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Publication numberUS1375480 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 19, 1921
Filing dateOct 6, 1917
Priority dateOct 6, 1917
Publication numberUS 1375480 A, US 1375480A, US-A-1375480, US1375480 A, US1375480A
InventorsWalter A West
Original AssigneeWalter A West
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US 1375480 A
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Patented Apr. 19, 1921.

/ 222156? eaa:



To all whom it may concern: g

Be it known that I, WALTER A. WEST, a citizen. of the United States, residing at Elkhorn, in the county of Walworth and State of Wisconsin, have invented new and useful Improvements in Can-Jackets, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part thereof.

The purpose of this invention is to provide an improved protecting device for cans,-

particularly such as milk cans, servingtwo purposes, first and primarily to protect the contents of the cans against outside temperature, either heat or cold, and second, to defeat pilfering of the contents of the can. It consists in the elementsand features of construction, shown and described, as 1nd1- cated in the claims.

In the drawings Figure 1 is a side elevation of a can equipped with a jacket embodying this-1nvention. v

Fig. 2 is a section at the line, 2-2, on Fig. 1. I

Fig. 3 is a section at the line, 3-3, on Fi 1.

Fig. 4 is a detail side elevation of the upper part of a jacketed can showing a modified application of the sealing device.

Fig. 5 is a section at the plane of seal ng of the neck, showing a modification.

The can, A, shown in the drawings is of the familiar form and construction of milk cans having a contracted neck, A, and a cover, A which is withdrawable upward from above the neck, the can having also handles, A A in the usual position for handling it. The jacket, B, is in the nature of an inverted bag, that is, being closed at the top and adapted to be applied from above downward over the can and cover. In the main it fits the can loosely, that is, with considerable slack, particularly at the neck, and some slack throughout, so that it may be easily applied and-withdrawn. It'has apertures, B B for the can handles, A and flaps, B which are secured to the body and adapted to be inserted through the open ngs of the handles, and are preferably provided with means for buttoning or otherwise securing them below the handle to the body of the jacket. At the bottom the jacket s provided with .buckle straps, C, C sewed to the jacket near the lower margin and adapt ed for drawing the jacket snugly about the Specification of Letters Patent. Patent d A 19 1921.

Application filed October 6, 1917.

Serial No. 195,006.

bottom of the can and securing it by the buckle. At the neck portion, 13*, of the jacket, there are suitably anchored to it at a I distance apart which is somewhat more than the slack of the neck,that is, excess of the circumferential extent ofthe neck of the jacket above the circumferential extent of the neck of the can,ringjs, D, D, which have reeved through them the strap orwire, V, of a sealing device which being thus reeved through them may be drawn tight to take up the slack and secure the can cover unremovably until the seal is broken, be-

extent between the can and the cover, so that the 'pilferer may collect it for use. This is obviously impracticable when, notwithstand- 1ng the can might be thus tilted and the vmilk caused'to flow out, the 'pilferer would be unable to collect the escaping contents:

until it had flowed down over the whole interior surface of the jacket, which would render itvalueless to the pilferer. means for securing the flaps, B ,.after their -insertion down through the handles, preferably comprises a buttonhole or eyelet b in the flap B and a staple or eye, 6 anchored in the body of the jacket and adapted to be passed through the eyelet or buttonhole of the flap, and to receive outside The cover is thereby securelyre,


thereof the strap or wire'of the sealing device, F, which would prevent the withdrawal of the flap, andthereby cause the flapto retainthe jacket on the can as effectually as it is retained or would be retained by the seal: ing device drawing the neck of the jacket around the neck of the can. The scaling device may therefore be applied in either of the places indicated, or in both if desired, and as shown.

A specific purpose of this jacket is to insulate the can in respect to heat, so that the contents may neither ,become overheated or over-cooled in transportation, and for this purpose the jacket is composed of an inner layer, M, and an outer layer, N, of the fabric, which is preferably oil-treated, or otherwise waterproofed, and may also be painted, an intermediate layer, P, of paper being inter-r posed and secured between the inner and outer fabric layers, such paper layer serving very eflectually as an insulation. The neck ortion, B of the jacket which is to be colapsedaround the neck of the can when the jacket is sealed at that point as described, may have a contractible paper filler, p, intermediate the inner and outer fabric layers; or

- such layer may be made of comparatively narrow strips of paper, 19", which will slip over each other in the collapsin of the neck,

as seen in section in F igh5. t will be obvious that instead of utllizing the rings, D,

D, which are anchored in; the fabric of the jacket at the neck for looping] the sealing strap through them as described and shown,

a strap, V, of the sealing device may be passed entirely around the'neck and drawn tight to collapse the neck of the jacket about the neck of the can, with the same effect so far aS $BC11TlI1g the jacket to the can, and

near the top as rial as felt, or leather shown at E, E, on the inside of the j acket,-to seat snugly on the can body, the bucklevstraps, C, G at the bottom on the outside of the jacket, and similar straps, 0,0 being suitably positioned for clamping the jacket to the can at -the zones occupied by the straps, D, D.

I claim 2.-

1. A canjacket adapted to be passed over the can from the topand retain the cover upon the can while the jacket is in place, the jacket having apertures through which laterally-projecting handles of the canmay extend, and flaps secured to the jacket above the apertures, adapted to extend through the can handles 'and overhang the lower margin of the apertures, and means for re leasably and sealably securing the flaps to the jacket body at the opposite side of the handle from that *at which the flaps are secured to the body of the jacket.

2. An insulating jacket for a. can having a closed topand adapted to be applied over the cover of the can and to extend down around the body, and having apertures for the can handles and flaps extending from the bodyadapted to be inserted through the can handles for closing the'handle apertures.

In testimon whereof I have hereunto set my hand at hicago, Illinois, this 3rd day of October, 1911 WALTER A. WEST.

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U.S. Classification150/154, 150/901
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Cooperative ClassificationY10S150/901, B65D81/3886
European ClassificationB65D81/38K4