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Publication numberUS1381253 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 14, 1921
Filing dateApr 26, 1917
Priority dateApr 26, 1917
Publication numberUS 1381253 A, US 1381253A, US-A-1381253, US1381253 A, US1381253A
InventorsHiram S Thomasson
Original AssigneeHiram S Thomasson
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US 1381253 A
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APPLlcATloN FILED APR.26,1917.

Patented June 14,1921.


'fnven tor: Hiram momasson,


to malle an nnen SENE- To all whom t may concern;

Be it lniown that l, Einen e citizen of the United State@ uid a iesident of Minneapolis, in le coni` y of .il .nepln and State oil -fiinneeote, lieve invented tain new and useful l; Jrovenie in lterosene-Caz'buietei's, of which tbe allowing is a specification, I n

The object of niy invention le pi'oififie impio've inea-ns for ning one oi' nioi'e grades of fuel oi' tei* vapo? i *lily HL LVL' an internal Combustion e With these and incidental object the invention oueists of tures of constellation and parte, the essential elenie il hereinafter. flesei'ibe with 'drawings Whieli ecco. foany i' of this specification.

ln the (li-aminggeq Figfue l sectional Cletail o t the kernen@ n and the heating element erplietl Fig. 2 is a sectional ileteil el inf? giieiie construction oif the cebuie'ei" (leseibel in this application; 3 lr the line 2 plan View of a nieel il Teunissen,

line 5 5? 3,

A chamber l, Fig. 2, preferably ani'inla'rin shape, is provided to Carry a eeitain ainonnt of kerosene, the amount being regnlatecl by the Heat 2, better shown in F hingecl et 3 anfl controlling` a shut-off valve 4, similar to the one shown in the chamber being` Connected below tbe Shut-off valve to a suitable supply tank.

A needle valve Fie. 2, is provided to regulate the anionnt of keioeene that can be dran/n through the intake pipe anal this Coni* mnnioates by means of opening' i3 to the annular spare '7 between the cylindrical Walls 8 and D, eoneentiieally positioned.

A suitable connection is niafle 'l0 to supply of hot air proviilerl in arr: untbl manner, and u certain a" initieel freely thiougfli ie aber-ture 13j, nuclei. suction of theengine tlnongli tlie int-.alie pipe l2, controlled by the butterfly throttle Valve 13 in the usual manner.

A valve 14, having a stem l5, lliflabl7 mounte in a freine member lo ie neiyinallj/ Serial No.

an: znlniittecl will depend .ion of the inline l?.

chamber 19 1 will ,tiret be described as o has float 20, better 'otecl at i/l and having a gg ae heretofore clelv reservoir. y a tube of openedle `valve 23 which for eontrol from of the automobile to which Y o n jet lube 26, supported by suitable in the cylindrical Well 9, is confinioalli/ ,Y ositioned about the jet 25, which i ally positioned in the cylin- ,q 9' d notion as shown, water is supplied t the jet and kerosene is supplied t`2e eylincli'iealr jet 'l' and the level of these i by the floats 2O :unl 2 ieepeetively.

is in: Wn in through the aperl the opening inacle by the le, when it is lifted from ite eeat .it ano mit will mss nn as indicated Y MS, part :is indicated bv the nifl of the ail. taking the A ith indicated bv iilie aii'ous 29 a portion Will flivifle and as shown by the arrows 30, While :i portion will pa arrows 3l,

Evideutly'then there is pi'ovided a jet 25 acted upon by the ejf'linrioal column of air 30 and a elizidiienl iet i2? acted upon by tlie evlin ical Column ol air El and 28 so that the kero ne anfl wa? 2, or both, 'vaporize Llie air. before they are nclnitteol to the engine cylinder.

A screen 3'?, me; lne need to further break up the etueinre The inneis wall of une "Venturi tube 26 has helical line 2 p'eitoned therein, the inner iieal Vv e` an' to be admitted, and,

A and having a sniti ,we liquids is oi, coni'seeontiolled es as shown by the easing has helal movideel for water 65 lWhile I have described.

, cylindrical casing 34 has helical i'ins positioned therein, and these fins give the air passing by them a whirling' motion so that as it is drawn through and past the jets the liquid is sucked from the iets by the air with a whirling motion, and as the i'ins positioned on the inner wall of the cylindrical casing are helical in one direction, while the lins positioned onthe Venturi tube and 10- the outer casing are helical in the opposite direction, the central column of air will be given a whirling motion in one direction, while the inner and outer -celumns will be given a whirling motion in the opposite di' 5.5 rection.

The result of -the mixing of the oppositely whirling columns of air, the kerosene and the water is to vthoroughly vaporize and mix both liquids with the air and introduce them into the engine to which the cai'bureter lis applied in a highly Vel'l'icient manner.v

ln Fig. 4 l show a modification of the structure shown in Figs. 2 yand 3 in which the float 2 is replaced by the float 2', the

float 20 is replaced by the float 20', a needle 'valve fl controls the level of the liquid, while the connections and G are provided foi` the kerosene and waterresei'voirs respectively.

The outer cylindrical wall 8, Figs. l and 2, has a. sheet of mica wrapped around it for insulating purposes and over this mica is aI coil of suitable wire 36 serving as av A heating element and leading by terminals 37 to the storage battery or other source of electrical power.

.A second ,sheet of mica 37 vencircles the heating'element and the cylindricaljet 7 is overheating the liquid and yet the kerosene will be brought to a nroner temperature-for ready ignition in the engine.

For extremely -cold weather, if desired, although l donot find this really necessary,

.55 gasolene may be carried in the chamber 19 in place of water and the engine may be started with a mixture of gasolene and kerosene,

or all gasolene if desired, and then changedl over to all kerosene, or may be continuously run with a mixture of kerosene and gasolene,

the quality of the mixture being regulated by any suitable adjustment means 241 controllable from the dash board of the auto` mobile.

my invention and illustrated it in two particular designs, I do not wish it understood that I limit myself to these constructions, as it is evident that the invention may be varied :in man'y ways withtlie scope of the following claims. Claims:

l. In a carbureter the combination'of a thin cylindrical shell having multiple helical fins on the inner wall thereof, a second thin cylindrical shell` concentric with said first shell and forming with said first shell la nozzle having an annular opening, an outer casing concentrical with said cylindrical shells but spaced therefrom and having helical fins on the inner surface of opposite pitch to the` fins of saidV inner cylindrical shell, and an air passageway inside and outside of the walls forming said nozzle.

2. ln a carbureter vthe combination of a central nozzle, a Venturi tube surrounding said nozzle, a second nozzlev having an annu` lar opening 'surrounding said Venturigtube but spaced herefrom, an outer casing surrounding said second nozzle but spaced therefrom, and an air passageway through2 said carbureter whereby air may pass by said central nozzle, a second column of aiifmay pass between said Venturi tube andlthe inner wall of said secoiid'nozzle, and. a third column of air may pass between the outer wall of said second nozzle and the-inner surface o f said casing to.carry fuel from both of said nozzlesinto an internal combustion e11-v gine to which the device is applied.

3. ln a carbureter the combination of a nozzle formed of two thin cylindrical shells concentrically positioned, .leaving therebe` tween an annular space, means for supplying fuel theretol to a predetermined level, helical Eins on the inner wall of the inner of said shells,l a casing surrounding the outer of said shells, helical fins on the inner surface of said casing of a pitch opposite to that on the inner wall of said inner shell, and an air passageway whereby air may be drawn both' inside and outside of the cylindrical shell formed 'by said two cylindrical walls, the

air passing inside of said shell being given a whirling motion in one direction, and that passing outside of said shell being given a whirling motion'in the other direction.

ternal combustion engine communicating with said nozzle chamber, a centrally ;g'osiy tioned nozzle in said nozzlefchambeli ,fr Pesia tui-i tube surrounding' the central tioned nozzle, a second nozzle haym ganglia, vnular opening surrounding '-:1 ai'f1 k 'e'iitiiri" tube, means for admitting iiquid to a, predeterminedlevel in said seeond nozzle, and means for imparting a rotary motion to air passing between said second nozzle and said Venturi tube inone direction,'and to impart a. rotary motion to air passing by the outside o said second nozzle in the opposite direction.

5. In a carbureter the combination of a fuei Chamber, a nozzle communicating therewith, a Venturi tube surrounding said nozzle and having helical fins on its inner surface, e, second nozzle having tivo Cylindrical Walls positioned conoentrical Vwith said Venturi tube and having helical iins on the inner cylindrical wall of a pitch opposite to the finsA of the Venturi tube, an outer casing surrounding said second nozzle and having helical fins on its inner surface having the same direction of pitch as those of said Venturi tube '6. 1n a carbureter the combination of a fuel chamber, a nozzle communicating therewith, a Venturi tube surrounding said nozzle, a second nozzle surrounding said Venturi tube, helical fins positioned on the inside of said Venturi tube to give air passing therethrough a whirling motion in one direc tion, and means for` imparting a whirling motion in the opposite direction to air passing the outside of said Venturi tube.


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