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Publication numberUS1375050 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 19, 1921
Filing dateApr 2, 1920
Priority dateMay 1, 1916
Publication numberUS 1375050 A, US 1375050A, US-A-1375050, US1375050 A, US1375050A
InventorsJoseph Krauer
Original AssigneeJoseph Krauer
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Apparatus for the treatment of rheumatism, gout, sciatica, neuralgia, and similar ailments
US 1375050 A
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APPLICATION men APR.2. 1920.

1,375,050, Patented Apr. 19,1921.

Miter a ist t rtan STATES wears KRAUER, or 'r r'naron CHAPEL, ENGLAND,

ArrARA'rUs roa-rrinrnna'rivinnr or nnnnrrarrsi/r, sour, sora'rrca, NEURALGIEA, Aunsrrarrian nrrr nn'rs.

rsraoao. Original ap plication filed-lvliay 1, 1 916,

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that 1,5} osnrrr hinannm a Swiss citizen, residing at Heaton Chapel,

in the county of Lancasten'England, have invented a certain new and useful lmprove ment in Apparatus for the Treatment of Rheumatism, Gout, Sciatica,Neuralgia, and Similar rrilments, of which the following is a specification.

. This invention relates to improvements in apparatus for the treatment of-rheuma- I tism, gout, sciatica, neuralgia and similar ailments and this, application is a division of the application which eventuated in myPatent No. .l343512, issued June v Referring to Figs. 1 and 2 which illustrate an example of the said invention as applied to a knee,"leg, elbow or hand treating. apparatus, a box a is lined with asbestos, mica or the like 6, and has heaters 0 which also form the poles of the cooperating electro-magnet d. The box a also contains two incandescent electric lamps Q and a further electro-magnet d the poles 7' of which consist of a number of wires or strips distributed to inclose the lower part of the area in which the affected. partis placed. Holes having flaps s and t are provided at the ends of the box a, so that the limb may extend through the box and strips u.

' and '0 of webbing are secured to the box a to hold the affected part in the correct position. The box a is closed at the top by two hinged lids w and a, and a lining g of perforated metal, asbestos or gauze covers the working parts and prevents contact of the limb with the same. ness, a portion of the lining y is shown removed in Fig. 1 and the whole of the lining y is shown removed in Fig. 2. When the apparatus is used for the hand, which requires only one opening, the other opening Specification of Letters liatent.

.the opening.

For the sake of clear-'1 is closed by a cover 2, Fig. 5, which has a strip 2, of rubber or the like to'fit, inside The heaters, lamps and electro-magnets may be connected up in parallel or in series.-

Referring to Figs. trate an example of the'invention as applied to afoot treating apparatus, a boxa having at oneend an opening provided with a leatherflap 23, contains an electro-magnet d and electric radiators3. The poles 7' of the electro-magnet may be formed as heaters e. The strips a, o, o of webbing hold the foot in its correct position, and the lining y of perforated metal, asbestos, or gauz'e covers theworking parts and prevents contact with the same. The corners 4t of-the hinged lids.

'w and a: are cut out and provided withfiaps to accommodate the limb while the foot is under treatment. For clearness a part of the lining y is broken away in Fig. 3 and the lining y removed in Fig. 4. The radiators and electro-magnets may be connected in series or in parallel.

Referring to Figs. 6 and 7 which illustrate an example of the invention as applied to a back and hip treating apparatus,

a is an asbestos, mica or the like lined box secured to the back of an easy chair, the

lower portion of the-chair back 5 being cut away to expose the open side of the box a. Boxes 6 and 6 are also formed in the arms of the chair and accommodate the pole pieces a" and o" of the electro-magnet d. The electro-magnet d and a number of heaters c and radiators 3 are arranged in the box a, and the chair back 5, together with the box a are hinged at 7, so that they can be dropped and the patients back can be exposed. The pole pieces 1" and 1 move with the box a, when the chair back 5 is lowered or raised, The heaters, lamps and electro-magnets may be connected in series or in parallel. The open side of the box a is covered by a piece of perforated metal, asbestos or gauze y and the boxes 6 are similarly protected by perforated metal, asbestos or gauze covers 3 As will be readily understood,a thermom- Patented Apr. 19,1921.

Serial No. 91,886. Divided. and this applieationfiled Apri1"2, 1920. Serial No. 370,863. I

3' and 4., which illus-' thermal or radio-active elements may be added if desired. A fuse box may also be provided inside'or outside the apparatus if desired. The circuits may also be so arranged that the heaters can be switched oil Without deenergizing the electro-magnets or vice-versa. When radiators are used, the heaters may be dispensed with, being, in cases Where they are used as pole pieces also, replaced by plain pole pieces. Beneficial results have been observed in the use of the above described apparatus for the treatment of diseases of the hereinbei'ore named kinds. 1 V 1 I claim a p 1. An apparatus for the treatment of diseases, comprising in combination, a receptacle, to surround the part to'be treated,

heatproducing means Within the receptacle and electro magnetic means Within the re ceptacle.

2. An apparatus for the treatment of diseases 'comprising in combination, a receptacle to surround the part to be treated, electric heat producers Within the receptacle,

and electric means adapted to produce a magnetic field Within the receptacle substantially at right angles to the lines of heat.


3. An apparatus for the treatment 7 of diseases comprising in combination, a receptacle lined with heat insulating material, an

electro-magnetic'coil Within said receptacle,

diseases comprising in combination, a receptacle, achair on Which said receptacle is provided, electric heaters Within said receptacle, and means in said receptacle for producing electro-magnetism.

5. An apparatus for the treatment of diseases comprising in combination, a receptacle, l'lBELtBISWlthln the receptacle, means in ducing light. 7 I

Signed at Manchester, in the count of said receptacle for producing electro-mag- .netism, and means in said receptacle for pro 7 Lancaster, England, this 16th day of arch JOSEPH' KRAUER.



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U.S. Classification600/13
International ClassificationA61N2/00, A61N2/04, A61N1/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61N1/00
European ClassificationA61N1/00