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Publication numberUS1376506 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 3, 1921
Filing dateJul 19, 1920
Priority dateJul 19, 1920
Publication numberUS 1376506 A, US 1376506A, US-A-1376506, US1376506 A, US1376506A
InventorsSamuel Beskin
Original AssigneeSamuel Beskin
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Combination display-case
US 1376506 A
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Patented y 3,1921.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May 3,1921.

Application filed July 19, 1920. Serial No. 397,253.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that l, SAMUEL BESKIN, a citizen of the United States, residing at N orfolk, in the county of Norfolk and State of Vir inia, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Combination Display- Cases, of which the following is a speclfication.

My invention relates to combination goods display cases.

The object of the invention is to provide means whereby goods, more particularly cigars, may be displayed upon a show case in stores and be easy of access to the customer so that he may help himself to the goods and then make payment in the usual manner.

A further object is to provide a dust proof receptacle for the box and the goods contained therein, and where the label showing the brand of goods on the box lid or cover, may be covered with glass and at the same time be plainly visible.

Further objects and advantages will be more fully described herein and specifically pointed out in the claims hereunto annexed recourse being had to the accompany ng drawing forming a part of this specification in which Figure 1 is a cross sectional view of my device showing an inclined cigar box displayed therein.

Fig. 2 is a front view of the same.

Fig. 3 is a sectional elevation of the humidifier or moistening device, and

Fig. 4 is a front view thereof.

In the drawing like reference numerals indicate similar parts in all the several views.

The display case consists of the bottom 1, the side members 2, and the back portion 3, Fig. 1, and upon the latter there is placed a hinge or hinges 4 for attachment of the metal display receptacle covering frame 5 at the upper end thereof.

The frame 5 is provided with a glass plate 6 suitably secured Within the marginal frame.

7 is a similar frame hinged to the frame 5 by means of the hinges "1' and is also fitted with a glass plate 8 so that it may rest upon the hereinafter described glass front and partition.

9 and 10 are buttons or knobs for convenience in manipulating the frame 7 and its glass plate 8 and the back 3, respectively.

In F 1g. 2, 8 represents a continuation downward of the marginal frame to a vertical position to support the glass front plate 12 and in the rear thereof I place a wooden or glass mirror partition 11, thus leavlng a space between same and the glass plate or front 12 for the display of smaller goods such as chewing gum, candy and the like, as at 16.

The frame 7 and the glass plate 8 rest both upon the partition 11 and the glass front 12 and are therefore inclined, aS is also the frame 5 and its glass plate 6 covering the box top or lid, at a more or less extent.

-As shown in Fig. 1, when it is desired to remove a cigar from the box 13, it is only necessary to lift the frame 7 with its glass plate 8 as shown by the dotted lines 8 in order to place a box within the case, the two frame parts 5 and 7, with their respective glass plates, are lifted, (or may be folded), as shown by the upper dotted lines at the left of Fig. 1, and after the box 13 is correctly positioned, the frames and glass plates are lowered in place as shown by the hatched full lines in Fig. 1.

Likewise, the back 3 may be raised in order to reach the interior of the case, as in dicated by the dotted lines 3 at the right of F ig. 1.

It will be seen that the cigar box is covered completely by the glass plate 8, and its lid or top 14, by the plate 6, so that the lid becomes its own display sign instead of a similar and separate counterpart of the brand in a slidable frame and not liable to become stuck and inoperative by rough handling.

The box containing the goods, (shown on the drawing as cigars), is placed at any desired angle or inclination which is usually done by wood blocks or similar arrangement, but in my invention I provide metal humidifiers or moistening boxes 15 having a sloping top, to suit the inclination at which it is desired to place the box -13, arranged in any desired number under the box or goods receptacle as shown in Fig. 1 so that it becomes an angular seat or support therefor and supplies means for moisture in the interior of the case at the same time.

The humidifier consists of the outer metal body portion with an inclosed sloping false bottom 17, Fig. 3, leading to a trap formed by the partition 17 for waste water.

The water supply is contained in the reservoir 18 into which one end of the cotton wick 19 is immersed, while the other end of the wick rests upon the sloping bottom 17 and spreads into contact with the absorbent fabric pieces 20.

The absorbent fabric or felt covers the perforations in the sides of the humidifier and in this manner the felt or fabric is kept constantly moist due to the capillary attrac- 7 tion of the wick. v 22 is a filling cap for supply of waterto the moistening device.

23 is a sign or name plate upon the upper portion of the glass plate 6 and is used in cases where the lid 14 of the box 13 does not reach the under side of the joint 4 so that the plate 23 may fill up the small vacant space between it andthe upper edge of the box lid and may be used for price marks and the like, but its use may be dispensed with if the top edge of the box lid reaches its highest point as its height de- By takingout the sides 2 and the bottom 1, the parts 3, 5 and 7 may be folded together flatwise so as to take up a minimum of space for packing and transporting.

1. A case adapted to receive a cigar box for display including a back and a hinged folding transparent cover adapted to assume angles; corresponding to the inclination of the cigar box and its lid, a vertical 'partition cover-able by said folding cover, and a hollow member to support a cigar box at an angle. I j 2. A case adapted to receive a receptacle for display in luding a hollow wedge shaped support for placing the receptacle in a tilted position, a vertical back member, a sectional glass cover having its sections hinged together, said cover being hingedly fitted to said back and adapted to assume various angles according to the inclination of the receptacle and its lid when in the case ondisplay, and a partition in the front of the case and coverable by said hinged cover.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto afiixed my signature in the presence of two witnesses.

SAMUEL BESKIN. lVitnesses T. L. HARnnLL, WALTER B. Bunnow.

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