. k. By turning the sleeve d together with ring c firmly seated in it about its axis, the bundles of bristles a o r b are brought in contact with the fingertlps and are caused to enter the space between the tips and the nails, one after the other, in rapid succession. It is clear that this can be effected quite mechanically and withoutlooking at the brush and fingers, and nevertheless` these latter are rmly guided and held in position in front of the bristles by aid of the surface g or It.

Instead of providing the brush vwith two rows of bristles, one on each face, as shown and described, a single annular row surprovided. Howeverthe arrangement shown 1n the drawings resents the advantage of allowing to treat ands of considerably different sizeand nails having different curvatures. y

Instead of arranging a plurality of rows on' opposite sides of a ring, a sleeve presenting two shoulders of different diameterV may be used, a row of bristles being arranged on each shoulder and all the rows extending in the same direction. One form of'a brush arran ed in this manner is illustrated in Fig. 3. n this figure d. designates the sleeve, having the shoulders la and m, on which are seated ,the annular brush bodies s and t respectively carrying the rows of bristles u and o, However the rows of bristles arranged as shown and describedv lend themselves better for cleaning.

, I claim 1. In a nail brush, in combination, a body provided with a passage therethrough, a plurality of substantially annular rows of said brush, the fin er-tips are inserted in bristles disposed on said body, and a sleevelike casing open at both ends surrounding said rows and forming a guide face about each row.

2. In a nail brush, in combination, a ringlike brush body, a sleeve-like casing open at both ends and provided in the interior with a shoulder serving as a seat for said body, said casing being' of a diicrent interior die ameter on opposite sidesof said shoulder, and substantially annular rows of bristles disposed on opposite sides of said body and substantially conforming to the inner circumference of the adjacent portion of the casing.

3. In a nail-brush in combination, a brush body having a passage therethrough, a sleevesshaped casing, a shoulder Within said casing adapted to serve as a seat for said body 'and Asubstantially annular rows of bristles disposed on opposite faces of said body ad]acent to the inner Wall of said casing.

4. In. a nail brush, in combination,r a. sleeve-like casing open at both ends and provided with an interior shoulder, a brush body. having a passage therethrough disposed on said shoulder, and a substantially annular row of bristles disposed on said body and substantially conforming to the inner circumference of the adjacent portion of the casing.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature, in presence of two witnesses.


LUIsE JOHANNA Voorrrime.



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