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Publication numberUS1376625 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 3, 1921
Filing dateMay 14, 1920
Priority dateMay 14, 1920
Publication numberUS 1376625 A, US 1376625A, US-A-1376625, US1376625 A, US1376625A
InventorsJohnston Gertrude Alcock
Original AssigneeJohnston Gertrude Alcock
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Safety appliance for high chairs
US 1376625 A
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1,376,625, Patented May 3,1921.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May 3, 1921..

Application filed Kay 14, 1920. Serial No. 381,445.

To all whom it may concern. .Be it known that I, GERTRUDE Anooox JOHNSTON, a citizen of the United States,

companying drawings, forming a part of this specification.

My invention relates to a safety appliance for preventing children from falling out of high chairs or the like.

One of the particularobjects of the in vention is'to provide a safety device of the above description in the .form of a fabric appliance which can be readily and conveniently attached to any style of high chair, and which can be quickly fastened-to the infant.

Another object is-toprovide a safety appliance which can be made at little expense, and which can be readily washed or cleaned.

Another object is to provide a safety ap pliance which will be comfortable to the-in-v fant, and which will not obstruct his freedom ofmotion in the high chair. I

Another object'is to provide such an a pliance which will support the babys bac In the accompanying drawing:

Figure-1 is a view of'the safety appliance'j spread out; i

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary perspectiveview illustrating the-appliance fastened to a high chair; and s Fig. 3 is a perspective view illustrating the manner of fastening the appliance to the child.

The appliance consists of a single piece of fabric 4, which is cut out to have the general configuration shown in' Fig. 1. The seal portion 5 is referably curved along its rear edge to conf rm to the seat of the ordinary high chair, and at its front edge is formed -with an extending crotch band 6. -.This

crotch band is preferably quitev narrow so as to avoid causing an discomfort when applied to the child. he crotch band is extended outwardly at either corner to form a waist band 7 for tying about the waist of the infant. The appliancemay "be made of 7 any pliable material, preferably fabric such as muslin, drill, or a rubberized or treated fabric such as rubberized sheeting ora light grade of oil-cloth.. Any of th se materials can be readily washed or cleaned. Theiedge of the fabric may be hemmed or taped in an obvious manner.

For the purpose of fastening the applianceto the high chair, the seat portion 5 is prov ded with a plurality of fastening tapes 8,wh1ch are adapted to be fastened to the legs 9 of the high chair, asshowni in Figs.

'2 and 3. These tapes are sewed'tothe seat portion 5 at different pointsfalong the edges thereof, there bein preferablyfour ofthese tapes, one for eac legofthe chair. The

tapes maybe formed with plain ends for tying around the legs of the chair, as indicated 1n Fig.2, or may-be; provided with buttons or snaps for fastening around the chair legs. Sewed along the. upper edge of the waist band 7 is a tape 10,'the ends of which are adapted to be tied together at the back of the child.

The appliance is fastened to the high chairiby tyingorotherwise securing the four tapes 8 around the four legs 9 0]. the chair,

or by tying the-ends of the tapes together acrossthe bottom of the chair seat, with the crotch band 6 extending forwardly from the front edge of the seat 11. In placing the infant in the chair the crotch band 6 is first be noted that in this position the crotch band '6 formsin conjunction with the side arms 15 of the chairtwo small leg openings for engaging the legs of the child, and through which the child cannot possibly slip. To free the child the tapes on the waist band are simply untied, whereupon he can be lifted free of the chair; the safety appliance beingleft fastened to the seat 11, as illustrated in Fig. 2. I also contemplate combining a bib with the safety appliance by formin a bib continuation 12, which extends up mm the waist band 7 and which is adapted for tying about the neck of the child, as indicated-in Fig.- 3.

It will be apparent that when he is thus tied in the chair the child cannot possibly fall out of the chair or slip down under the tray 14. The waist band- 7 prevents him from raising or standing up in the seat of the chair and thus prevents any possibility of his falling over the arms 15 or over the tray 14. Similarly, the crotch band 6 prevents the infant from slipping or'working down between the seat 11 and the tray 14.

I claim:

In a safety appliance for high chairs and the like conslsting of a pliable cleanable unitary member adapted to he cut from a single piece of material, its outhne bein so sha ed as to form a seat portion, the out e ges of said seat portion being converged inwardly to form a single central crotc the upper edges of said crotch band being diverged outwardly to form a co-extensive waist band, means at the corners of said seat portion for fastening the same to the legs or back of the high chair, and means for fastenin the waist band around the body of the infant.

.In wltness whereof hereunto subscribe my name this 11th day of May, 1920.



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