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Publication numberUS1380891 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 7, 1921
Filing dateJun 28, 1920
Priority dateJun 28, 1920
Publication numberUS 1380891 A, US 1380891A, US-A-1380891, US1380891 A, US1380891A
InventorsGaines Bernard C
Original AssigneeGaines Bernard C
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US 1380891 A
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1,380,89 PatehtedJune 7,1921.



Specification of Letters Patent;

Patented- June "7, 19 2 1.

. Applicationfiled June as, 1920. Serial No. 392,335.

T 0 all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, BERNARD C. GAINns, a citizen of the United States of America, and resident of Burlington, in the county of Boone and State of Kentucky, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Hog-Holders, of which the fOllOWiIlg is a specification.

This invention relates to hog holders and particularly to those devices intended to clamp a snout of a hog for securing it or holding it for any purpose for which the holder can be employed.

An object of this invention is to pi ovide a device of the character indicated having a flexible looping member adapted to embrace and clamp the snout of the hog, an extensible handle combined with means for permitting the flexible member to be drawn through the handle and operated conveniently by the person holding the handle of the device; the said invention furthermore contemplating novel means for enabling the user to hold the loop tight on the animal with one hand while he may have the other hand free for such purposes as may be needed.

A still further object of this invention is to produce a device of the character indi cated which will comprise comparatively few inexpensive parts readily assembled with relation to each other, and of such a nature as to produce efficient and satisfactory results by means which are comparatively inexpensive.

With the foregoing and other objects in view, the invention consists in the details of construction and in the arrangement and combination of parts to be hereinafter more fully set forth and claimed.

In describing the invention in detail, reference will be had to the accompanying drawings forming part of this specification wherein like characters denote corresponding parts in the several views, and in which-- Figure 1 illustrates a view in elevation of a hog holder embodying the invention;

Fig. 2 illustrates a sectional view of the handle and parts associated with it;

Fig. 3 illustrates a detailed perspective view of the snout block;

Fig. 4 illustrates a sectional view thereof, and

cable or connection between the flexible memb r and the han e! Fig. 5 illustrates a detailed view of the In these drawings 1 designates a tubular handle of any suitable length and 5 denotes a flexible band which may consist of a suitable length of wire or small cable having at one end a loop or eye 4 which encircles the rod or handle 2, the said looped portion being secured by suitable wrapping such as 3.

The snout block 6 is provided with a tubu- I lar boss 7 internally bored as at 8' to receive and fit upon one end of the tubular handle 1 to which it is secured by means of a rivet 9 or its equivalent. The snout 'block thus rigidly secured to and around the tubular handle 1 is provided with an oblique guideway 10 through which the adjacent end portion of the band 5 is adapted to slide freely as the end which passes through the handle 1 is manipulated. In other words, the snout block has a continuous passage into one end of which the handle 1 fits so that the bore of the handle forms with the oblique portion 10 of the passage in the block, a continuous unbroken guide-way for the member 5. By having the guide-way disposed obliquely to the axis of the handle 1 or at an cute angle to the snout engaging face of the block 6, the portion of the band which moves in and out of the guide-way is disposed more closely in tangential relation to the snout engaging face of the block. The snout block is provided with a lateral extension or offset 11 at one side and said extension is provided with a hole 12 to receive an end of the flexible band 5 which is secured therein in any suitable manner as illustrated in Fig. 1 of the drawing. The snout engaging face forms in effect a part of a continuous ring, the major portion of which consists of the band, and because of the peculiar construction of the block and relation of the band thereto, a firm hold can be obtained on the snout. 7

As shown in the drawing the end of the handle which is grasped by the operator has a drop as compared with the main or shank portion thereof and the aperture in the side of the handle for the passage of the wire or cable is just beyond the drop from that portion of the handle which is held by the operator, thus enabling the operator to move one hand freely with relation to the other without liability of interference.

A device made in accordance with this invention has been found to possess advantages as compared with such hog holders as shown in Patent #959,422 of March 24.1910,

although some of the features of that device are employed in connection with the present invention. i

I claim:

In a hog holder, a snout block, a hollow handle having one end thereof fitted in the snout block, said handle having an offset portion, said handle having an opening formed in the Wall thereof at a point in 1 sp'acedrelation with the ofisetportion, the

opening being disposed laterally of the handle portion, a flexible band having one end thereof connected to the snout block, the intermediate portion thereof adapted to pass through the hollow handle, the oppositeend of said flexible band adapted to pass through the lateral opening, and a rod-having con nection With the flexible band for moving the band through the handle portion. 7


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U.S. Classification119/803
International ClassificationA01K15/00
Cooperative ClassificationA01K15/003
European ClassificationA01K15/00B