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Publication numberUS1378692 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 17, 1921
Filing dateDec 6, 1920
Priority dateDec 6, 1920
Publication numberUS 1378692 A, US 1378692A, US-A-1378692, US1378692 A, US1378692A
InventorsLeffel Ancel B
Original AssigneeLeffel Ancel B
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US 1378692 A
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APPLICATION FILED DEC. 6, I920. 1,378,692. Patented y 17,1921.





Patented May 17, 1921.


: I I I 11 II llllnllllllll I .IIII IIIIII IIIII I 49 INVENTOR wrrums:

UNITED STATES PA E T, orr csf ANGEL B. LEFrE'L, or srnnverrnrn, onro.


To all-whom it may concern: 7 v

Beit known that I, ANGEL B. LEFFEL, a

citizenof the United States, residing at character especialy designed fordisplaying lace curtains orsuch like fabrics, wherein the fabric holding member is hollow, havingweighted means retaining the curtains in' their'pockets, a'sheet, comprising a back ground for the curtain being connected with the holding means and depending through an opening in the bottom of the hollow member between the pockets, while the said holding means is hingedly arranged on a suitable support, whereby the same may be swung to conveniently'and properly display the curtains.

A further object is the construction of a display apparatus forlace'curtains or'the like which is of a simple'construction, which may" be cheaply manufactured, easily installed, and thoroughly eflicient for the purpose for which it is devised.

' I accomplish the foregoing objects, and others which will appear as the nature of the invention is better understood, by afconstruction, combination 1 [and operative are rangeinent of parts, such as is disclosedby the drawings which'accompany and which form part of this application.

In the drawings r 1 Figure 1 is a perspective view showing the curtains supported for display in accordance with this invention.

Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional View through one of the supporting members.

Fig. 3 is a sectional view approximately on the line 33 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a horizontal sectional View on the line k4: of Fig. 2.

The other figures illustrate details.

My improvement is designed for displaying lace curtains or the like in stores, and includes a frame that is preferably constructed of angle irons, the same constituting side members and an upper member or members connecting the sides. Each of the sides in- Specification of Letterslatent. Patented lay-17, 1921. Application filed December 6, 1920., Serial no; 428,711. r l i cludes a base ,1 from which "arises an upright 2. Between therear portionof the base angle iron and the upright angle iron 2 there is a brace 3, while secured to the outer faces ,of the uprights 2 at'an d adjacent to the top thereof are longitudinal angle members 1 and 5 respectively. The angle flanges of the members 4 and-5' are extended in anoutward direction with respect 'to the frame, and are, at determined intervals provided with registering openings. Through these openings pass pivots 6 that also'pas's through openings in the upper and lower arms 7 a and 8 respectively of bracket members 9.

The lower arm 8 of each of the brackets is connected to the upper arm by a vertical member 10,'the said upper a'rm 7 being connected to the inner and open end of the lace curtain holders 11'. The holders or display'members 11 are substantially square in cross section and areof a length greater than the width of the curtains which aresuspended and displayed therefrom; The bracket 9 also includes an upwardly rounded member formed at thejunctureof the've'rtical rnember 10 and the lower arm 8. This rounded portion of the bracket is indicated by the numeral 12, and enters thehollow holder 11. and is secured to the top thereof.

The outer end of each of the holder members 11,"as' previously stated, isclosed, and each of the said members 11 is centrally provided with a longitudinal opening extending from the said closed end to theopen end. thereof.

confronting'edges formed with upstanding 1 flanges 14:. The flanges 14; terminate a suit- I The opening. is, of course,

"formed centrally inthe lower wall 18 of the holder, and the said lower wall has its for the reception of securing means 19 that attach the fabric sheet to the holder. The

sheet 18 is designed to serve as a back, ground for the curtains 20-20 to be displayed. Two of such curtains are arranged on each holder, the upper ends of the said curtains being received in the respective pockets 16. Before inserting the curtains in the pockets theupper edges thereof are folded, as disclosed by the drawings, and in each of the folds I arrange a weighted cross sectionally rounded rod 21. These rods effectively sustain the curtains in their pockets, permit of the ready removal of the said curtains from the pockets, and also, if desired, may serve as roller members whereby the curtains may be adjusted.

As disclosed in Fig. 1 of the drawings,

a great number-of holders are attached to the supportingframe, so that a plurality of curtains canbe thus exhibited. It is, of

.struction, advantages and operation of the device without further detailed description. It is thought necessary to state, however, that I am not to be restricted to the precise details set forth in this description and disclosed by the drawings, but am entitled to all such changes therefrom as fall Within the scope of what is claimed.

Having described the invention, I claim 1. In a device for the urpose set forth, a support, curtain holders aving one of their ends pivoted to the support, each of said holders comprising a hollow member having a central opening in the bottom thereof and divided into pockets or compartments to the opposite sides of the openings, each of said compartments designed to. receive therein the folded end of a drapery to be displayed, and a weighted element in each of the folds of the draperies holdingthe ends of said draperies in said compartments.

2. In a displaying apparatus for fabrics a supportcomprising a frame constructed of angle irons,.hollowholders for the fabrics 'to be displayed, pivotally secured to the longitudinal members of the support, each of said holders. having its outer end closed and its bottom formed with a central opening extending entirely therethrough, the bottom wall of the holder having upstanding flanges at the confronting edges thereof dividing the interior of the holder into :spaced compartments or pockets, thefabrics to be displayed having their ends folded and received in the respective compartments,

and across sectionally round weighted ele ment arranged in each of the folds for holding the upper ends of the fabrics in the respective compartments.

8. In a displaying-apparatus IEOICHItLlDS ,or like fabricsi a frame constructed of angle ironshaving tie flanges of their upper longitudinal vmember outstanding and provided with spaced alining openings, brackets including upper and loweryarms arranged on said flanges, pivots passingthrough the arms and through the openings in the flanges, a hollow fabric display holder secured to and supported from each of the brackets, each of said holders having its inner end opened and its outer end closed, its bottom,from its said closed .end provided with a central opening which extends entirely therethrough, the confronting edges of the bottom" having upstanding" flanges

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U.S. Classification211/47
International ClassificationA47F7/16
Cooperative ClassificationA47F7/16
European ClassificationA47F7/16