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Publication numberUS1378903 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 24, 1921
Filing dateFeb 2, 1920
Priority dateFeb 2, 1920
Publication numberUS 1378903 A, US 1378903A, US-A-1378903, US1378903 A, US1378903A
InventorsSchoreck Albert R
Original AssigneeSchoreck Albert R
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Delivery and return slip for envelops
US 1378903 A
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1,378,903. Patented May 24, 1921.

i V I RETURN To w I I l x i JO 5 El I 5);? Hi

InY/e 72 f0 7;


A'L'Brinr' n; solicits-ox, or. cnrcaoo, ntri u DELIVERY. AND :RETURN- SLIP r03, \ENVELOBS,

i To azzahom'a ay concern Be i known that I, ALBE T B. sciionnoK,

a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Chicago, in the county of Cookand State of Illinois, have invented certain newranduseful Improvements iniDelivery and Beturn Slips for Envelops andl do. hereby .declare that .the following is a full, clear, 7 andexact descriptionthereofi, reference beto the characters of. reference marked [thereing had to the accompanying drawings, and

on, which form a partof this specification.

J This invention relates-to a-noveldelivery and return slip for envelops, and refers more particularly to a messengers slip that is provided on its sides with prescribed. spaces and instruction indicia to indicate to anzoutgoing messenger the name and address or department of'the sendee for prompt and proper delivery of an envelop, and also the name and address and department of the;

sender or his agent, .together'with space adapted to. receive indorsement of the times the package is sent outand returned, so that .the proper receipt ofthe package by the sendee and the proper return to the original sender will be assured without. marringthe package for reuse, and assuring accurate de- The use of the device has been found hi of the annoying details of readdressing the package, also insures that the package when returned will reach the proper department of the printing house. Moreover the slips may be made of low grade material and the envelops of more expensive material may be used several times to and from different authors.

Heretofore it has been the practice in this use of proof envelops to write the name of the customer or author on the envelop, and also write on the envelop instructions in respect to the return of the envelop and proof. The envelop can be used but once and for a single job. Moreover the chances of error of the authorimproperly redirecting the envelop to the proper individual, or department, who should receive it becomes great, whereas with my improvements no such chance of error is possible to occur because the superintendent of the printing specification of tea Patent- Patented; May 24: 1921, ,f Applicationfiledilftruary 2,.192 0.;.;serialgNo.355,575.

reversing the slip. With my improvements, however, the. same envelop can be used a nuniberof times, and for different authors, ,inasmuchas the envelop itself does out and,return. ;;My invention Y is also self adaptabletoenvelops having ordinary fastening closing devices, itbeing practicable to apply the slips in both its normal positions .without; the necessity of special fastening means, a single hole or holes in the slip being {the-only expediency required.- V; f In the drawings I. have shown two forms of my invention, whereinl Figure ll's a plan view of an envelop with the delivery and return slip attached thereto 7 house ordepartment-head thereof can take and isqualified to take charge ofthesedeta ls, leaving to, the author only the work of as when sending the envelop out to the: cus T F fig ;2,shows theireverse or return side of the slip. Fig.3 is a fragmentary-view illustrating which; is open at one end and provided with a closing flap 11 which overlaps some distance the open end. Said envelop is of that type that is provided on its body portion adjacent the flap with a disk 12 that may be fixed thereto by the usual eyelet 13, and the flap of the envelop is provided with a like disk' 14 attached thereto by the usual eyelet 15. A cord or strand 16 which is fas-' tened to the flap beneath the disk 14 is adapted to be wound a number of times around the staples 13 and 15 beneath the two disks, to be fastened ultimately to one of them.

17 designates the delivery and return slip. It is provided on its sides with a series of lines 18, 19, respectively, on which may be entered the sendees and the senders names. On one side of the card, or that bearing the lines to receive the sendees name is printed the words Deliverto or other appropriate the. mannerof using the slip with a staple closed 5 envelop. I

. In said drawings and referring to Figs; 1 and 2, 1O designates the body of the envelop words and also the word Time followed by a line 20 to indicate the time when the envelop left the senders hands. The lower side of the slip also bears aline 21 to receive the senders or departments name to make a record or receipt of this matter when sent out by the ofilce and at the same time entering the senders name on line 21 and preferably the slip will bear on the same face the words Over for return. The opposite side of the slip on which is printed the lines 19 may have printed thereon the words Re turn to, the lines 19 being adapted to renot have been written by the original ceive the senders name and addresswhich can convenlently be entered by the sender before the package is sent out thus relieving the author of this detail.

There is also printed on the lower side of the slip a line 22 to receive the sendees'name when he returns the envelop and also a line 23, associated with the word Time, on which maybe indicated the exact time when the sendee ref turns the envelop; it being'understood that the 'sendee will, after receiving the envelop and examining'its contents, reverse the slip to the position shown in Fig. 2 and write such necessary return data thereon as may sender before the envelop had beenfirst sent out.

The said slip, for the purposes of its use with an envelop of the type shown in Figs. 1 and 2, is provided near one end margin with two openings 24: of suitable shape and size'to enable the apertured portion of the slip tobe-fitted over the disk or button 12 of the envelop. As herein shown, said openings are made of diamond shape butmay be otherwise formed. The apertured slip, as before stated, is fitted over the disk or but ton 12 that is on the body of the envelop before the cord 16 has been laced about the disks so that said cOI'd furnishes means whereby the slip is held in place, both during its outgoing and return trip with the enopening. -When used wlth this construction, the delivery and return slip is provided with one or more smaller openings 30 which can be, and usually are, between the larger openings 24' and are preferably applied over the 'staple'before the flap 28'has been locked closed by the staple so as to thereby effect a reliable connection of the slip to the envelop. The manner ofusing the return and time slip on this latter type of envelop will be-like that or similar to 1ts use in connection with the character of envelop shown in Figs. 1 and 2.

I claim as my invention: a

A slip, forthe purpose set forth, provided with indicia on one side indicating the space for the name of the addressee, and indicia on the reverse side indicating the space for the return address, said slip being alsoprovided near its margin witha plurality of apertures of varying contour, whereby the slip is adapted to be attached'to and securely held, during the cycle of travel, by receptacle closure devices of varying constructions'. p I

In witnesswhereof I claim the foregoing asmy inventioml hereunto append my signature this 27th (1a of January, 1920.


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