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Publication numberUS1377411 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1921
Filing dateOct 24, 1917
Priority dateOct 24, 1917
Publication numberUS 1377411 A, US 1377411A, US-A-1377411, US1377411 A, US1377411A
InventorsDouglas Harry A
Original AssigneeDouglas & Rudd Mfg Co
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US 1377411 A
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Tool-[whom it may concern." I

Be it known that I, HARRYA. DOUGLAS,

a citizen of the United States residing at 7 Bronson, in the county of Branch and State of Michigan, have invented a certain new and'useful Improvement in Circuit-Connec-I tors, of which the following is a 'full,clear, concise, andexact description.

Myinvention relates to the formation of tubular shells and also to the assembly of shells with contact'carrying cores or other cores and armsor lugs.

The invention has for one of its objects animproved formation of a shell from a sheet of metal or other suitable material wherein opposite edges of the metal sheet erly curled to form a shell. The mortises and tenons are desirably "of T-shape, the in-@ terengagin'g inner edges of the tenons preventing the shell from being expanded and i the outer edges ofthe tenons, by engaging [the base edges of the mortises, preventing the shell from being" contracted. p p

In accordance with another object of my invention a shell, Whether it is constructed as above set'forth orotherwise, has an outer. bulging portion along and within which an arm extends. This bulging portion of the shell permits a contact carrying core that conforms in crosssection to the bore of the shell to be placed within the shell in the same zone with the 'arm that is received in the bulging portion of the shell, while allowing such arm to be confined between the contact carrying core and the metalo'f the shell. The shell also desirably carries a lug spaced apart from the aforesaid bulging.

portion of. the shell and which cooperates with the bulging portion of the shell, and preferably also the contact carrying core, to hold the arm and shell inassembly withp out the aid of a fastening screw. This'arm has a continuation that extends tothe ex= terior of the shell through an opening-progrnounr-coivnnomon.

by reference to the oi the sheet;

To nouGLAs & Rum) MFG.

or .ivrronrean;

Application 'filed October 24, 1917. Serial 195,339.

videdthrough a side ofthe 511611, This n s art rm rrita rIARnY A: toetisjeamasou, Ia ciriean. essrenoia I 00.,015 BRONSON, MICHIGAN, A CORPORATION Specification of Letters lPatent. i .Pgttl nt 9(l 1i),

tinuation desirably forms, with said. arm, f an angular lug whereby the shell may be mountedfsuch, continuation itself constituting an arm of such lug. l

I will explain my invention more fully in {whichFigure l'illustrates asheet-of metalstanipedinto a syape that will permit it to be formed into the shell of my invention; and Fig.2 is a longitudinal sectional View of a shell formed from the sheet shown inFigl. w Like parts are indicated by similar characters of reference throughout the different, figures. y v y The shell 1 is made from a sheet of metal "2 shown in Fig l. The shell has bcyonet slots 3', 4 which are stamped in the sheet, eachof the bayonet slots t-bei'ng partially formed two opposite parallel edge portions of the sheet as indicated at 4 theportions 4 matching, whenthe sheet is curled, to formthe bayonet slotst. In these same .opposite edges of the sheet 2. mortises 5' are formed, the mortises at one of these edge portions of the sheetbeing in difi erent zones from the mortises. inthe other edge portion I These mortises areso shaped as to leave; tenons alternatingtherewith,

each tenon having a n outenhead 6 and it stem 7 joining'thehea-d with the body of the? sheet or shell, the narrow portion" of each mortise being outermost to receive a tenon stem while the largerportion of each mortise is innermost to receive a tenon head The tenons at one edge .of the sheet are in different zones fromthe tenons at the other edge of the sheet. Each tenonis desirably in the shapeofia T tenon upon both sides of .its stem. All of p I butI do not wish to be a limited to the projection of thehea' d of each accompanying drawing T the mortises and tenons are of equal dimen- I I sions and the tenons uponeach of the'said two edge portions of thesheetarereceived in the mortises in' the other of such' edge portions of. the sheet when the sheet is properly curled to forin the shell. The in- 'teren a m lnner ed 'es 6 of the tenons are D C t) b 1 vent the shell from expanding and thevouter edges6 of the tenons, by engaging the base edges 5 of the'niortises, prevent the shell from contracting. The edges 6 the'outer edges'of the T-heads, and the inner edges of the mortises extend longitudinally of the allel with its axis. A eurled'shell having" joints thus'made'possesses advantages over semloly of the, shell and core are contained V in my Patent 1,308,172, dated July 1,1919,

shell and are desirably substantiallyparone having dovetailedjoints employing no well defined stems and heads and which have sides that slope with respect tothe axisvof the shell, the new construction preventing the shell from contracting and expanding;

V The shell herein shown isof particular service in the structure forming the subject.

matter of the division of this application Serial No. 236,083, filed May 23,1918 and, when thus employed, includes the formations 10, 14 and 15 which form no particu lar part of the invention in the present case.

The claims relating to the improved aslVhile I have herein shown and particularly described the preferred embodiment of my invention I do notwish to belimited the precisedetailsof construction shown as changes may readily be made without de parting from the spirit otthe appended claims, but having thus described my invention I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent the following l. A shell formed of a'curled sheethaving each of two opposite edge portions formed with alternated similarly shaped equally dimensioned T-shaped mortises and tenons, the mortlses in each edge portion re- 1 ceiving the tenons upon the other edgeporti0n, tl1e longitudinal edges of the heads of the tenons and mortises being substantially parallel withthe axis of the shell.

l 2; A shell formed eta curled sheet havmg each of two opposite edge portions "formed with alternated similarly shaped equally :dnnensioined mortlses and V tenons, the mortises 1n each edge portionfreceiving the' tenons upon the other edge portion, said tenons lmving heads and stemsconnecting thefheads 'with the-balance of the shell,

while the niortises have narrower portions outermost that receive the stems of theftell' ens and larger portions 11111GTI1lOShthitt receire the heads of the tenons the lon itudinal edges of the heads of the tenons and the mortises being substantially parallel with, the axis of the shell. T

3. A shell formed of a curled sheet hava ing each of two opposite edge portions "formed withv alternated similarly shaped 7 portion,

connecting the heads with the'balance of equally dimensioned T- shaped mortises tenons, the mortises in'each edge portion reupon the other oat-said edge portions to'prevent the shell from expanding.

5. A. shell formed'of a curledjsheet having each of two opposite edge portions f formed with alternated mortises and tenons, the mortises in each edge portion receiving the tenons upon the other edge said tenons having heads and stems the shell while the mortises have narrower portions outermost that receive the stems of ceiving -the tenons upon theotheredge por- V the tenons and larger portions innermost I that receive the heads of the tenons, the longitudinal edges of the heads ofthe'tenons 3 and the mortises being substantially parallel with the axis oi the shell, the inner longitudlnal edges of the headsof the tenons upon each of saidfiedge portions being in" engagement with the inner longitudinal edges of the-heads of the tenons upon the ctherxof said edge ortions to prevent the shell from expanding. 6. A shell formed facurled sheet having each 01": two opposite edge portions formed with alternated T-shaped mortises and tenons, the mortises in each edge portion receiving the tenons upon the other edge portion, the inner longitudinal edges of the heads of the tenons uponeach ofsaid edgeportions being in fengagementwith the inner longitudinal edges of theheads' o fthe tenons upon the other of said edge portions to prevent the shelltfrom expanding.

0.1917. g r p I H RRY A. Bonerns.

I in witness whereof I hereunto subscribe my name this 25th dayiof September, A. v

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U.S. Classification138/156, 439/649
International ClassificationB21C37/06, B21C37/10
Cooperative ClassificationB21C37/101
European ClassificationB21C37/10B