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Publication numberUS1378147 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 17, 1921
Filing dateAug 25, 1920
Priority dateAug 25, 1920
Publication numberUS 1378147 A, US 1378147A, US-A-1378147, US1378147 A, US1378147A
InventorsChristopher Tapscott John
Original AssigneeChristopher Tapscott John
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Toupee and wig retainer
US 1378147 A
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Patented May 17, 1921.


A TTOR/VEVS UNIT 'Ea r JorzNIcHm's'rorHER rarsoo'r'r, or EL rAso, TEXAS.

To all whom z't may concern 1' Be it known that L'JOHN CHIRQISTOPHEFR' TArscor'r, a citizen of the United States, and

a resident' of' El Paso, in the county of El.

Pasoand State of Texas, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Toupee and Wig Retainers, of which the following is a specification.

My present invention relates generally to toupees or wigs, and more particularly to the manner in which the same is retained in place on the head, my primary object being the provision of an arrangement which will avoid the present use of a double faced adhesive for this purpose.

The double faced adhesives commonly used at the present time require frequent change and have the effect of gumming and soiling the inner surface of the toupee or wig next to the scalp, requiring the same to be frequently scrubbed and cleaned and often necessitating the use of solvents for cleaning purposes, both of which have the effect of decreasing the life of the wig.

It is the object of my present invention to avoid the necessity of a connect-ion adhering to the inner surface of the toupee or wig and substitute therefor a mechanical holding means which will permit of the use of a single faced adhesive whose adhering face is turned inwardly for engagement with the scalp.

In the accompanying drawing illustrating my present invention and forming a part of this specification,

Figure 1 is a bottom plan view of a toupee or wig embodying my improvements and ready for-use,

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary bottom plan view of a portion thereof including one of the adhering connecting pieces,

Fig. 3 is an enlarged section taken on line 3-3 of Fig. 2, and

Fig. 4c is a plan view of a fragmentaryportion with the adhesive removed showing the mechanical connectorsecured to the wig.

Referring now to these figures my invention proposes an adhesive supporting mechanical connector consisting of a. pair of thin fiat metal plates 10 and 11, hingedly connected along, their inner adjacent sides as at 12 and provided with apertures adjacent to their outer sides and near their opposite ends as at 13 attached by threads 14 to the inner surface of a toupee or wig 15 at variously spaced points as shown 1n 'rourrus m) WIG RETAiNER. j I

Specification of Lettersiatnt. Pate ted .1 7, 19 Application filed August 25; 1920. Serial No. 405,896. I

Fi g l. Thus by virtue of thepoints of 7 connection with the toupee, or wig and the" fact that their inner edges are hingedly connected, the plates 10 and" llcan flex freely withrespect to'one another fora purpose which will be now described. 1 I

The outer side edges of the plates 10 and 11' have spurs 16 located intermediate their ends and each outstanding in the same plane with its respective plate, for extension through sl1ts oropenings 17 in anadhesive strlp 18 which according to the present invention need have but a single adhesive face,

with a smooth non-adhering surface toward the inner surface of the wig.

In placing the several adhesive strips 18 in positionthey are first provided with the slits 17 and to extend the spurs 16 through these slits, the'plates l0 and 11 are flexed on their hingededges so that after the spurs are passed through the slits of the adhesive strips, and after the plates are released they naturally assume a position more or less in alinement and thus prevent accidental withdrawal of the spurs.

In this way the adhesive strips 18 are effectively held in place with their adhesive surfaces turned innermost for engagement with the scalp when the toupee or Wig is placed" in positionand it becomes obvious that by virtue of the mechanical connection between-the strips and the toupee or wig, I avoid the soiling and gumming of the wig now a'common objection to the double faced adhesive strips employed.

Furthermore my invention has another and distinct advantage in that it enables a toupee or wig to be held in place by spaced adhesive strips v18 held in connection with the wig as I propose, and in materially less number than are required with the double faced adhesive strips employed at the-present' time. w r I claim: 1. The combination with a toupee or wig,

of attaching means including a pair of at taching plates hingedly connected along 7 their inner edges andflexibly attached to the toupee or wig at the opposite ends of their outer edges, spurs projecting from the outer edges of the'plates intermediate their ends and each projectingin the plane of its respective plate, and an attaching strip slitted at spaced points to receive the spurs therethrough, having a smooth face turned toward the adjacent surface of the toupee outwardly away from the toupee or Wig as or wig and an adhesive surface presented described.

V scribed.

2. The combination witha toupee or Wig, of attaching means incl'uding'a pair of plates movably hinged at their inner sides and flexibly attached atv the oppositeends of their outer sides to the toupee or'Wig, spurs projecting from the'outer edges of the plate intermediate their ends, and attaching strips having spaced slits to receive the spurs nd having adheslve surfaces present ed away from the toupee= or Wig as de- 3. Toupee or Wig holding means including flexible members movably attached to and forming a permanent part of a .toupee or Wig and'provided With-outstanding spurs, and scalp engaglng connecting strlps through portionsof which the spurs'are pro-- jected, having adhesive surfaces turned away from the toupee or Wig as described.

4. Toupee or Wig holding means includinga pair of connecting plates movably attached to, and forming a permanent part of a toupee or ig, and flexibly connected at their adjacent' edges to one another, said plates having outstanding spurs at their outer edges, and a renewable scalp engaging strip through Which the spurs are extended,

'having a single adhesive surface turned away from thetoupee or Wig.


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