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Publication numberUS1380518 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 7, 1921
Filing dateFeb 26, 1921
Priority dateFeb 26, 1921
Publication numberUS 1380518 A, US 1380518A, US-A-1380518, US1380518 A, US1380518A
InventorsDaniel E Bellig
Original AssigneeDaniel E Bellig
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Brace and corner-block for chairs and other articles of furniture
US 1380518 A
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l ,88,5 1 8, Patented June 7, 1921.

I I /2 a M 73 "I I I I 7 'Be it known that I, DANIEI; citizen of the United States, and a resident UNITE earsrai oats.

DANIEL E. BELLIG, for mion'rounsvrnnn, PENNSYLVANIA.


To all whom it may concern:


of Montoursville, in the county of Lycoming and State of Pennsylvania,- have invented certain new anduseful Improvements in Braces and Corner-Blocks for Chairs and other Articles of Furniture; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and

exact description of theinvention, such as' will enable others skilled in the art towhich cles of furniture, the object being to provide .a combined brace and'corner block that will firmly unite and brace the side and end rails of the chair and secure them tothe le and also form supports or rests for the chair seat and it'consists in the part and combination of/parts-and in the details of construction as will be more fully explained and pointed out in the claims.

In the accompanying drawing, Figure 1 is a view in perspective of my improvement seinvention is applicable for use myself to its use on any particular article of furniture.

5- represents a chair 1e 6 theside rail and 7 the back'rail the rails eing secured to the le in the usual and-well knownmanner.

y' improved brace is, composed of the sections 8 and 9 both of which are made-of metal and preferably detachable and inde pendent of each other, although I may if desiredpermanently unite them by riveting or welding.- The section 8 consists of a metal strip bent centrally at or approximately'at right angles or V-shape so as'to rest within the angle formed at the juncture of the rails 6 and 7 with the" leg 5;;w1th one member 8 of said section bearing againstthe inner face of the. side-rail fian'd the other;v

member-8 bearing against-the inner face of the rear rail 7, and both secured by screws 10. The outer free ends of both members sf section 8 are ofisetor bent inwardlya's at 11,

the bends being on oblique lines as shown at 12, to form recesses to receive the bent ends 13 of the top section 9. The top section 9 of the brace and corner block is also made from a strip of sheet metal the ends of which are bent on oblique lines downwardly at right angles to its central portion, so that said central portion is in the form of V with the apex removed.

The body or central part 9 of section 9 spans the space between the side members .8 .and 8 of section 8 and rests thereon with its bent and oblique ends 13 restin in the recesses formed by offsetting or bending inwardly the outer end of the members 8* and 8 the ofiset being approximately the Specification of Letters Patent. 1 Patented June 7,1921.

. Application filed rebru'ar ee, 1921. Serial No. 448,086.

thickness of the metal strap. The body 9 v of section 9 forms a seat or support for one corner of the seat of the chair and is refer ably provided with a screw hole or the attachment of'the seat thereto.

The side members. 8 and 8 of section 8 are also provided on their ofi'set portions 11 with a screw hole 15 which alines with the screw hole 16 in the bent ends of section 9 for securing both of said sections to the rails.

When the attachment is applied in the corner of a chair, the upper section 9 of the attachmentconstitutes a seat or support for .the' end of the chair seat and absolutely locks not only the rails to the leg but also the corner of the'seat to the attachment.

As shown, the section 9 is removable and can be removed upwardly when the screws through holes 16 are removed, but if desired the two parts may be permanentl vconnected by welding or otherwise. I pre er however to have them separate and independent and of sheet metal as the parts can yield under the tightening pressure of the fastening screws soas tomake a close fit with the rails 'When the two parts are assembled the outer faces of the bent'ends of section 9 and the outer faces of the member. of section 8 intermediate the ofi'sets, are in the same plane so as to rest solidly against the rails of the chair. The top member 9 .is therefore "supportedby-and on the ofl'set portions of member 8, which latter sustains the weight of the seat andperforms all the functions as "the ordinary wooden corner block.

Having fully described my invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Lee ters-Patent, is:

I. Acombined'corner posed of two metal sections one ofwhich is brace and block, com

approximately V-shape with its free ends offset or bent inwardly, and the other or top section resting on theV-shaped section and provided with downwardly bent ends adapted to fill the space formed by offsetting the ends of the V-shaped section, the two 590- tions being adapted to be secured to the chair rails by screws.

2. A combined corner brace and blockcomposed of two metal sections one of which is bent into approximately V-shape and having inwardly bent or offset ends and the sec- 0nd section supported on said V-shape sec- DANIEL E. BELLIG.

Witnesses B. A. HARRIS, H. C. HULING.

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U.S. Classification403/219, 248/300, 248/220.1, 135/909
International ClassificationF16B12/46
Cooperative ClassificationF16B12/46, Y10S135/909
European ClassificationF16B12/46