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Publication numberUS1379492 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 24, 1921
Filing dateJul 28, 1919
Priority dateJul 28, 1919
Publication numberUS 1379492 A, US 1379492A, US-A-1379492, US1379492 A, US1379492A
InventorsMichael Wagner
Original AssigneeIsidor Weinberg, Louis Broida
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US 1379492 A
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mmw o wimawese maf a/7 a M W724 V I ZMM Patented May 24, 1921.





To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that 1, MICHAEL WAGNER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Pittsburgh, in the county of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Pump- Valves, of which the following is a specification.

My invention consists of an improvement in pumps, and especially in the valve mechamsm thereof. The 0 ject in view is to rovide, in a one or more cylinder single, double or-triple acting lunger pump, a simple, efiective and durab e valve construction adapted to perform its functions and to operate inthe manner more fully hereinafter described.

In the drawings showing one preferred form of the invention,

Figure 1 is a vertical central sectional view of a pump provided with my improved valve;

Fig. 2 is an enlarged sectional detail view showing the valve in upward movement and the air circulation to the plunger chamber;

Fig. 3 is a similar view showing the valve seated for operation; and

Fig. 4: is a sectional detail view showing a modified construction of packing washer or cup.

In the drawings, the pump cylinder 2 is a cylindrical casing of usual form commonly made for the urpose of pumplng automobile tires or tl ie like provided wlth a supporting base 3 with which the pump casing or barrel is fixedly connected, as by screw threads 1; The

central portion of the base 3 is provided with an air inlet chamber 5 communicatin through port 6 and a hose or other suita le connectlon with a tire or other receiver for compressed air.

The active element of the pump is the plunger rod 7 extending upward 1y through cap 8 and provided with the terminal handle or lever 9 of any suitable construction. Cap ,8 may be provided with a stuffing box, 1f necessary. y A

The plunger valve is composed of a disk 10 fixedly connected with plunger rod 7 in any suitable manner, as by screw threads 11, the plunger rod being lpreferably shouldered, as indicated at 12, w ereby to provide for a good bracing bearing on compressing Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May 24: 1921, 1919. Serial No. 313,773.

movement, Beyond shoulder 12, the spindle 13, to which disk 10 is secured, extends a suflicient distance to provide for the loose mounting of the valve cup or washer 14:, the perlphe of which is deflected as indicated at 14:. asher 15 is of any suitable flexible material, as leather, rubber, or the like, and 1s sufficlently heavy and stifl' to substantially maintain its form and to be expanded against the interior of the casing 2 by the interior compressed air pressure, on downward movement, as in Fig. 3.

It is provided with a central air circulat on opening 16 around stem 13 of ample size to permit of free circulation of the air on upward movement of the lunger, and is mounted on stem 13 with suflici'ent range of vertical movement to allow for free passage of'the air between the inner face of CllSk 10 and washer 15, as in Fig. 2. For the purpose of retaining the washer in operative position and to provide for free upward air circulation on the suction stroke and for upward seating movement on downwardtravel, the lower side of the washer 1 1 is spaced away from disk 10 and rests upon a limiting abutment of any suitable ind, as a cotter pin 17 extending through the lower end of stud 13.

By this construction, the washer 14 may drop or disk 10 may be raised the desired distance to provide for ample air circulation and upward movement, and the washer will promptly seat against the under side of disk 10 on downward movement, as in Fig. 3, for compression, such seating being facilitated by recessing the middle under portion of disk 10 as at 19. The annular edge of the deflected periphery 15 binds with practically air tight engagement against the inner wall of casing 2 at all times, and it is not neces sary to make the washer of suflicient flexibility to allow for any air circulation at all between its outer edge and the inner edge larged circulation air space 16 is provided within the interior of a reinforcing stren hening and bearin collar 18 riveted or 0t 16!- wise secured to t e washer, as clearly shown. In such case, the collar 18 will artially occup the recess 19 at the central under side of isk 10, and with either construction of washer, the recess 19 facilitates the flat seatiing of the washer on the under side of the isk.

It will be understood that the pump and valve may be variously changed 1n pro ortions, design, or otherwise by the skilled mechanlc, and that the valve construction may be adapted to any suitable type of pump, but that all such changes are to be understood as within the scope of the following claim.

What I claim is a In a pump, the combination with a. pum barrel, of a plunger having a sub- .stantially central recess, and a sealing washer loosely mounted on the plunger and movable to and from a seating position thereagainst, the peripheral portion of the washer cooperating with the barrel and said washer having a substantially central circulation o ening of less diameter than the recess of t e plunger, the inner margin of said sealing washeroverlapping the said recess.

In testimony whereof I- hereunto aflix my signature.


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