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Publication numberUS1374866 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1921
Filing dateDec 15, 1919
Priority dateDec 15, 1919
Publication numberUS 1374866 A, US 1374866A, US-A-1374866, US1374866 A, US1374866A
InventorsSamuel A Spencer
Original AssigneeSamuel A Spencer
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Adjustable flue extension
US 1374866 A
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1,374,866. Patented Apr 12, 1921;



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Apr. 12, 1921.

Application filed December 15, 1919. Serial No. 345,160.

T 0 all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, SAMUEL A. SPENCER,

a citizen of the United. States, residing at Salt Lake City, in the county of Salt Lake and State of Utah, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Adjustable Flue Extensions, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates. to flue extensions and has for its object toprovide an economical extension which may be secured on and which is adjustable to fit any size flue or chimney.

These objects I accomplish with the device illustrated in. the accompanying drawings in which similar letters and numerals of reference indicate like parts throughout the several figures and as described in the specification forming a part of this application and pointed out in the appended claims.

In the drawings in which I have shown a substantial embodiment of my invention, Figure 1 is an elevation of the device in place on the top of a brick flue. Fig. 2 is an elevation of the device extended to fit a larger flue. Fig. 3 is a view in perspective of one corner piece of the device. Fig. 4 is an inverted plan view of the device to show more clearly the construction. Fig.

5 is a perspective of the opposite corner piece to that shown in Fig. 3. V In building extensions for brick chimneys and flues it is the practice to construct the extension of sheet metal as the frustum of a pyramid and to form one end to fit the square or rectangular shape of the flue and the other end circular to fit into one end of one or more joints of pipe. As the mortar joints of the brick portion of the fiues vary in thickness, careful measurement must be made by the tinner to insure a fit between the base portion of the extension and the brick flue. The present invention is intended to provide an extension which may be adjusted to fit almost any shape and size flue, and with that object in view I construct the frusto-pyramidically shaped extension, of sheet metal and which is made up of four pieces A each having a right-angle bend longitudinally therein to form one of the four corners shown at 1, and with portions forming the side faces of said device.

Each of said pieces A consists of portions a, b, c and d, and the bottom edge of each of said pieces A extends laterally from near one corner of the device to and around another corner 1 and to the middleof one side face which face is shown as a. The portion shown as a is bent upon itself as at 4, with the portion marked 6 leading back to near the inner angle of said corner 1, where it is again folded'or bent upon itself, asat 5, and with the third lead a extending'on the inside of the device back to said middle line. The fold or bend at 5 withthe sides thereof 6 and 0 form a pocket or narrow channel to. receive the free side portion (Z of another of said pieces A. Near the bottom edge of the free side portion d of each of sald pieces A an elongated slot 7 is cut, and a threaded strap nut 8 is riveted to the corner of said portion 0. A short bolt 6 is passed throughholes formed in said folded side leads a and 6 .near said middle line and through said slot 7 which bolt engages and is screwed into said strap nut 8. The said slot 7 allowsthe said free side portions 01 to be moved into or'out of said pockets as desired and when said bolt is tightened the sides of said device will be held rigidly in'place. In order that the portion d may'fit closely within the channel,

between the portions 12 and c and make a draft tight joint, I provide a strip of fireproof material 9 which is bent around the edge of said portion 0 and fastened longitudinally along said edge, preferably I use asbestos fiber paper although any packing material which is fire-proofmay be used, and said strip 9 may be secured on and held in place on said edge by rivets or other fastening means. If desired the strip of packing material may be secured on the edge of portion (Z. The upper end of each of said pieces A is bent laterally to form one quarter of a circle the size desired to fit within the end of a sleeve member 2, and each of said pieces A is riveted to said sleeve member'2, by the rivets 3. To place my device quickly and securely on a flue, the bolts 6 are all loosened in their strap nuts 8, and the lower end portions ofv said pieces A are pulled outwardly, the said slots 7 allowing said bolts to move therein and the portions d sliding outwardly in their respective pockets. The base of my device is thus enlarged to fit freely over the upper tier of brick in the flue, and when placed around said tier of brick the lower portions of said pieces A are moved toward each other until the device fits the said flue snugly, and then the bolts are screwed and set into their respective strap nuts 8. Any desired number of lengths of pipe may then be secured in place on sleeve member 2. The folding of the side faces of my device at a and 5 forms a slip joint for the adjustment which will not interfere with the draft of the flue, and the packing along the edge of the portions 0 and (Z insures a more draft tight slip-joint. I thus provide a new and useful improvement in flue extensions which is readily adjustable to fit any size flue consisting of four corner pieces rigidly fastened at their upper ends and slidable at their lower ends, and constructed as set out above.

Having thus described my invention I desire to secure by Letters Patent and claim 1. An adjustable flue extension comprising sheet metal cut and bent to form one corner and portions of two side faces of a flue extension, with an elongated slot out near the edge of one of said side faces; a narrow channel formed in the other side face by bending portions of said sheet metal upon itself; and a bolt operable in said slot with a strap nut fastened on one lead of said sheet metal and in which said bolt is screwed.

2. Anadjustable flue extension comprising four co-acting corner pieces each of which has right-angle side faces; an elongated slot in one of said side faces of each of said corner pieces; portions of the other side face of each corner plece bent upon 1tself to form a narrow channel; a strap nut in a square form at their other ends when a portion of one piece 1s carried in said narrow channel of the adjacent piece.

4-. An adjustable flue extension comprising four co-acting corner pieces a portion of each bent to form a narrow channel; a packing strip secured along one side of said channel; a sleevemember secured on and holding said four corner pieces in circular form at one end; and bolts and nuts to hold said corner pieces in a square form at their other ends when a portion of one piece is carried in said narrow channel of the adjacent piece.

In testimony whereof Ihave affixedmy signature.


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