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Publication numberUS1380728 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 7, 1921
Filing dateJul 2, 1919
Priority dateJul 2, 1919
Publication numberUS 1380728 A, US 1380728A, US-A-1380728, US1380728 A, US1380728A
InventorsMeyer August
Original AssigneeHandlan Buck Mfg Company
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US 1380728 A
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APPLlcAnoN FILED JuLY 2. 1919.

1,380,728 Patented June 7,1921.




Specification Aof Letters Patent. l Pagttmtfgd Jun@ "Z, 1921,

' Application aieafiuiy 2, i919. sei-iai no; 303,211.

To all w 7mm af/,may concer/n Be it known that l, AUC-Usi? MEYER, a citizen of the TJnited States of America, a resident of Wellston, in the county of St. Louis, State of Missouri, have invented' certain new and useful Improvements in Lamp- Burners, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification.

My invention relates to a lamp burner and has for its object to provide a chimney holder so constructed as to permit the application or removal of a chimney without strain thereon, and whereby the chimney is yieldingly held to permit expansion, thereby eliminating the possibility of breakage of the chimney.

Figure I is a top plan view of my burner in position upon a lamp font with the chimney shown in cross section taken on line l-L Fig. Il.

Fig. Il is a side elevation of the burner and a chimney thereon.

Fig. lll is an enlarged vertical section taken through the yieldable chimney'hold-` ing clasp in engagement with a chimney.

In the drawings, Ak designates a lamp font and B my burner upon said font. C is a chimney, of common form, having a base rib1 or bead c.

The burner B includes a horizontal chimney seat 1 provided with abutments in the form of fingers or prongs 2, to which the bead of the chimney may be tted, one of said lingers being preferably inturned as shown in Fig. II so that it will partially overhang said bead. The chimney engaging fingers 2 are so located as to permit horizontal movement of the chimney between them upon a side-wise movement of the chimney. Between two of the fingers 2 is a spring clip D susceptible of being opened to permit the mounting of the chimney upon the chimney seat l of the burner, and then closed into engagement with the chimney to hold it yieldingly interposed between the fingers 2 and said clip.

The clip B comprises an arm 3 extending from the'chimney seat l of the burner and preferably formed integral therewith, a pivotal jaw 4 above the arm 3, and a spring 5 interposed between the parts 3 and 4. The pivotal jaw 4 is provided at its inner end with tongue 6, which projects over theL chimney seat lof the burner and rests upon the beadl of the chimney when the chimney is on the burner seat, as shown inV the draw- -The spring clip of my burner holds the chimney positively but yi eldingly, so that when the chimney expands, expansion may take place without such resistance as would occasion breakage of the chimney, and said clip is readily opened to permit the application or removal of the chimney, without the use of force during the removal or application; hence there is no liability of the chimney being broken in placing it on the burner or detaching it therefrom. Furthermore, the opening vof the spring clip frees the chimney and permits of its being displaced horizontally and then merely lifted out of engagement with the burner, and the removal of the chimney, therefore, if hot, may be so quickly performed as to avoid liability of a persons hand being burned during the renioval.

A' slight horizontal displacement of the chimney will release its bead c from the hook shaped abutment finger 2 at the left side of Figs. l and Il, and after such horizontal displacement, the chimney can be lifted between the other abutment fingers 2. The spring clip D is approximately horizontal and its pivot is approximately in the plane of the horizontal chimney seat l, so the end 6 of thevclip willV effectively cooperate with the chimney to prevent horizontal displacement thereof.

I claim: p

1. In a lamp, a chimney having an outwardly extending bead at its lower edge, a

burner having a horizontal chimney-seat providedl at its outer margin with a series of upwardly extending fingers one of which is in the form of a hook turned inwardly at its upper endto overlie said bead, said seat being open between two of said lingers to receive the chimney and to permit horizontal movement of the chimney on said horizontal seat, an `arm projecting from said chimney seat at a point between said two fingers, an approximately horizontal clip pivoted to said arm and extending over said bead at a point opposite said hook to prevent horizontal movement of said chimney, the clip-pivot being approximately in the horizontal plane of said horizontal seat and a spring whereby one end of said clip is yieldingly forced onto said bead, said end of the approximately horizontal clip being movable upwardly from said bead in an arc of a circle so as tov permit horizontal displacement of the chimney.

2. In a lamp burner adapted to receive a chimney, a horizontal chimney-seat provided at its outer margin with a series of upwardly extending lingers one of which is rigid and turned inwardly at its upper end so as to extend over a portion of the chimney, said seat being open between two of said lingers to receive the chimney and to permit horizontal displacement ol the chimney on said horizontal seat, an arm projecting from said chimney seat at a point between said two lingers7 a clip pivoted to said arm and eX- tending over said chimney-seat at a point opposite said rigid inwardly turned linger, so as to coperate with said linger in preventing displacement of the A chimney, and a spring whereby the inner end of said clip is Jforced onto the chimney, said inner end of the pivoted clip being movable upwardly from the chimney in an arc of a circle so as to permit displacement of the chimney.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing I hereunto alliX my signature.


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