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Publication numberUS1378285 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 17, 1921
Filing dateOct 22, 1920
Priority dateOct 22, 1920
Publication numberUS 1378285 A, US 1378285A, US-A-1378285, US1378285 A, US1378285A
InventorsSchwartz Maurice P
Original AssigneeSchwartz Maurice P
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US 1378285 A
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APPLICATION FILED OCT-522| 1920 1,378,285. Patented May 17, 1921.

y ////llllllllllll 1r .f .y


lSpecification of Letters Patenti Patented lvl'tyjr, ,1921.

p Application filed October 22, 1920. Serial No. 418,795.

the locking of the drawers or withdrawable yboxes of a druggists cabinet of thegeneral type shown in my prior Patent No. 946,467, granted January 11, 1910.:

The accompanying drawing illustrates my invention: In such drawing7 Figure 1 is a perspective rear view of a druggists cabinet embodying my improved lock, with some -of the drawers partially pulled out; Fig. 2 is a fragmentary horizontal section through a 4portion of. such. cabinet, including the drawer which effects the locking of the remaining drawers; Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a fragment of one of theV slidable Y locking barsgFig. 4 is a vplan of a fragment of one of the lockingbars mounted in place inits floor board and showing the associated pivotV pin of a withdrawable drawer; Fig.

V5 is a fragmentary sectionY on the line 55 of Fig. 2; and, Fig. 6 is a'front elevation of the cabinet on a smallerscale. v Y

The cabinet consists of a usual .casing having side walls 10` and` a plurality of transverse horizontal shelves 11, which include `those at the top and bottom'and provide v space for aplurality'of tiersof withdrawable drawers 12, the cabinetshown having four tiers of five drawers each, and each tier of drawers having ashelf above it as well as below it so that there are live such shelves.

The drawers 12 are provided near one rear corner with upwardly and downwardly projecting pins 13,v which extend into slots 14in `the lower and upper surfaces Vof VJche f adjacent shelves` 11. shelves project forward beyond the drawers `whenthe latter are shoved back, and kthe lslots -14 vextend forward beyond the'front ends of the shoved-back drawers; so that v when the drawers are pulled forward the pinslfare guidedby 4'the slots 14, which limit the forward movement of the drawers -14, to give access to the drawer from the side The and permit a drawer Avto be swung about its pins 13 as a pivot when such pins have been drawn to the front end of the' associated slots and permit it `to be closed on the other side as well as on the front and back and bottom 'and top.V

,each shelf 12 is providedwith a'ltransverse Aslot in'which is mounted a slidable bar 15, vwhichat one end isconnected-by` a link 16 to an arm V17 fiXed'on a vertical rodlSSsuitably mounted for turning in arecess on the "inner face of one of the sidewalls 10; 'The rod 1.8 isv turned in opposite directions iby pulling out and pushing i'n'one'of the 'draw-A "Near its rear edge, vthe upper surface of ers which lies against such side wall,1saythe I right hand drawe'r12v of thefsecond tier from thetop asfvie'wed from.v the front. For this operation, the lrod 18'Lhas Vtwo larms 19 and 20 which coperate with the rear wall 21 of the drawer12, sothat when such drawer is pulled vforward the rear wall 2l strikes the arm 19 and turns the-rod18'i-n one direction and when such drawer is pushed back the rear -wallfstrikes the arm 20 and turns the rod 18 in they "other: direc#` tion. These oppositelturning movements of 'the rod18 slide the bars 15 in 7opposite directions, all such bars operating correspondin`gly.` The bars 15 'arerthicker (vertically) than the depthof the slots'14,and are prov nv ide'd with'notches 22 the bottoms of which are in the. saine horizontalfplanes as the bot-V toms of l.the slots 14.l @By the" slidingfof the bars 15 Y.the'notches 22 are brought 'either cintok line 5 with the kslotsf14,'to unlock theV drawers, as shownin Fig. 1,'or 'are'moved out f the line of such slots, to lock the draw- V ers by closing `the slots 14" in front ofthe pivot pins 13 of the shovedback drawers. as shown, in'v full lines inFig.Y 4. Eachl lnotch directions from apoint near the front-.edge

12,2 Vexcept that for the drawer '12'v has oney sfide wall 23 horizontally inclined in both u A A Vof thebar 1.5, so that when such bar is shoved to theY right (Figs. 1and,4)"to lclosejthe associated slots 14l such inclinedfwalls 23 will engage the pivot pins 13 of any 'drawers'- which are notV shoved fullyfback and by.

their'camfaction onsuch pins will either` shove the drawers completely back andlock l'themV place-or will 'shove them farther 'forward to c all attention to the` fact that they are not locked, will be' clear'frem the dotted and full-line positions in Fig. 4L.

In order that this cam action may produce movement of the pins 13 along the slots 14,Y

and not along theline of movement of the bars 15, staples 211 are driven into the shelves V11 over the bars 15 at the right-hand sidev (Figs. land) of each slot 15; these staples prevent the Vpins 13 Vfrom being carried transversely of the slots 141 by-theaction of the sliding bars 15.

A notch 22 is provided in the bars 15 for Y n each downwardly extending pin 13 of each drawer; andas stated, all theseV notches V22 are similar and are provided with thev incli-ned wall 23 with the. exception of the notch 22 `for the pin on the drawer 12. This notch 22 is made of suiiicient width,

lengthwise of the bar 15, so that its Ywalls never cross the associated slot 11i and so that thatparticular'slot 14 is neverclosed. This vpermits the drawer 12 yto cause turning. of the rod 18 to locky andv unlock the remaining drawers as the drawer'12 is shoved inor pulled out,V and avoids interference withk such-shoving in and pulling` out an account vof any interlocking vof-the bar 15 with thev pivot pin 13y of that drawer. The drawer 12 is provided with` asuitable lock 25, usuallya key lock, by which such drawer may be locked in closedV position; and this locks all the drawers `of the cabinet.

:I claim as'my invention:

1. `In a cabinet, the combination of a casing,a horizontal series of drawers mounted in said'casingand having pins projecting vertically therefrom, a slidable bar mounted `in said casing to slide transversely of the drawer movement, said bar being arranged :to interlockwith; said pins to prevent or lpermit the withdrawal of drawers, and

means operated by one of said drawers for moving said bar. l

f2. In a cabinet, the combination of a vcas- I ing having av plurality of shelves, a plurality of drawersmounted on each shelf, said drawers being provided with pins which for operating all said bars, and means for actuating said operating device by the withdrawal or shoving in of one of saiddrawers.

3..In a cabinet,the combination of a casing havingk apluralitvof shelves, :a plurality of. drawers mounte Y on each. shelf, said drawersubeing providedl with pins which project* vertically therefrom, a bar associated with thedrawers on. each shelf and slidable transversely of theV drawer `movement, said bars and Ypins on the associated i lrawrfbeng arranged tinterlock copreshoved rearward, and a transverse bar slid- A sition'.

vent orpermit withdrawal of "such associated drawers, and a common operating device for operating all said bars.

' d. In a cabinet, the combination of a horizontal series of drawers eachV having pivot pins projecting upwardly and downwardly therefrormfa casing having horizontal Vmeinbers respectively above and belowv said hori- Zonta-l, series efdrawers, said horizontal members being` provided with grooves in whichV said pins slide y as the respective drawers are drawn forward or shoved rearward, and a transverse bar slidably mounted inv one of said horizontal members to slide transversely in said slots, said horizontally slidable, bar being provided withrnotches which are moved Vinto and out Vof registry zontal members respectively above and be-V low said horizontal .series of `drawers said horizontal members being provided with ygrooves inwhich said pins slide as fthe respective drawers are .drawn forwardV or ably mounted in one of said horizontal membersto slide transversely of said'slots, said horizontally slidable bar being'pro vided with notches which' are movedinto and out of registry with said slots by the sliding of said bar to permit or prevent withdrawal of said bars, saidnotches. hav- Aing horizontally inclined walls von oneside so. that when the bar is moved to locking position said v inclined Ywalls will act on the pins of .any drawer notshoved completely back te move said drawer alongits slots. Y

y6. In a cabinet, the combination of a horizontal seriesof drawers each having pivot pins projecting upwardlyvand downl wardly therefrom, a casing having horizonytalmembers respectively aboveand below said horizontal series of drawers, saidhorizontalinembers being. provided withgrooves Y in Ywhich said pins slide as the respective" drawers are ldrawn yforward or shoved rearward, a transverse bar slidably mounted lin, one of said horizontal membersl to ,slideV transversely of said slots, said horizentally slid'able. bar being provided with 'notches ywhich are moved into and out of registry with said slots by thefsliding-of said bar .to permit "or `prevent vwithdrawal of said vbars, andl means actuated by the pushing in or pulling out of one1 of'saidvdrawersfor sliding said bar to locking or unlocking po- 7 .s In .a cabinet, the combination-of a casing having two horizontal members, ahorizentral; series Vof drawers" mounted between 'with said slots by the sliding of said bar Y said two members, a transversely slidable bar mounted in one of sald members, and

means actuated by pulling out or pushing in one of said drawers for sliding'said bar, each of the other drawers being provided with a vertically projecting pin arranged to coperate with said bar, and said bar bein provided with notches which may be move into and out of registry with the paths which suchY pins have in the movement of the associated drawers.

8. In a cabinet, the combination of a slidguide slots in the direction of the sliding of said drawer, pins mounted on said drawer and projecting into said slots and serving v as pivot pins upon which the drawer can be turnedwhen the pins are drawn to one end of the slots, and locking means releasably coperating with one oi' said pinsA to i day of October, A. D. one thousand nine' hundred and twenty. l


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