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Publication numberUS1379861 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 31, 1921
Filing dateMay 28, 1920
Priority dateMay 28, 1920
Publication numberUS 1379861 A, US 1379861A, US-A-1379861, US1379861 A, US1379861A
InventorsGoldmann Paul E
Original AssigneeGoldmann Paul E
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Advertising device
US 1379861 A
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1,379,861 l Patented May 31, 1921.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed May 28,

To all whom t may concern.' f

Be it known that I, PAUL E. GOLDMANN, a

citizen of the United States, residing at Pittsburgh, in. the county of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, have invented newV and useful Improvements in Advertising Devices, of which the following is a specification.

vThis invention relates to advertising devices, and more particularly to a device having a movable element for attracting atten tion.

One of the main objects of the invention is to provide a device of the character stated of simple construction and operation which may be readily produced at small cost. A further object is to provide a device including a card and a shiftable member, means being provided for shifting this member upon movement'of the card and thls means and the shiftable member being positioned within the body of the card so as to produce a device of minimum thickness which may be readily used for advertising in cars and other vehicles. Further objects will appear from the detailed description.

In the drawings Figure l is a front view of a device constructed in accordance with my invention.

' Fig. 2 is a fragmentary front view with the front closure stri removed.

Fig. 3 is a section taken substantially on line 3-3-of Fig. 2

In constructing the device I provide a card 1 which may be formed of cardboard or other suitable material of proper thickness, and in this card I cut a downwardly curved opening or slot 2 which extends transversely of the card. A closure strip 3 is secured upon the back of card 1 over opening 2, and a closure strip 4 of* transparent material 1s secured upon the front of the card over the opening. These strips coperate with the card and with slot 2 to form a pocket within which is mounted a strip 5 of sheet cork or other suitable light material. The body of this strip is of rectangular outline and is provided at each end with a finger 6 which forms a stop to limit movement of the stri in either direction. Strip 5 is provided ad? jacent to each end with a mark 7 to representl the pupil and iris of the eye, these marks being displayed through transparent ortions in strip 4 which provide eye openings 8, it beil gunderstood that Ithe representation of a persons face is painted or printed '.-toward one end of Patented May 31, 1921. 1920. serial No. 385,038.

upon the front of the card and over strip 4 as in Fig. l. By shifting strip-5 the markings 7 thereon are caused to move across the eye thus producing the effect of shlfting of theeye so as to call attention to the advertisement.

Strip 5 is provided at each end of the body thereof with a depending substantially V-shaped elementy 9 which rests upon the lower wall 10 of the opening 2. The lower portion of the inner wall of element 9 'is cut to produce a vertically disposed shoulder v1l. As will be noted more clearly from Fig. 2, lower wall 10 of the opening or slot is given a decided downward curvature so as to provide a of a suitablequantity of mercury l2 or other suitable heavy liquid. The device con-v structed in this manner may be readily used in the same manner as the ordinary car card. sensitive to any the mercury to travel opening as to strike one of the vertical shoulders 11 thus causing longitudinal .shifting of strip 5. Continued movement of the mercury will cause it to collect beneath the inclined shoulder l1a of element 9 thus rasing the end portion of the strip slightly.

This produces a compound movement of thel strip 5 which serves to iirst move the markings 7 longitudinally of the eye openings 8, and then cause raising of one of these markings thus producing a novel movement ofthe eye member so as to call attention to the device. lWhen the end portion of the card is raised by the mercury a certain amount of this mercury will How beneath element 9 into the end portion of opening 2. Upon return of the card to normal position, this trapped mercury will iow beneath the outer inclined shoulder 1lb of element 9 and will return to the center portion of lower wall 10 of the opening.

The device constructed in .the manner illustrated and described consists of a minimum of parts and may therefore be readily produced at low cost. In addition the means for operating the strip 5 is of very simple construction and all unnecessary elements are elimina-ted thus reducing the possibility of disarrangement or breakage to a cup or recess for reception gso minimum. As the strip 5 and the means :tor shitting the same are positioned Within 'the body of the card, the device is of minimum thickness and may be readily applied to cars and other vehicles in the same manner as the advertising cards now in common use.

What l claim is l.. ln a device oi" the character described, a flexible member capable of being bent intorounded ltorni for reception by a concaved rack, a movable member, and means actuated by movement of said exible member for shifting the movable member, said means and the movable member being positioned Within the iiexible member.

2. in a device of the character described, a card formed of a single thickness of vtienible material so as to be capable of being` inserted into a curved rack, said card being provided With a transverse recess, closure means for said recess, a movable member mounted Within the recess, ated by movement of the card for shitting said member, said means also being within 'the recess.

3. ln a device oiE the character described; a card provided With a transverse slot, clo sure strips secured over said slot at opposite sides of the card, one of said strips having display openings, a display strip mounted Within the slot and provided with mario ings positioned to be displayed through the openings, said display strip being of less length 'than the slot and provided at each end and means actu-` invasor with a depending element resting upon the lower Wall of the slot, and Weight means freely movable upon the lower wall ot the slot for shitting the display strip 4e. ln a device of the character described, a card provided with a transverse slot, closure strips secured over said slot at the opposite sides of the. card, one of said strips being provided Withspaced display openings, a display strip mounted within the slot and provided with markings disposed to be displayed through said openings, said display strip being provided at each end with a depending substantially l! -shaped element resting upon the lower Wall et the slot, and weight means traveling freely upon the lovver -Wall of the slottor impact with the display strip for vshitting the same.

5. ln a device ot the character described, a card provided with a transverse slot having its lower wall curved downwardly, closure strips secured over the slotat the opposite sides of the card, one of said strips having display openings, a display strip monnted in the slot and having markings 'for display through said openings, said strip being ot less Width and length than the slot and being provided at each end With a depending substantially V-sheped element having a ,vertical shoulder at the lower end of its inner wall, and a quantity `of mercury snpported by the lower Wall of the slot for tree travel thereon in either direction,

ln testimony whereof il affix mv signature.,

rami n. oonnivmnn.

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