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Publication numberUS1377140 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 3, 1921
Filing dateNov 11, 1919
Publication numberUS 1377140 A, US 1377140A, US-A-1377140, US1377140 A, US1377140A
InventorsFrederick K. North
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Massaging- device
US 1377140 A
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' F. K. NORTH.


, 1,377,140. Patented m 3; 192 1.

z-suzzrs -suin 2.


J /IIII/IIIIIIIIIII/l/Il/ lnv enTor. I Frederick; Noflh b WM&W Afiys.

' rnnnnnicx 1:. NORTH,

02 CHICAGO, In In'oIs.


Application filed Hovember T all whomz't may concern: I

Be it known that I, FREDERICK K. NORTH, a citizen of the United State's,.and resident of Chicago, county of Cook, Stateof Illinois, whose post-oflice address is 1461 Foster avenue, Chicago, Illinois, have invented an Improvement in, Massaging Devices, of which the following description, in connection with the accompanying drawing, is a specification, likecharacters on the drawing representing like parts.

This invention relates to improvements in massaging apparatusv and the object thereof is to provide a simple and effective massaging device which may be held in the hand and passed over portions ofthe body of a patient, the massaging instrumentalities be.- ing so actuated as to produce rubbingor kneading action. which simulate the action of the fingersof a masseur.

A further object of the. invention is to provide an electrically operated massaging device in which the motor is carriedin the handle of the device and the massagingin strumentalities are operated directly from the motor shaft through 'suitablereducing gears. I r I A further object ofv the inventioniis to providev a novel forum of massaging instrumentalities or fingers which are yieldably I connected to suitable actuators thereby preventing the possibility of injury to the patient by undue force exerted upon the massaging instrumentalities.

A further object, ,of: the invention is tof provide a massaging. device in-which the massaging instnimentalities can be readily,


Further objects and features of the in; vention willmore fully appeari fromthe' following description and the accompanying drawingsand will bejpointed out inthe annexed claims..- e In the drawings Figure 1 is a side elevation of a-massaging device embodying the preferred'forin' of my invention. Fig. 2 is a vertical longitudinal median ing shown in elevation.-

Fig. 3 IS a longitudinal fvert cal sectional'view of the'device, the rm'otorbe ating shaft, Fig. 4 is, a transverse vert cal sectional Specification of Letters Patent.

v v sectional. view throughthe actuators and: the r :actu-r I ;Patented May 3, 1921 11, 1919. Seria1.Ng 337,355 I p Fig. 5, is a transverse vertical sectional view on lines 5-5 ig. 2. I

The massaging device illustrated in the accompanying drawing comprises a casing, the body of which may bemade of two substantially cylindrical sections, theabutting edges of which may beconnected together bybrazing or in any other suitable manner. i V 1 The casing comprises a handle portion 1 preferablyv cylindrical in form, a central portion2 which may be broader than'the handle portion and of less vertical height to .5 receive the frame for supporting the motor shaft and anextension portion 3 preferably of somewhat less width than that of the portion 2) to support the massaging instrum'entalities and the means for actuating ithesame.

' The ends of the casing desirably are 'coinposed of heads 4; and 5 which are provided with flanges embracingtheends ofthe casing. .A suitable electric motor 6 is mounted in the handle portion ofthe leasing and desirably is supportedat one end by a bracket 7 secured to the head 1 and provided with -bosses for supporting brush carriers 8 and 9. upon which the brushes 10 and 11 for the motor commutator arepivoted. I

At its OPPOSltGBHd the motor shaft 13 is supported in a journal 14 in a cylindrical boss 15 on one of a'pair of, frame members 16, 17 which support speed reducing mechanism by which power is. transmitted diwhich actuates the massaging instrumentalities. The framelmember 17 is provided with said cam shaftbeingjournaled in a bracket 20 secured to, orformed integral with the head 5 of the casingf The frame members 16,17 are spaced apart by hollow shafts 21 and 22, which are seated in suitable bosses in themeinbers 16, 17 and are rigidly secured thereto by screws 23. The hollow shafts 21 'and22 a'ct both to securethe frame -members ;16and,1'7. together and also as shafts for the members of the train of reducinggearsflthrough which the motor drives the camshaft/l1 I herein comprises a pinion 24 upon the motor shaft fwhich engages a larger gear 25 rectly: from the motor shaft to a cam shaft aboss 18 forming a journal for one end of p They train of reducing gearing illustrated likewise has a hub provided with a gear 30 which meshes with a gear 31 fixedly secured to the end 32 of the cam shaft 19 which desirably is made hollow'throughout the major portion of its length in order to decrease the weight of the device. The end of the motor shaft 13 desirably extends into the end 32 of the shaft 19 thus forming an axial connection between the motor shaft and the cam shaft which will prevent relative lateral vibration and insure proper driving of the cam shaft by the motor.

The massaging devices desirably are in the form of fingers preferably of wood and of general triangular shape having a con- .vexedly curved bottom portion 33, the triangular portion 34 extending upwardly therefrom being mounted upon shafts 35,

journaled in extensions 36 of cylindrical brackets 37 fixedly secured to the under surface of the casing extension 3. The finger members 33"are provided with transverse apertures 38 which receive U-shaped supporting members 39 having curved or hooked ends 40 which are engaged by springs 41, 42 which are connected. respectively to apertures in oppositely extending arms 43, 44 of actuators 45, 46.

The fingers 33 desirably present convex, preferably spherical, flesh engaging ends and are inclosed in a sheath 47 of rubber or other similar resilient "material which fits around the convex end port-ions 33 and is provided with a constriction 48 which serves to retain them tightly embracing the convex ends. Thesheathing preferably is provided with a somewhat enlarged body portioni49 which has at its upper end a bead 50 which engages behind a complementary bead 51 upon the bracket 36 thereby removably securing the sheathing to the casing and The enlarged around the finger member. 7 flexible body portion'49 permits the lateral vibration of the convex end portions ofthe:

massaging instrumentalities, while excluding dust from the mechanism which actuates it. V

The actuators desirably are in the form of inverted T-shaped members which for con-v venience in construction may each be made in two parts having respectively bosses 52 which form bearings for mountin said ac tu'ators upon the shaft 53. This shaft may be in the form of a sleeve carried by bosses 54, 55 projecting respectively from the frame member 16 and from the'head 5 of the casing, a screw threadedfod 56 extending" through said sleeve shaft 53 and anchored in the member 17 of the frame serves to fasten the head 5 firmly upon the end of the casing extension 3. By removing the rod 56 oil can be introduced through the sleeve shaft 53 to lubricate the reducing gears. The head 5 may also be provided with a central oil duct through which oil may be supplied to the hollow cam shaft to lubricate the driving shaft, a screw being used to close said duct. The vertical arms of the T- shaped members are connected together by studs upon which suitable antifriction rollers 5'7 are mounted which engage cams 58 upon the cam shaft 19. The actuators for the various massaging instrumentalities may be spaced apart by sleeves 59 and 60 upon the sleeve shaft 53', the spacing sleeves being of sufficient length to position the actuators in proper relation to the massaging instrumentalities. The adjacent ends of the inwardly extending arms 44 of the actuators overlap and are movably connected together by astud 61 fixedly secured to one set of inwardly extending arms, said stud 61 engaging' the slot 62 in the end of'the Other horizontally extending arm. An antifriction roller 63xjournaled upon the stud 61 also engages the cam 58 and serves to oscillate the actuator in the opposite direction from that in which it is moved by the antifriction roller 57..

In the operation of the device the rotation by the motor 6 of its shaft 13 transmits a reduced rotary movement to the cam shaft 19. As the cam shaft rotates the cams 58 engage the antifriction rollers 57 on the vertical arms of the actuators 45 and 46, thereby oscillating said actuators about their pivotal supports 53 and simultaneously depressing the arms 43 and raising the arms 44. The camsl5 8 however, are so constructed as to engage the roller 63, thereby pressing: upon the ends of the arms 44 and oscillating the actuators 45 and-46in the opposite direction to that in which it is oscillated through the antifriction rollers 57. r

Inasmuch as the arms 43 and 44 of the actua'tors are connected through the springs 41 andv 42' with the U-shaped member 39 of the massaging instrumentality, the latter will be vibrated laterally of the axis of the device. The massaging instrumentalities are arranged in pairs so that they will be caused alternately to approach toward and recede from each other, thereby exertinga rubbing or kneading action as they are applied to the flesh of the patient being treated. The massaging device desirably is provided with a plurality of pairs .of massaging apparatus and actuatorsfor operating the same, the cams 58 for the successive pairs of actuators beingrdisposed in angular relation to each other and operating in such a manner as to cause the pairs of massaging instrumentalities to approach toward and recede from each other in progressive relation, thereby further simulating theaction of the fingers of a masseur, for in massaging operations it is desirable that the rubbing or kneading treatment shall be so applied as to force the blood from the muscles in one direction, preferably toward the heart. By reason of the progressive rubbing, or kneading movements of the massaging. nstrumentalitiesof the present device the same general action ma be obtained as the instrument is moved skin and the yieldability of the massaging instrumentalities provided by the springs A1 and 42 prevent the. possibility of -the flesh being pinched so tightly between the massag ing members as to produce injury eitherfto V the skin or muscles.

ing. The device can be readily applied by the patient himself to the greater part of his .a

tionzto cause themembers of said pairs of It will thus be seen that the present massaging cleviceis adaptedto perform the usual massaging operation in a manner which very closely simulates manual massagbody and themassaging operationmaybe accomplished much more rapidly than man-j ually.

The rubber sheathing for the massaging instrumentalities permits the use of salves or.

ointments which will prevent irritation of the skin and also enables the device tobeused to facilitate the introductionof in redients into the system of the patient. After each i I V i extension, a plurality of massaging idevices "pivotally mounted upon the casing, actua- It will be understood that the embodiment 1 use the device can be thoroughly sterilized without injury to any of its parts.

I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is: r

1. A massagingdevice comprising a pair of massaging instrumentalities and actuat ing means having resiliently yieldable con+ nection with said instrumentalities operating through said resiliently yieldable connection to cause said instrumentalities alternately to approach toward and recede from each other;

2. A massaging devicecomprising a pair of pivotally mounted massaginginstrumentalities, a pivotally mounted'actuator yieldably connected to each of said instrumentali ties and means for moving said actuators in opposite dlrectlons whereby said instrumentalities will be alternately caused toapproach toward and recede from each other.

3. A massaging device comprising a pair of pivotally mounted massaging instrumen 'rality of pairs of massaginginstrumentalt tali-ties, Ia pivotally mounted actuator for each massaging instrumentality having arms yieldably connected respectively to opposite sides of said massaging ins'trume'ntality and means for simultaneously oscillating said actuators in'opposi-te directions to cause said massaging instrumentalities alternately to approachtoward and recede from each other.

4:.A massaging device comprising apluties,a pivotally mounted actuator yieldably connected to each of said massaging instrumentalities, means for oscillating the actuatorsfto causethe members of each pair of instrumentali-ties to approach toward and recede'ifrom each other and for causing the members of adjacentpairs to move in progressively timed relation whereby a progressivemassaging movement may be effected as the device is moved along the part of the'bodybeing treated. ,i

5. A massaging device comprising a plurality of pairs of pivotally mounted massag-- ing instrumentalities, pairs of pivotally -mounted actuators yieldably connected re spe'ctively to corresponding members of the i pairs of instrumentalities, means for oscil" lating the pairs of actuators in timed relama'ssaging instrumentalities to approach tosively timed relation! I a p r 6. A massaging (lGVlCQ Conlpl'lslngfit casward and recede from each other in progresing having} a handle portion and an extenshaft of said mo tor, a driving shaft in said tors yieldablyconnected to said massaging instrumentallties, and cams on said driving shaft for-progressively oscillating said actuators.

7. A massaging device comprising a handleportionand an extension, an electric motor mounted in said handle portion, massagling instrumentalities pivotally mounted on said extension, alpivotally mounted actuator for each of said instrumentalities having horizontal arms yieldablyconnected respectively to opposite sides of said massaging 1nstrumentalities and having an upwardly extending arm, a driving shaft having eccen-, trics engaging said upwardly extending arm I and ineansfor rotating said shaft from said driving shaft. I f p 8. A massaging device comprising a casing having ahandle portion and an extension, a frame intermediate-of said'handle and extension providing a journal for the shaft of said motor, a driving shaft journaled in said frame, an extension arranged in axial alinement with the motor shaft, reducing gears for transmittin motion from said motor shaft to said driving shaft, a

plurality of pairs of massaging instrumenin axial alin ement with the motor shaft, re-

ducing gears for transmitting motion from said motor shaft to said driving shaft, a plurality of palrs of massaging instrumentalities carried by said extension and means for] actuating said massaging instrumentalities from said driving shaft including'a series of pairs of oppositely disposed cams operable to cause the members of the pairs of massaging instrumentalities alternately to'approach toward and recede from each other.

10. A massaging device comprising a casing having a handle portion and an exten sion, a frame intermediate of said handle and extension providing a journal for the shaft of sald motor, a driving shaft journaled in said frame, an extension arranged in axial alinement with the motor shaft, reducing gears for transmitting motion from said motor shaft tosaid driving shaft, a plurality of pairs of'massaging, instrumentalities carried by said extension and means for actuating said massaging instrumentalities from said driving shaft including a series of pairs of oppositely disposed cams operable to.

cause the members of the pairs of massag ing lnstrumentalitles alternately to approach toward and recede from each other, the cams for actuating successive pairs being so disposed as to move the massaging instrumentalities of one'pair of members in the opposite direction to the movement of corresponding members of the next adj acent pair of massaging members.

'11. A massaging device comprising a plurality of opposed pivotally mounted massaging instrumentalities presenting spherical flesh engaging ends, actuators yieldably connected to said massaging instrumentalities and means for operating said actuators to cause said massaging instrumentalities alternately to approach toward and recede from each other.

12. A massaging device comprising a casing having brackets extending downwardly therefrom, massaging instrumentalities pivotally mounted in said brackets, a flexible sheathing inclosing said massaging instrumentalities and said brackets and means for In testimony whereof I have signed my. name to this specification.


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